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Destini's Videos

My First Video Bio

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Video Transcript:

Hey I am Destini at Sheri’s Ranch and this is my video bio.

What is your favorite sexual venture fantasy?

I would love to have sex in the public place there is something about getting caught.

If you could have one perfect wish what would it be?

I would love my own harem full of men and women.

What turns you on Destini?

An open mind willing to explore sexuality basically stepping outside the box.

What is your favorite color?

It’s green, money makes my pussy wet.

What are your favorite types of parties?

My favorite types of parties are couples, two girl parties, everything basically.

Okay what do you get requested to do the most?

I was a message therapist outside the Ranch so mostly I get message request, I get half and half request, I get fantasy request you know role playing. Those are my favorite.

Have you have lost an article of clothing during a party?

Haven’t lost anything but I have known to give my panties away as souvenirs. If you like to meet me go online and e-mail me at or you can go on our website click on my picture and that will lead the way.

Heather, Tristen, Destini - Bio

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Video Transcript:

Heather: Hello I’m Heather

Tristen: I’m Tristen

Destini: And I’m Destini

Interviewer: Hello ladies

Interviewer: Have y’all ever done a party together?

Destini: Of course

Interviewer: All three of you?

Heather: Yes

Interviewer; Yes!

Tristen: Yes

Interviewer: And was that fun?

Destini: Of course

Interviewer: Well, You know with three was it with one guy, was it a couple, was it like a big orgy thing?

Tristine: It was one guy. So three girls for one guy, how could you not be satisfied with it?

Interviewer: I hope he had the stamina for all three of you.

Heather: He did.

Tristen: He did. We kept him energized so it was ok.

Interviewer: Well alright that’s good.

Interviewer: Heather, what’s you favorite sex toy?

Heather: My favorite sex toy will have to be strap on.

Interviewer: Strap on, really, I was not expecting that.. ( laugh )

Heather: It is.

Trinsten: Kinky

Interviewer: Wasn’t expecting that but ok.

Destini: And its hot pink. Hers is hot pink like everything in her Hello Kitty room

Interviewer: Wow

Tristine: It matches. Everything has to match.

Interviewer: Tristen are you a dog or cat person?

Tristen: I’m a dog. I like something that can interact with me back A dog person. ( giggles )

Interviewer: Destini?

Destini: Yes

Interviewer: Are you a dog or a cat person?

Destini: I’m a dog person.

Interviewer: You’re a dog person as well. Heather?

Heather: I’m both.

Interviewer: Your both?

Heather: See, I’ll have a cat in the house and a dog outside.

Interviewer: The dogs outside?

Heather: Yes

Interviewer: How’d the dog get outside?

Heather: Serious their gonna fight

Destini: Actually I grew up with.

Heather: Have the cat scratching the dogs out

Destini:  cats and dogs and they get along pretty well

Heather: Ya?

Destini: Ya. You raise them together.

Heather: Then I will try them together. Get them real small.

Interviewer: What kind of music do you listen to.

Heather: Everything. Just about everything. Spanish music especially, I like Rap, R and B. I like alternative, I like Techno. It depends on my mood.

Interviewer: What about you Destini?

Destini: I like a little bit of everything but not to much of anything. I’m really mellow so I like easy listening music like Sade, Poe, Goapele

Interviewer: Ok

Destini: Jean Luc Ponty for jazz

Tristin: I like Bob Marley

b: Me too

Heather: Me three

Tristen: We party well. We party well with Bob Marley music

Destini:  We partied like one whole five hour party listening to the same Bob Marley CD the whole thing

Tristen: Over and over and over. It never got boring

Destini: In the bungalow next door as a matter of fact

Tristen: We all sang to it in the bathtub.

Interviewer: What’s your morning routine Tristen?

Tristen: Have them wake me up (laughter ) Make me get out of bed. Make me get up and get some coffee.

Destini: Then we go see if we have any sexy emails to reply to.

Heather: And sometimes we do workouts. You know stretching, things to like wakeup us up in the morning.

Tristen: Or learning how to work the pole.

Heather: Ya

Tristen: Well not that pole the stripper pole

Heather: Ya we already know how to work that pole

Tristen: We already have that one down. ( laughter )

Interviewer: I have noticed this past trip you have been working the pole a lot.

Tristen: Oh ya. I’ve got bruises to prove it. Sorry

Interviewer: ( looking at Heather ) and you usually sleep in.

Destini: No. We’ve been getting everyone up.

Heather: Yep!

Interviewer: Ya?

Heather: Yes!

Tristen: Or they can just come in and make sure we get up in the morning early.

