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Hey everyone! I am Jayla Diamond, a sexy blonde 22 year old originally from Michigan! You may have seen me on professional adult websites, or online doing a live webcam show! I have been filming all sorts of erotic videos for my personal website for over two years and now I am also exclusively at Sheri’s Ranch to take the next step in my amazing fantasy world...making all of YOUR naughty dreams come true!! I started in hardcore adult films in 2010 at age 19. I shot 7 scenes in my first month and they all went awesome unleashing some sort of sexual animal in me! I was addicted and immediately started filming, whether it was being naughty in public or peeking up my girlfriend’s skirts - I just couldn't get enough to satiate my voracious appetite!

What I have always loved about porn is the freedom I have to be myself and let go of my sexual mind and just let it run wild! I love being able to express my sexuality and also satisfy many of my fan’s fantasies. I am purely bisexual; I love being intimate and cuddling, licking pussy and really getting to know women on a new level, but I also have a very, very healthy appetite for cock! I am naturally pretty dominant with women but submissive with men; I love to be dominated and recently have also loved taking a dominant role with men too! From boobs to butts to threesomes to sucking cock (my absolute favorite thing to do) I have a pure passion for what I do..and I am ready to bring it off screen and into the bedroom! Let’s have fun off camera, totally alone doing whatever you want to do to me…or just laying back and letting me work my magic on you! I might be young but I know what I like…and I have a feeling I might know just what you’ve been missing too!

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My Best Feature: I would say my butt, but I get most compliments on my alluring eyes!

My favorite position: Standing up, bent over, from behind!! When I orgasm I get weak in the knees. If you hold me up and keep pounding me through it I will orgasm again and again and again!

My favorite toy(s): I absolutely love getting fucked in my pussy with a toy in my ass (or the other way around!) and I love my Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator while I am sucking, or fucking it’s just a great addition to any experience!

My favorite sport(s): I love the Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings being a Michigan girl! I love a lot of NFL teams; football is definitely my favorite sport to watch! As for playing myself, I don’t play any team sports but I was a cheerleader all through high school and I love riding horses and rock climbing!

My favorite color(s): Green, Pink, Purple

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: In a real game arcade on camera!

Language(s) I speak: English, French (not fluent), Spanish (not fluent)

My fantasy: I’ve already filmed myself fucking 7 women at once, 3 men at once, and double penetrating myself with toys. As I get more passionate about my sexuality I discover more and more fantasies that I want to experience! At the moment I am craving lots of men at once, or a bigger group situation where I can please everyone over and over!!

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My height: 5 feet 3 inch

My current weight: 105

My current hair-color: Blonde

My eye color is: Blue

My current stats are: 34B 27 36

I am: Caucasian

My current age is: 24

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November 2014 - February 2015
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