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Airforce Amy is a living doll. In fact she is a look-a-like for the famous Dolly Parton with breasts almost as large.
I am also married and generally have a good sex life. However, my wife suggested that I visit brothels, she siad the lovely girls would give me more interisting positions whilst love-making. Amy can also give good blow jobs. I am a serving officer in the Air Force so you see there is an undisputed attraction. Our Amy is gorgeous and I will without doubt be seeing her again.

review by jackkavangh on 5/5/2011 7:46:05 AM

jackkavangh gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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i definitly reccomend partying with AFA.i was a virgin the 1st of 4 partys i did with her and i must say shes very good at relaxing you if your nervous and shes a great teacher.i loved her energy,personality,being around her.shes very good @ EVERYTHING.

review by m.ybarra55 on 2/27/2011 10:14:06 PM

m.ybarra55 gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Having read the previous reviews I am nearly at a loss to add more superlatives. She is truly a pro and the greatest woman I have met in six decades, two of which were spent on active duty with the U.S. Navy around the world. I had not previously realized AF Amy was at Sheri's. A chance encounter with a nice local woman in town led to info that Sheri's was the place to go. Boy did that woman do me a favor by pointing out the warm welcome, cleanliness of operation and beautiful intelligent women awaiting me.

In my view Air Force Amy deserves all the accolades she receives. She has worked very hard to be the best and is fantastic. I know of no kinder, warmer, patient, intuitive partner than she. She is truly beautiful inside and out.

As a previous review reported she is nearly a patron saint for sex.

She is superb at making you happy, feeling balanced and rejuvenated. She is everything I have been looking for!! She is fantastic in appearance and very friendly, a great conversationalist and she answers all questions with candor and tact! Very open minded with much TLC! You will not be disappointed when you are partying with Air Force Amy. For during that shining time you will be the center of the universe to her. She is a gifted pro and I salute her. After experiencing it for yourself I am confident you will agree she is worth whatever it costs you monetarily. I only wish I could have had her coach my ex-wife or ex-girlfriend before they became x's as that may well have changed things.

Thanks AMY, with respect, gratitude and admiration, I will remember you always, Lucky Lenny

review by Lucky Lenny FLYBOY on 2/20/2011 1:49:17 AM

Lucky Lenny FLYBOY gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I am back here and writing this great experience with amazing Air Force Amy. My wife and I are still impressed by her motivation, patience, what she taught us, making us feel naughty and feeling OK about it and OK about enjoying anything and everything we think of and wish for and how to communicate these things to each other without feeling weird or uncomfortable about it. Making us feel connected in sexual pleasure that has taken our sex life to an entirely new level that just keeps getting better. I still want to thank you Amy...This may sound really weird, but you are like the Saint of sex! THANK YOU THANK YOU....

For the couples out there, this is a one time chance with Air Force Amy, many things will come out positive after you both have learn and enjoy with her. She is the ultimate one that will make you feel like she is yours forever. Do not miss this chance like I already had the chance. It is lifetime experience for us, my wife and I never been thinking about "missing chances" as we already felt deserved!! She have the creativity as she made us to learn something anew!! We will LOVE to see you again and maybe learn some more!! You are the PRO!! Anyone who needs a PRO, she's the kind of person you would seek for!!

Here is the first and lengthy "share an experience" my wife and I wrote together for Amy picking each others minds while reminding each other of all the activities that took place and we actually had so much fun going over all the things that took place, we were up until the very wee hours of the morning laughing, loving, sipping wine (two bottles ) writing, editing and rewriting and adding and recounting and this is what we came up with:

I have been married to my incredible, beautiful, sexy wife, Cindy, for almost ten years. We have always had a very happy, healthy and satisfying sex life. But we have often toyed with the idea of having a threesome with another lady. It was a fantasy we talked about often but we’ve heard the horror stories about threesomes gone wrong and didn’t want that to happen to us. One night I brought up the idea of visiting a brothel in order to live out our fantasy. I loved the idea; it made sense to do it the safe and sane way. My wife was not so sure, but after some time and discussion and research we goggled Nevada legal brothels and found Sheri’s Resort and Spa to have the ambiance and class that we were looking for. We liked that there is a sports bar, spa, salon, pool, bungalows, hotel and dining too. We could tell this was an upper class establishment that was very customer oriented. It had all the bells and whistles.

