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Wow where do i began it was a brisk Wednesday night first time me and my buddy have ever gone to a brothel so we were a little nervous didn't know what to expect, as we sat down at the bar carl came over and welcomed us and told us a little about the ranch and of course the ladies. When we sat for a little while we had a couple of people come to us for about 5-10mins and walked away then i hear this funny outgoing beautiful women come towards me and started to talk to me and i felt like i was at a nightclub and we were just talking i felt very comfortable she wanted to take us on a tour of the ranch and that's when things got interesting she light up the room with her laughing and just plain personality and keep in mind i was not there to party it was all about my buddy.

Once my buddy chose i was all alone and who came over to me yes of course zoe we talked for about 30min and i couldn't get over her personality she was so amazing then i decided to go ahead and party with her when we got to the room i was nervous once again and zoe made me fell at home. But make no bones about it she rocked my world after the party was over she was still talking to me and that felt great.

Now if anyone wants to have a wonderful time see zoe not because she is amazing and beautiful because she is have her talk to u her personality will make u comfortable and make u fell great and not to mention GREAAAAATTTTTT in Bed.

review by stranger on 12/3/2009 7:26:00 PM

stranger gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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