Interviewer: Are you into a fancy restaurant or a picnic?

Interviewer: Destini?

Destini: For me, they both have good qualities. A romantic picnic on a lake where you can hear a babbling brook or anything, is beautiful. Watching a waterfall, a sunset anything like that. A fancy restaurant is where I go when I want to be pampered and spoiled and my mate can be pampered and spoiled. Nobody has to worry about preparation, or cleanup. Eating is an aphrodisiac so it just leads into great sex.

Interviewer: Heather?

Heather: I would say, I would have to agree with her on that. Because picnics are nice and I like the outside scenery you know. Very nice. Restaurants also, I love restaurants because you don’t have to cook. ( laughter )

Tristen: I like a well thought out picnic. That way if you do get turned on you don’t have to wait to get home.

Interviewer: There you go.

Tristen: Put that blanket to good use.

Interviewer: Ok

Destini: Eww and that’s were my fantasy comes into play. Public sex! ( slaps Tristen’s hand) 

Tristen: ya we like that

Heather: Oh yes

Tristen: Can we hide in a bush and watch?

Destini: Yes. You can be my peeping toms. ( giggles)

Heather: Ok ( laughter)

Tristen: Well

Interviewer: What is your favorite food?

Tristen: Italian

Heather: Italian, Spanish

Destini: Ya. I like Mexican food first and then Italian

Heather: And I like Asian! Asian food is good.

Destini: Yes we’ve been eating a lot of Asian food lately

Tristen: We had Tai food yesterday

Destini: And pizza today!

Heather: Yes! Pizza’s Italian.

Interviewer: So there isn’t really to much eating healthy  here?

Destini: No, we eat so healthy and we have cheat days

Heather: Yes

Interviewer: Ahh very good

Tristen: We balance it out

Interviewer: And today is a cheat day because it’s pizza.

Destini: Right. Actually it’s because there’s something in the kitchen we don’t want.

Interviewer: Well that makes sense. Ok.

Tristen: There’s tomatoes on it. That’s healthy.

Heather: And Basil

Tristen: And basil. We eat healthy pizza at least.

Interviewer: So there has been a question posed.

Destini: Which is?

Interviewer: There’s a customer that wants you girls to have a PJ day, where it’s a pajama day.

Tristen: Yay!

Interviewer: Are you guys into that?

Destini: So into it

Heather: Yes

Tristen: Yes

Destini: Like so into 2 different styles of PJ day. Like in the morning we can be in relaxed pajamas by evening we go into sexy, sexy silk with the fuzzy slippers.

Interviewer: Ok. No terrycloth robes though right?

Destini: No! There’s nothing sexy about terrycloth robes.

Tristen: No. Not sexy.

Destini: But my boyfriend pink pants that you saw me in this morning, those yes. For the daytime. The great morning.

Interviewer: Do you guys  want a Toga day?

Tristen: I want a Toga day.

Destini: I want a Toga day.

Heather: I want a Toga day. That would be so much fun.

Interviewer: Ya. Now how would that play out?

Tristen: I don’t know, but they could come unwrap my sheet.

Interviewer: So it would be sheets? I’ve never done Toga day.

Destini: And you might see me pull it off. I’m always trying to steal her scarves. Right in the bar and I’m afraid of the day that it actually happens.

Tristen: She try’s to make me naked. And I never have anything on underneath my scarves.

Destini: Never. She never does

Interviewer: Oh and your trying to take the scarf off?

Destini: Yes

Tristen: Yes she try’s to undress me in the bar.

Interviewer: Oh that wouldn’t be good.

Destini: She molests me too, Interviewer

Tristen: But she likes it.

Heather: She does

Destini: I do.

Heather: I’m a victim too

Interviewer: You’re a victim?

Tristen: She’s not a victim

Destini: She’s a hooly ( laughter)

Tristen: This is no victim. No

Heather: ( laughter) She be grabbing my booty when I walk.

Interviewer: Well you have a nice booty so I think everyone wants to grab your booty.

Interviewer: So how can someone get a hold of you?

Destini: You contact me at

Interviewer: And Tristen @ …


Heather: Heather Star or rather

Tristen: Or you can book an appointment by calling or um you can come into the bar and see us. You can do the whole lineup. It’s like one big amusement park and you can pick which ride you want to ride on.

Destini: That’s right. Let’s get naked and wrestle.

Heather: And you can come in late at night and request any of the ladies that you are interested in.

Interviewer: Good to know. Thank You ladies

Tristen: Bye

Heather: Bye

Destini: Bye… Can we watch it?

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