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"You see heaven isn't some place that we go to when we die. It's that split second in life where you actually feel alive, and until the end of time, we chase the memory of that, hoping the future holds something better than the past." -Eyedea-

Jane was amazing. I will forever chase that memory of being with her. From the very moment I first met her I felt a connection with her. She makes you feel so comfortable from the starts. I felt like I was talking to an old college friend that I have known for a long time. When she took her robe off was a WOW moment. Her body is amazing and her skin is like silk. She really enjoys sex and is amazing in bed. The day I saw her was her last night at the ranch and was leaving in the morning. If she would have been there the next day I would have returned to see her again. She is charming, articulate, sweet, sexy, hot and extremely intelligent. She is the complete package. I am definitely coming back to visit her.

review by Carlos on 2/21/2017 10:27:52 PM

Carlos gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Thaïs, Madame Du Barry, Mata Hari. All of these ladies were courtesans. Jane Jupiter is a "donna di pallazo" in the truest sense. You are the monarch and her only desire is to please you in a manner which makes you happy, and leaves her grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Jane says she doesn't often get picked out from a lineup. All the more reason to say yes to her. She's the cheerleader who secretly casts spells. The punk rock chick with a library card. Jane has a body that mesmerizes, and, when she brushes up against you, you are hers. Just let go. Magical is the only word that accurately describes Jane. Oh, and pay attention to her exquisite feet and toes. Trust me, you shall be rewarded. Jane is the mysterious girl from school you never had a shot with. Now, you do.

review by Vincent on 2/20/2017 3:57:56 PM

Vincent gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Ms Jane provided me with an awesome evening! Negotiations went smoothly and non pressured!! Jane made me felt at ease, and once that happened she and I reached areas of excitement and fulfillment one only dreams of! Thank you Jane....currently headed away from vegas, yet so so tempted to return for another visit!!

review by "V" on 2/16/2017 9:51:21 AM

"V" gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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“Nothing ever becomes real ‘til it is experienced.” ~John Keats

May we all be so lucky to spend time with someone for whom the experience surpasses the anticipation. The time I spent with Jane felt as though every moment connected with me in an essential way – even the seemingly meager moments such as the effortless way she moved as she first walked up to me and her tendency to look at me out of the corner of her eye while holding her cup of hot tea with both hands as we chatted. I simply adored her short (bluish-green) brunette hair and the way it accented the nape of her neck – a neck that smelled so deliciously feminine. Jane is a nurturing lover, and a woman ever so comfortable in her own skin. I’m grateful for my time with her. She connected with my mind as well as my body to find the essence of what I love about being a man.

review by J on 11/25/2016 10:05:53 PM

J gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I consider myself a veteran at Sheri's ranch. I go about 2 times a year. I came to see another girl but she got her schedule mixed up and didn't show. So, I sat at the bar and played the field. I have to tell you about Jane she is shy at first, but after talking at the bar for a while things lightened up. We went back to her room for negotiation all went well. (reasonable for what I wanted) The party is in my top 2 parties of all time. I can't pick which one was best. This girl really enjoys sex (MULTIPLE TIMES). Trust me on this one this girl know how to get the job done and really gets into it. When I go back to Sheri's I will definitely party with her (multiple times) again. You will not be disappointed in this lady!!!!

review by anonomous on 11/23/2016 3:33:59 PM

anonomous gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I have followed Jane for awhile and I never thought I'd get the opportunity to meet her and play anywhere else but my dreams! We talked for a bit in the bar, then moved to her room for some personal time. I can't lie, it was the best evening of my life! Jane was so attentive to my needs and we ended up having so much fun. As sexy as her photos look, she's even sexier in person. I love her personality and I can't wait to come visit her again soon!

review by anonymous on 11/7/2016 12:24:45 PM

anonymous gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I selected Jane Jupiter about two weeks prior to my first visit. A recent addition to Sheri's she was a pleasure to exchange messages with leading up to that day, always positive and articulate! I reserved a party with her that same week.

I arrived, introduced myself to the hostess who let Jane know I was waiting for her. I knew immediately when she entered the room and our eyes at once met that I had make the right choice! So intelligent and easy to talk with, the introductions didn't take long... we were THAT comfortable with each other. Her body is a work of art that would put Venus De Milo to shame... she's soft to the touch and taught like a clock spring where it matters most. Her ink is tasteful and a beautiful extension of the personality that is Jane Jupiter! Her posture is to die for.

Our party started with a nuru massage. WOW. It's an amazing experience having her slide up and down my body, the warm nuru gel enhancing the skin to skin sensation! We followed that with some freestyle time in her room. Jane read my signals to a tee, the pacing was perfect and we couldn't keep our hands from one another! She fits the definition of a courtesan to a tee, satisfying me on many levels.

Our party wrapped up and it was time to part ways. We certainly hit it off and Jane was eager to see me back again! That stuck in my mind as I drove away from Sheri's and I woke up the next day wanting more. YES, I went back and booked ANOTHER party with her that day! A relaxing, sensual bubble bath followed by more one-on-one time in a bungalow was the perfect cocktail for us. It was bliss; it was kismet and I can't overstate how happy I was to meet and spend a few hours in Jane's warm embrace! I'm already making plans to return and see Jane Jupiter once more; she'll rock your world too!

review by FRK on 11/2/2016 5:40:24 PM

FRK gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Miss Jupiter is truly spectacular young woman. She's incredibly intelligent and conversation with her is seamless. I felt so comfortable with her after only having known her for the short time I did, and she did everything she could to accommodate for my unique fetishes. I am so pleased with my experience with Jane, and I could not recommend her highly enough! She is sweet, sexy, and has the brains to make her the complete package. Thank you for showing me such an incredible time, Jane!

review by anon on 10/31/2016 1:57:47 PM

anon gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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This was my first time at Sheri’s Ranch. I had a reservation with another girl but it didn’t go so well. I later went to the bar and saw Jane. I asked the host if Jane could give me a tour and maaaaaaaan, am I glad i did it.

I had an amazing time. She has a really cool personality. She made me feel comfortable. Her body is AMAZING. I had to come back the next day for another party. Second time was just as great as the first. I will definitely be coming back to see Jane.

review by CC on 9/13/2016 9:01:12 AM

CC gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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