We toyed with the idea, spending hours browsing the different ladies listed on Sheri’s website, wondering how we would interact with this one and that one and how did we think this one was like in person, if she looked inviting, if she would be patient with us, if she would like us, if she would treat us nicely, if she liked her job, would she be happy and upbeat or just going through the motions and such. Then one day, much to our surprise, the famous Air Force Amy was listed to appear!

We knew of her reputation and even visited her website as we goggled as much info on Nevada brothels as we could. We liked her FAQ for newbie’s and couples, her reviews and her Pamela Anderson (but better) looks. I liked her smile and my wife, liked her maturity and experience (and her looks too). We both knew right then who we wanted to be our playmate and wanted to be sure and see her before she might make another move.

Air Force at Sheri’s Resort and Spa? This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience we couldn’t pass up. Even so, Cindy was still a bit apprehensive wondering if she’d be too famous for common folk like us.

I contacted Amy and after the shock of actually being able to speak to her she was so down to earth and friendly I couldn’t believe it. She requested to speak to Cindy to make sure she really wanted to come and reassured her that if she got too nervous or scared and decided not to go through with it once she got here it would be OK, and there would be no hard feelings and that she’d still be available if we decided to come back at a later date. She gave us great advice on where to stay in Vegas based on our interests and budget and Mandalay Bay was the perfect choice for us.

Amy sent us coupon codes for the hotel and rental car, hooked us up with bonus reward air travel and even arranged to have her favorite limo service chauffeur us around town with VIP club service on Saturday night too.

Cindy must have called Amy a million times asking what to wear, where to eat, what shows to see, did she need to bring anything with her for her appointment, was it safe, did she have to perform as well, would the other girls be nice to her, directions on how to get there, how long would it take, how long would we be, could we use a bungalow, which one was best, should we stay in the hotel on property, could Amy stay with us there. What happens if mother nature decides to call, what if she changes her mind during the session and just about anything else my loved one and I could think of aand Amy was always took the time to answer all our calls and questions.

I chose Friday, our second night in town (Las vegas) , to schedule Amy in case my wife chickened out, she’d still have two more days to change her mind and we could go back on Saturday or Sunday.

Air Force Amy is class all the way, she knows how to live life to the fullest and we told her what we were looking for as a base line experience. She said she would be honored to be part of making our fantasy a reality.

As soon as we arrived at Sheris, there was no doubt that we had made the right decision. We had a seat in the bar and Amy was paged. As soon as she entered the room, both our mouths dropped opened. She was even more beautiful and sexy then in her pictures. She joined us for a drink, some chit chat and then she gave us a tour of Sheri’s and related many interesting facts about the legal brothels and was well versed in the history and many interesting facts about the brothel industry and it’s colorful cast. She is incredibly smart, funny, and really makes you feel at ease. She was everything we were hoping for – and the fun hadn’t even started yet! I’m not sure who was more excited, wife, my Amy, or I.

The chemistry between all us was great – it was like we had known her forever but still had the tingly sensations of a first encounter (if that makes sense to anyone reading this).

We opted for the Arabian Nights bungalow suggested by Amy so I could enjoy my “harem” of women. My wife was still extremely nervous but Amy was very attentive and made sure she know what my wife consider “off limits” and added that should my wife change her mind and allow more than agreed, that would be alright too. I too had to respect my wife’s wishes and knew it would just kill me to only be able to watch and not actually participate with Amy too. What else could I do?

Even then both Amy and I knew my wife was still extremely nervous. Amy picked up on my wife’s self consciousness about her body and had a long conversation about woman’s self images and society’s pressure to look a certain way. Amy assured my wife she wasn’t judging her and even voiced her own insecurities about her own body.
She then suggested a bubble bath Jacuzzi to start off with so they could be covered in bubbles as a starting point.

Amy drew a bath and allowed my wife to undress and enter the bath in private. Amy joined in and sat behind my wife and had her lie against Amy’s breasts. (I was sure wishing that were I at that point) Amy caressed my wife with bubbles and began whispering in her ear and kissing on her neck and I could see my wife begin to melt in Amy’s charms. My wife’s bra size is 40EE and Amy was enamored with them and had my wife present them to her which is something I have her do for me too. I could see my wife’s eyes roll back and her mouth open as she was really beginning to dig being loved by another woman.

Amy suggested they strategically face the Jacuzzi jets and with the help of Amy’s hands and kissing and jets from the Jacuzzi, my wife had her first orgasm with a woman.

