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Just Spectacular. I don't know what else to say. I had a great time with Angelica yesterday.

review by Davey Crocket on 7/4/2015 1:36:57 AM

Davey Crocket gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Angelica is fantastic. She is a super cool chick-- great to hang out with, fun to party with. Very talented with her mouth, she gave me the best BJ I've had in a long, long time. And that surprise she has between her legs? Magic, pure magic. Angelica left me with a great big smile on my face. I have nothing but good things to say about this super-fun girl.

review by Anaconda Ben on 5/27/2015 9:15:12 PM

Anaconda Ben gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I went with Angelica a while back did not get a chance to post till now. She is a very sweet girl and I am very happy I went with her. She was very good in bed. She gave a great blow job and then I had her in a few different positions. Finally, don't let those titties fool you but she was able to give me a titty fuck and I creamed between them.

review by Lovestohavefun on 12/10/2014 7:40:15 PM

Lovestohavefun gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Angelica is an "incredible woman." This is how she is described by one of her coworkers at Sheri's Ranch. This unsolicited compliment is the highest praise one woman can give to another. I was fortunate to have a recent session with Angelica and I completely agree. Another lady also told me, when I clumsily said by chance I missed seeing her, "if you were with Angelica, then you didn't miss anything." She is so right. Angelica is very sensuous and alluring, but more importantly is compassionate and caring with her clients. There is something about Angelica that is captivating and endearing. Her piercings are cool and really cute. Not only is she an expert performer in the bedroom, she gives world class hugs. Angelica has that special quality that men seek and rarely find. I hope I will see her again someday.

review by thepretender on 6/2/2014 12:50:05 PM

thepretender gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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On a resent visit to Las Vegas a poker dealer informed me about Sheri's Ranch. I followed up and Angelica delivered beyond my wildest dreams. I had a fabulous experience and have every intention of becoming a regular customer. Thank you Angelica and Sheri's Ranch for making my life full again.



review by RWH on 2/9/2014 2:35:58 PM

RWH gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Passed by and spent a wonderful half hour with Angelica. She is truly a daughter of the West being part Native American. She totally rocked my world and an experience never to forget. She knows exactly what to do and um um um does she do it. For me it is not just about the raw sensuality (which I sure got from her) but equally important is the charm and personality which she has in abundance. Thank-you Angelica for some magic moments!

review by PK McNemo on 11/17/2013 12:47:00 PM

PK McNemo gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had seen Angelica's pictures on the internet and was so taken in by her beauty so I finally got enough nerve to come visit Sheri's Ranch. While at the bar I noticed her sitting at the other end then she went out the door. