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I had the privilege of spending some time in the Roman bungalow with the beautiful, enchanting Kylie. As great as my first, one on one, time with her was the sequel was even better. Anybody who read my first review of Kylie knows how highly I think of this lady. The purpose of this review is not necessarily to use more adjectives to describe how great I think Kylie is but rather to expand on and clarify why I think she is so great.
We all know that this is a business. All of the ladies, at the ranch, are there to support themselves and make a living. All customers have to pay a price for the fun that we have. Therefore, before the real fun begins we all have to be able to survive the negotiation process. On that note, I would like to say that Kylie has never made negotiations difficult. She has always been willing to take the time listen to me during the negotiation process. She takes the time to understand my specific needs. The end result is that we have always been able to work together in order to party in a manner and at a price that was mutually beneficial to us both. This is important to me because her kindness and cooperation during the negotiation process put me at ease, made me comfortable and made the resulting party that much better.
As far as our actual parties are concerned, this is where Kylie’s caring and compassionate nature comes through. As I said in my previous review Kylie is a very sensual lady. Her body movements, her caressing and all of her talents are noteworthy. Please note that Kylie’s best talent has always been to put me at ease and make me feel comfortable. Every time I have been with her she has always taken things slow and easy. Yes, the sex is hot and intense but the best part is that she allows time for talking, joking, laughing and hanging out like old friends. In fact, the greatest compliment I can give her is this: The times that I have been with her I have been so comfortable with her that I forget about the business transaction and feel like we are two friends out on a date.
The bottom line, when I head to Sheri’s and party with Kylie I always leave feeling like I got my money’s worth and completely satisfied.
More parties will definitely be coming with Kylie.

review by Hunt13 on 2/1/2011 6:23:08 PM

Hunt13 gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I spent an absolutely great time with Kylie last Saturday. It’s taken me a few days to write the review only because I’ve gone back and forth with the wording trying to make sure that I covey the right message and do the lady justice.

Kylie can best be described as a stunningly beautiful woman. Anyone that has seen her photos or met her in person knows that this is an accurate description of her physical appearance. However, after spending much time with this lady and I emphasize the word, lady, this is also an accurate description of her inner beauty.

Kylie’s inner beauty can best be described by using the four Cs, She is a lady who is cool, classy, caring and compassionate.

When we spent our time together all of these qualities became very apparent. Kylie is a very down to earth lady and easy to talk with. She made sure that we went slow and easy. The specific details of what went on will, of course, stay between Kylie and myself. However, I will tell you that we started with some relaxing conversation and snacking on some fruits and vegetables. Now some of you might think that this sounds boring but trust me nothing could be further from the truth. Kylie has a way of making snacking an erotic adventure. During this time we also found some time for some gentle touching and caressing. Trust me again when I say that this lady definitely has skills to tease and please. She how to use her hands, her toys and not to mention her entire body. All of this was in an effort to heighten the intensity and pleasure of the main event. Needles to say, the main event was extremely satisfying.

After all of this it was half time and time for some dinner. So we took a break and had a great dinner and some more great conversation. Of course after dinner there was dessert. Dessert involved Kylie, me and some whipped cream. I will leave it to your imaginations to figure it out.

The moral of the story is this. Kylie is most definitely a stunningly beautiful woman. She is extremely sexy, sensual and skilled and knowledgeable in her profession. But take note that Kylie is also much more. She has a kind heart and compassion not only for her clients but people in general. She also has drive, ambition and intelligence. These are all qualities which I personally find attractive.

There’s no better way to sum it up then just to say that Kylie is one cool, classy lady. She is worth the money. The bang is worth the buck. It was an extreme pleasure being around her and I hope to have many more encounters with her in the future.

I want to finish on this one final note. In certain circles I am known as the Godfather. Kylie is my Mafia Princess. Always treat her like a lady with the kindness and respect that she deserves. If I ever hear of anyone disrespecting or mistreating my Mafia Princess they will be sleeping with the fishes.

review by Hunt13 on 9/3/2010 7:58:00 AM

Hunt13 gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had the absolute pleasure of partying with Kylie a few months ago. I would’ve posted my review sooner however I wanted to gather my thoughts and come down off of my 2 month high so that I could put a literate, cohesive review together.

I was in Vegas for business and had started looking at the website a few weeks prior to my arrival. I saw her profile on the site and was tempted to email her, however I didn’t want to get locked in with one lady in case things didn’t work out. I also wasn’t sure if I’d have a car so therefore wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to get out there. Plus from reading the advice from some of the regulars, I saw that it may prove beneficial to hang in the bar and peruse the ladies until you click with one. My trip didn’t start well because when I arrived in Vegas, my pre arranged ride apparently had better things to do, because they never showed up to the airport. That may have been fortuitous because I now had to rent a car, and with that being the case, I knew my trip to the ranch was a lock.

I arrived at the ranch just before sun down and entered through the sports bar. Once my eyes became acclimated, I immediately noticed Kylie chatting with a few of the other girls. My jaw just about hit the floor and I found it hard to believe, but she was even better looking in person. Which is pretty hard to accomplish because her pics are pretty damn hot. I sat at the bar but was nervous to ask to talk to her, so I kept my fingers crossed that she would approach me, and thank god for me, she did. Having spent waaaaaay to many hours in Tiffany’s with prior girlfriends, I quickly noticed she was wearing a really nice Tiffany’s Key necklace and black pearl bracelet. Talking jewelry is not how I normally like to break the ice (actually talking jewelry is not something I like to do, ever), but she liked the subject and did most of the talking which I was fine with. It was at that point that I started running my finances through my head because I knew I was gonna spend a lot of time with her. She asked me if I wanted to take the tour and when she got to “Do you..” I basically blurted out, “YES!”. We eventually ended up back at her room where we negotiated a bungalow party. She wanted to bring in her friend Melania, who is also smoking hot, but I told her I only like to embarrass myself in front of one woman at a time. One of the many great things about her is her sense of humor. It seemed like most of the time we spent together, we were laughing. (and not just because my pants were off). I won’t go into to many details of the party but she made me feel like a king the whole time. She makes you feel like you are the most important thing going the whole time you spend with her. You don’t feel rushed and she makes sure you’re comfortable at all times. She has a great body and is au natural which I like. She is well versed in many different subjects and you can hold an intelligent conversation with her on just about anything. She spoke Japanese to and I don’t know what the hell she was saying but it sounded damn hot. When the party was over we sat at the bar for a little and talked some more and even though our party was technically over and there were more customers in the bar, she never made me feel rushed to leave or anything like that. Our time together seemed to fly by but I left with a smile on my face from ear to ear. She is a first class lady all the way and a true “treasure” in the desert. I plan on seeing her again in November and if that party is half as good as our first, I’ll be a happy man.

review by OhioGambler on 8/20/2010 4:54:00 PM

OhioGambler gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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