What a sight to see! I now had a raging boner in my pants and wanted to explode and didn’t know how I was ever going to be able to contain myself any longer. Amy and my wife giggled, gave each other a high five and Amy said, “enjoy your high honey” and let my wife relax while Amy gave her a foot massage while they talked about everything from sex, to our children to Amy’s career, great things to do in Las Vegas, sex and society, among tons of sexual advice and tid bits of and tips of the trade. Amy is so knowledgeable about sex, she should write a book.

Suddenly there was a pause in the conversation and Amy straddled my wife as they rubbed their nipples together and my wife even started making love to Amy. I have never seen anything more erotic than my beautiful wife all lathered up, caressing another equally beautiful woman all over. They explored each other’s bodies with their hands and lips.

Amy took control again and had my wife sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub and made her way down between her legs. My wife began to squirm in an orgasmic fit and Amy instructed me to hold and brace my wife from behind as she had her second explosive orgasm of many. My wife was ecstatic and she smiled so deeply towards me and we read each other’s eyes saying. “This was a very good idea”. I was so happy for her. I love to see my wife happy and was extremely relieved that she was totally digging the experience and could have been satisfied with that alone.

The ladies donned robes just in time for our dinners of steak, lobster, coconut shrimp, and celebratory champagne to arrive to our bungalow. The food was absolutely wonderful, the conversation great and the view out of this world.

Amy then suggested we relax to the sounds of the waterfall in the courtyard, poolside under the star lit night. We held hands and relaxed in lounge chairs recounting the evening’s activities and talking about sex and fantasies and anything else you could think of. Amy and Cindy were as close as life long buddies now. After some relaxation and quiet time, Amy suggested we all go in the outdoor Jacuzzi.

Finally, I get to take my clothes off!! The two of them got this look of mischievousness in their eyes and the next thing I know I have two sets of hands all my me and my privates! The sensation was out of this world while their hands were on my privates, my wife kissing me deep in my mouth, while Amy playfully and teasingly bounced my waifs’ breasts in the water and the sensation of the jetted bubbles were mind blowing. The sight of the two ladies bouncing in slow motion to the buoyancy of the bubbles and the sensations and the warm Summer night under the stars was so surreal, this was truly an experience of a lifetime.

Just as I thought I would spontaneously combust, we moved the party into the bedroom and that’s when the fun really began. Not sure the sequence of events because it was all so incredible. Amy is full of creative ideas and very energetic. We all took turns with each other – Me and Amy pleasuring my wife, me and my wife pleasuring Amy, my wife and Amy pleasuring me, me watching Amy as she pleasured my wife. Oh my!! At some point, we played a “guess who” blindfold game. Amy even taught us some new techniques and positions (and we thought we pretty much knew everything before – how wrong we were).

Just when we thought we had seen and done everything there was a knock at the door and Amy’s BFF, Kylie, was standing there with four hand made ice cream sundaes that she made especially for us. Kylie is strikingly beautiful with the most mesmerizing blue eyes you’d ever see. She was of course invited in and we all shared laughs and conversation over sweet dessert. We, unfortunately didn’t have the energy to add Kylie to our agenda that night, but have promised to have a full blown orgy with Amy, Kylie, my wife and myself again very soon.

Kylie excused herself, and more fun we had!!! All three of us had multiple orgasms that night. Amy was an absolute fantasy come true for both of us. It was everything we had envisioned and more!

Amy, from both Cindy and I, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

You helped us turn a fantasy into the most incredible, erotic experience of our lives. It was a pleasure getting to know you and we consider you to be a friend now. We are definitely planning to come see you again. And I have to say, since we were there – sex between us is even better than before. You were the best "vacation" decision we ever made. So again, thank you for everything.
And for anyone else reading this that is thinking going out to Sheri’s, Air Force Amy will be the experience of a lifetime you really should not even consider passing by.

It was our extreme pleasure to be with you and and be able to help you (as you said "the best form of advertising is by by word of mouth and this is the least we could do to show our appreciation for everything you did for us.

