Sheri's Ranch Brothel

Red Light District

Red lights were used as a sign to indicate a brothel to the public. So became the red light district. Also rumor has it, red lanterns were carried by railroad workers to the brothels. The railroad workers left the red lanterns outside the brothels they were inside. The reason was to find the railroad workers in case of an emergency. Currently, Amsterdam is the biggest red light district.


Brothel Information and Resources

History of Brothels

Brothels are the oldest institutions. Prostitution is credited as the oldest profession in the world. Historians believe prostitution dates back to around 4000 BC. Medieval brothels were under control by each city or state.

First Brothel

The Lupanar of Pompeii in the Roman city of Pompeii was constructed during the first century. The Lupanar of Pompeii is the oldest known brothel in the world. Lupanar in Latin means brothel. Some historians argue the Lupanar brothel may have really been built during the Middle AgesĀ era.

Brothel Taxation

The highest brothel taxation for prostitution on record maybe around 50%. Pope Clement II issued a bull that prostitutes would have to pay an amount up to 50% of their earnings to the Church.

Famous Brothels from Around the World

Big Sister Brothel - Located in Prague, Czech Republic and the ladies brothel services are free. There's only one catch, you agree to be recorded and filmed.

Daily Planet Brothel - The worlds premier brothel located in Melbourne, Australia. Has won the Australian Adult Industry Award for best brothel.

Pascha Brothel - Located in Cologne, Germany and is the largest erotic brothel hotel in Europe. Pascha is a multi-story twelve floor brothel that houses around 120 lady prostitutes.

Sheri's Ranch Brothel - Legal brothel hotel near Las Vegas in the USA. Official site of the World Famous Sheri's Ranch located in Pahrump, Nevada. Free round trip transportation provided from the Las Vegas strip area.

Brothel Trivia

Back in the early medieval days, married men weren't allowed to visit brothels.

Brothel establishments are also known as whorehouses, houses of prostitution, bordellos and cathouses.

Demetrius surnamed Poliorcetes, the king of Macedon paid for the prostitution services of Lamia. Rumor had it, Lamia was paid 57 pounds of gold from Demetrius Poliorcetes for her sexual services.

Spanish born Caroline La Belle Otero (1868-1965) believed to have earned over $25 million working as a courtesan during her lifetime. Her nickname was "The Beautiful." Men have fought duels over her. She died completely broke at age 97.

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