P.S. Cindy has told me of your clandestine daytime conversations conjuring up plans of erotic warfare and fun sex ideas to lay on me that have been blowing my mind. You two are dangerous!!!!!! Keep it up and we'll be back there sooner than you know with our own erotic arsenal ready to blow even you away!! Peace. Love, Fun-Over & Out for today little lady. To quote you, "Keep on Keepin' On" Amy!!!!

review by C & C/ CraigHDavis on 2/6/2011 3:09:59 PM

C & C/ CraigHDavis gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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My wife and I were lucky enough to get to party with Air Force Amy. We had the most incredible and exciting time we could ever imagine. She was as attentive and creative with my wife as she was with me. She had my wife screaming with satisfaction over and over. She had moves and expertise that we will never forget. We now just talk about what all happened to remind us of the fantastic time we had when we were there, and we get so excited all over again. She is extremely hot and gave us such unbelievable memories that will last us a LIFETIME!!
Thank you Amy.

review by T & L on 2/4/2011 7:15:10 PM

T & L gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Hello everybody. I want to share with you another outstanding date I recently had with the one and only Air Force Amy. It was a wonderful fun filled experience with her. She was fantastic in every way and in everything we did.

The date had a perfect beginning as we had sex almost immmediately. She was great, really, really great. Later we stayed in for a splendid romantic dinner. we dined in the Sheri's "private" dining room where "privacy" is taken to an extreme!. There is nothing more enchanting than a nice quiet dining room with a beautiful woman, good conversation, gourmet food an impressive wine list and a dessert that will literally blow your mind.

Amy is lovely, elegant, classy, and fun. She has the whole package all wrapped up in her sensous, sexy body with her pretty face and big, beautiful smile as the ribbon and the bow. All there just waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed.

We also had some regular date activities too and I can tell you that whether it is a romantic dinner, a bubble bath Jacuzzi, shower together, sensual massage, sexual experimentation, a lingerie show, just relaxing or recuperating, Air Force Amy is the perfect companion.

Her mental and physical beauty and versatility is exciting, energizing, intoxicating, and exhilarating. She is dazzling, fun, stimulating, and captivating in everything she does. Her conversation and humor is insightful, delightful, and charming.

Air Force Amy is truly a good hearted person, adorable in every way and full of fun and laughter.

I like to have morning sex and Amy accomodated my wishes with energy, enthusiasm, and of course her incomparable sexual skills. But believe me when I say that she is just as terrific later in the day as well. One afternoon while we were laying by the pool we slipped into her secret outdoor enclave and enjoyed some unrestrained, wanton sex. The first time I ever did that! Amy was ingenious and incredible. It was one of those “WOW” experiences.

I just put myself in her loving care and let her take me to heaven. She is an angel, she can take you there. She is the queen of sex and when I was with her she made me feel like I was a king. She’s got everything and she knows how and when to turn it on, and how and when to turn it up a notch or two. When she turns it up get ready for the thrill of your life. She showed me her compasisonate side too. When I needed an interlude she shared her talent for soft, gentle, sublime sex with me as well. It was so sweet. She is simply the best.

Some of my friends back home have seen the show “Cathouse” on HBO. When I told them about my date with Air Force Amy they were all wishing they were me. Ha, ha, ha. What a lucky man. When I was with Amy I was the luckiest man on this planet.

Someone like Air Force Amy doesn’t come around this world very often. She truly is one of a kind and you still have the opportunity to share in an experience with a genuine connoisseur of sex. If you have thought about what is would be like to fulfill a fantasy or make your friends jealous and wish they were you now is the time to get in touch with the living legend that is Air Force Amy.

She was very accomodating to my schedule and I’m sure she will extend the same courtesy to you. Make your arrangements now and let her do her magic with you while you can. She might not be around forever.

Air Force Amy is the experience of a lifetime and one that you will never forget.

At the very least check out her website to see what you are missing. And have some fun!

review by Malachite on 2/2/2011 7:48:23 AM

Malachite gave this experience a 4.5 stars.

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I am very new to this forum as I am a biggest fan of Sheri's already. I was introduced by Titluvr (my good friend) to this forum so I can able to post a dearly review about Air Force Amy. I will never forget my first moment with her as it is an very inspiring experience for me.

I met Air Force Amy last June 2010 at Sheri's. I learn about Sheri's Ranch through the book which gives the list of whorehouse in Nevada. I chose Sheri's because it is only a hour of drive from Las Vegas since I am outsider (out of state). Titluvr took me there since I was unsure how to get there by driving since it is my first time. I never realize Sheri's Ranch is at the end of the border of Nevada and California. Very nice ranch with spa, hotel and bar.

I went into the bar for the first time, as it is very decent and nice bar. I was sitting on the booth with other friends. Just at the right time, Air Force Amy was sitting alone on the other end, working on her own laptop (something like that, must be Mac one). I look at her as she gave me a beautiful smile at the same time, she was thinking hard what to say while she is typing. I can tell that she is a very intelligent woman, as I never seen a lady who was devoted to sex and computer! She was wearing sexy clothing, it makes me wondering if she was good in her own room. I have seen other ladies at the bar, but my eyes was on her.

I decided to bring my drink and sit next to her. She was smiling like a sly fox, saying "Welcome, have a seat!" I was impressed with her courtesy and respect. She seems little older by age, but her body was just perfect. We chat for a while about different subject as she did show me her own website which impressed me more. I encourage gentlemen and ladies to check her website - it has all details about her life, her hobbies, and her experience in sex life. I was asking to see if she is available for the pleasure, as she seem to be excited to offer me a BIG yes!! She did ask me if I wanted the tour since it is so new in everything for me in Sheri's Ranch. Nice tour and we were talkative while walking down the hall way.

I learn that I cannot get into depth of our actions because of the Nevada law, as I can write how amazing Air Force Amy is. She was very understand and easy to cooperate. I learn many things about her as we got along extremely well. She believes in letting people to be themselves and feel good about themselves. I understand her background in military in past, and her lifestyle in whorehouses. I totally agree with most guys on the forum as she was a true legend. I have dated few women in my life but with Air Force Amy, she was very different with interesting conversation and pleasure too. I can see she is a very caring woman also, believe in spiritual way to make her happy with positive thoughts. I loved her to death in many ways as I am already tempted to see her again sometimes in 2011. I feel comfortable with older women as the maturity comes first.

Titluvr encourage me to tell the forum readers to inform them something. I am here to tell you, do not miss the chance to spend time with Air Force Amy!! She will appreciate you in many ways as she even give you many positive advices too, which surprises me. If you know nothing about sex, she is the one who can guide you with comfort.

To are a great ONE!!!!

Thank you, SheriFan

review by Sherifan on 12/1/2010 6:15:00 PM

Sherifan gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I am back here and writing this great conversation with amazing Air Force Amy. My wife and I are still impressed by your motivation, patience, educating, enjoying, making us feel naughty (even it's Halloween today) and making us feel connected in sexual pleasure. I still want to thank you...THANK YOU THANK YOU....

For the couples out there, this is a one time chance with Air Force Amy, many things will come out positive after you both have learn and enjoy with her. She is the ultimate one that will make you feel like she is yours forever. Do not miss this chance like I already had the chance. It is lifetime experience for us, my wife and I never been thinking about "missing chances" as we already felt deserved!! She have the creativity as she made us to learn something anew!! We will LOVE to see you again and maybe learn some more!! You are the PRO!! Anyone who needs a PRO, she's the kind of person you would seek for!!

review by CraigHDavis on 10/31/2010 10:55:00 AM

CraigHDavis gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet Air Force Amy. It started with me finding her bio and pics on Sheri’s site, and my jaw hit the floor (it broke through the foundation, split a water main, and I think discovered a new type of dinosaur fossil). As fantastic as her pictures were, I was also impressed with how well her personality shines on the Ranch Forum.

I emailed her that I had no experience before this (virgin alert!), and am normally very shy around women. She was so wonderful in keeping in contact with me for the next few weeks before the time came. I really felt much more comfortable with her because of it.

Our day finally came and we met at Sheri’s by the pool. She was a radiant vision of loveliness, dressed in her Goldfinger outfit with open arms and a big smile! I don’t know if I was only hearing the CLOMP-CLOMP of her heels against the path as she moved toward me, or if it was my own heart pounding, threatening to jump out my chest in nervous anxiety. But she gave me such a warm and welcoming hug, quickly putting those nerves at ease.

We talked some, and she showed off some of her pictures which was a lot of fun. I sincerely felt like she was enjoying my company as I enjoyed hers. What’s more, she remembered that this was a birthday trip for me. And not only did she give me a card, but she also brought birthday decorations to help celebrate!

While picking our bungalow to spend the night in she asked if I wanted action or romance. Now, having been on my own for so long I have a certain...kink to my interests, and I asked for action. We took the Safari bungalow and she packed for a full night of excitement and adventure. Air Force Amy brought a whole collection of accessories and toys, nearly all of which got used one way or another. She included some costume changes showing off her spectacular body. We dressed up the bed with the birthday decorations and had fun with the cameras she had. Air Force Amy was non-judgmental and willing as we explored my requests together. She was very accepting to my needs and desires. We had such a wild night that we forgot to stop and order dinner, and even lost track of time to fit in a bubble bath – Next time!

Air Force Amy truly made every effort to show that each moment we spent together was important and worthwhile. I don’t normally go out much between my job and responsibilities, and just from being too timid socially. I get most of my distractions in movies and comic books. But now Air Force Amy is like my own personal Super Heroine! My time spent with her is really helping me gain the courage to be more proactive with women, and with my life in general.

Thank you Air Force Amy for making my first experience so incredible. You are amazing, kind, passionate, sweet and thoughtful, and I will happily remember our weekend together for the rest of my life!

review by AFAowned on 10/3/2010 11:32:00 AM

AFAowned gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I was in Iraq, two tours. I don’t say this because I want anyone’s sympathy or congratulations but that you know where I’ve been for the past two years and why the first thing I did was see Air Force Amy.

Amy’s name is not just something she made up, she served in the military. She was actually in the Air Force and pretty bad ass too. She also provides what I feel is a much needed service.

I emailed Amy for quite some time and she always wrote back and she always knows the right thing to say to pull me out of my own head or cheer me up and most of all she gave me something to look forward to Stateside.

Imagine how that is for a guy like me to find this stunning blonde, this woman who will do anything to please me, give me full run of her menu and plenty of things not even listed too. She never said no to anything. She was always eager and ready whenever I was and when I wasn’t or couldn’t any longer she would massage me (out of this world) sit down with me over a nice meal, sip drinks, treat me like a king and she always had another pleasant t surprise for me at every turn.

Like I said, I don’t want sympathy as much as understanding. For this alone my night with Amy was worth all the money in the world…much more.

She also has an amazing body? (God she is built!)
Does she have mad skills? Absolutely!
But most of all she has a deep understanding of what makes us tick.
Plus she knows the rudiments of war and of being overseas and the rigors of battle and she’s really well versed in weaponry too. (really cool)

I can’t describe it any better than that. Amy makes me feel proud to be fighting for the things I fight for.

I think the military should name a special medal in the name of Air Force Amy for all she does for morale and for her service above and beyond the call of duty.

I salute you Air Force Amy. Thank you!

If anyone is looking for the best homecoming ever, Air Force Amy is well worth the wait.

review by Bad boy Alan on 9/9/2010 8:04:00 PM

Bad boy Alan gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I don’t date all that often. I tell people that and they instantly think it’s because of my size…I’m a big boy, to put it delicately. But the real reason I don’t date all that often is because I’m the kind of guy who needs a lot of stimulation, and I don’t just mean ‘down there’. I need a woman who is my intellectual equal-I’m as brainy as I am big-a woman who can have an all-night conversation with me as much as roll me around the bed and fuck me three-ways-to- Sunday and have me begging for more after my balls are drained.

Airforce Amy is that girl. To look at the little blonde you’d instantly know why any guy (or girl for that matter) would be into Amy; she’s a blonde bombshell knock-out. But for me, the reason I keep booking overnighters with her is that Amy gives as good convo as she does everything else. She really is smart and I’m pretty smart, so I should know. I can’t be around anyone, man or woman, for too long if they don’t have a brain in their heads and I certainly don’t want to wine and dine some bimbo just on the off-chance I might get in her panties.

For me it’s got to start with mental stimulation. Amy touches me in this way…and then of course, many others. I won’t get into the sex, other than to say I have never been more satisfied in bed than I am with Airforce Amy. Look, let’s face it, they don’t call me "Tiny" for nothing, like I said I’m a big guy, but Amy loves my size and has fun with me and we laugh and joke all night long too. In fact, with her I never think about being a big overweight guy, I’m just a man she’s loving and loving damn good. She looks into my eyes and fills my heart and pierces me right into my soul.

I need to impress upon whoever reads this, and I hope a lot of people do because this is a sincere review, that Airforce Amy is an all around, fantastic woman with “brains as well as boobs”. That if you to want a spend weekend with someone who will be able to present ideas and follow through with you as well fuck you in ways you have never dreamed imaginable, you must see Airforce Amy.

And what "Tiny" tells you, you can take to the bank!

review by Adamswagon on 9/3/2010 7:05:00 AM

Adamswagon gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Anyone who wants experienced with much care and making you feel happy, she is the one. She is everything you are looking for!! Met her for second time and become closer than ever!! Unbelievable clothes she's wearing and very friendly with good conversation as you can ask anything to her! Very open minded with much TLC!! You will not be disappointed when you are partying with her!!

review by LovingKermie on 7/2/2010 2:03:00 AM

LovingKermie gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I just wanted to leave a comment about my visit to Sheri's Ranch. It was a spur of the moment decision and I had no idea which lady I was going to see. I arrived at Sheri's and had a few drinks in the bar talking with several different ladies. All the ladies were beautiful and very friendly. After meeting and talking with Amy for a little bit, I could sense there was some chemistry between us. She is very sexy, flirty and fun, but also very approachable, warm and real. I wasn't real sure how to do the negotiations but Amy was really sweet and made the process painless and smooth. I told her what my budget was and what I was hoping to get. She was very accommodating to my needs and my budget. We had our party in her room. I'm not going to get into the details of what we did but let me say this - Amy is an excellent host, the perfect sexual partner, she doesn't rush you, and is 100% committed to giving you a satisfying and memorable experience. For anyone who is thinking about going to Sheri's for the 1st time or the even the 10th time, I highly recommend Air Force Amy. You will not be disappointed, I know I wasn't. I'm definitely planning another visit with Amy, a nice loooong visit that is. Thank you Amy, you are a special lady!

review by BullDog on 7/1/2010 11:45:00 AM

BullDog gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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69 My Most Favorite Year. I threw caution to the wind and had myself a little mini vacation with Air Force Amy, 60's style; you should see what that girl looks like in a mini-skirt and Go-Go-Boots! Amy maintained the illusion of the times perfectly for me-I was 18 in 1969 probably the best year of my life-and Amy brought me back over and over again…I felt like a kid again! You rock my die-tied honey!

The 60's Bungalow is a trip and AFA is a trip to the light fantastic. Amy is everything she says she is. She gave me way more than I bargained for. I'm not allowed to tell what a sweet deal I got, but I can assure you it was worth every cent!!

Air Force Amy is the coolest, hottest chick alive. Her body rocks better than the chicks I dated 40 years ago!!!!!

If you have doubts about seeing AFA, I advise you throw caution to the wind yourself. Make an appointment to see Air Force Amy, it will be the best decision you ever made.

review by Johnnyhopkins on 6/13/2010 5:48:00 PM

Johnnyhopkins gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Still With Me

I have done my best to follow Amy for most of her professional career; I guess you can say I'm pretty much a fan. The thing that gets me to this day (and I just saw her last week) as much as always, is how she maintains such a sweetness, such a caring for me, as I know she does with all her clients. This is going to sound very cliché', but God knows in this day and age to be able to pay for a service that is not only tops in the world, but that the provider really enjoys, is worth any amount of money in my book.

I feel like Don Juan when I'm with Amy. It amazes me how I am able to please her. She is sensitive,responsive, vocal and very appreciative of all my methods. She always teaches me a couple of new ones each time too. I always end up feeling like we had just made loive, not a transaction.

I think another thing about Amythat sets her apart from the rest is that she is always "available" for me. I can only travel to see her once an year and even had to miss a year here and there but she always has time to communicate with me as though we had just seen each other yesterday.

Air Force Amy is the epitome of class, style, beauty, and grace.

Thank the Heavens for Air Force Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

review by peteyparrothead on 6/2/2010 11:40:00 AM

peteyparrothead gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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The De-virginizer Delicacy. Air Force Amy. All I can say is…at last!

I've always been a slow starter and though I've had plenty of girlfriends, I guess as with everything else, I was taking my time getting laid. Being 23 and a virgin is not the worst thing in the world, but I was starting to get a little nervous about the whole thing. You know, when was I gonna do it, who was I gonna do it with, should I tell the girl it was my first time, all those bullshit questions. I realized if I was going to do it, and God knows I wanted to do it, I needed a professional, and why not the living legend herself? How many men such as I will really have the opportunity to experience a truly living legend in their lifetimes? We are all very lucky to be alive and able to experience this magnificent and talented woman.

Amy, I love you!

From the moment I laid eyes on Amy's pictures, then when I emailed her, then spoke to her over the phone I felt at ease. Amy has this way of talking to you, of laughing with you, of asking just the right questions and never judging, never assuming that made me feel really comfortable. I mean, even if I wasn't going to her for you-know-what she would still be a girl I'd like to meet. She is so down to earth and patient and understanding and patient and understanding and patient and understanding. She must have answered a hundred of my questions over and over again and never even got frustrated with all my nervousness and repeated questions. She guided me all the way from Philly to her warm and comforting arms and breasts and legs and her inviting smile and lovely and sensual presence. Never once did I feel embarrassed about being an amateur.

So then I meet her…I don't even know if we ever really talked about me being a virgin, really. I mean, she knew of course and there were a few moments when it did come up, but mostly Amy just treated me like an equal, like a friend really. We laughed over drinks, we made-out a little, then she undressed and helped me explore that magnificent body of hers. My confidence went way up (that's not the only thing that went way up!) when I got Amy to cum just by her showing where to touch and kiss her hold her and with what pressure and which way and so many pointers, I'm sure I'll remeber at least a few for my next experience. Then it was my turn. She undressed me and took her time making me feel like a king, I never knew my body could respond like that. In fact, a few times she had to slow down a bit because I was getting close. Then before I even realized it, we were doing it! At first my legs were wobbly like a newborn foal, but she had me up and bucking like a wild stallion in no time. It was like the most natural thing in the world, so easy. In that one instant it felt like the biggest weight rolled off my shoulders.

Amy and I laughed more, she switched positions, the reverse cowgirl is now my favorite as it is hers, and we did it two more times until I was just exhausted. The remainder of our time together we cuddled and joked like we were old friends and lovers.

Almost all of my friends have commented on my attitude. They say I seem to have a new confidence and I really feel it to. I can’t wait to try the things I learned with Amy, I can't wait to do it again.

And I can't wait until I can plan another trip out to Sheri's to see my "DV delicacy", my first, my mentor, my friend, my lover, my Airforce Amy.

Thank you Amy, you really do provide service of epic proportion. I'm so glad to experience why you are such a legend in your time. I mean "really" how many people can say that their first time was with Air Force Amy? I can see my pick up line to the ladies now: "I WAS TAUGHT HOW TO PERFORM FOR YOU IN BED BY THE FAMOUS AIR FORCE AMY." I think I'll be able to get any lady I ever want to bed with me! Thank you Amy!

review by Mrmeaty on 5/27/2010 7:05:00 PM

Mrmeaty gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Imagine my surprise to see the infamous Air Force Amy return to Sheri's AND WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE TO ME!

I had seen Amy a few years back when she was at Sheri's and was pleasantly surprised to find her even more beautiful in person than in any photo or television appearance ever and even amazingly more beautiful, exuberant, happy, healthy and enthusiastic than the last time I saw her and she even recognized me right away and was so happy to see me again, I can't even believe she remembered me, but she did because that's the kind of lady Amy is. She takes an interest in you, she really cares about you and she has the heart and soul of an angel placed on earth to make guys like me feel wanted, appreciated and remembered.

She has a very youthful face and even has freckles across her nose and on her chest that I find to be remarkably adorable! Her body is as taut, tanned and toned as any Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model.

Her skills are recognized world wide and it is not hype. Amy has the intuition and talent and ability to gracefully take our time together in any direction that feels good. She knows when to amp it up and she knows when to cuddle and snuggle too. She somehow magically enables me to perform in ways I never thought I could. No Viagra needed with Air force Amy. Air Force Amy IS Viagra!

I love Amy's maturity and comfort with her own body. I love her playfulness and even when her cheeks turn red when she gets embarrassed about how smitten she has become by you.

Amy is one of a kind, one in a billion and I'd love to keep all these facts to myself and keep her to myself, lest she knows her calling is to be of service to more than just one man. Amy knows that angels work through her for guys like me and I cannot keep that to myself. If you need some tender loving care from a truly grounded angel, you owe it to yourself to see Air Force Amy. She is truly special and we are very lucky to have her and I'm very lucky to have found this little gem in the middle of the desert. Thank you Amy! You are my angel from heaven. I can't wait to see you again soon. Thanks for coming back and thanks for being here for me - again.

review by Man Gone Wild on 5/25/2010 4:55:00 PM

Man Gone Wild gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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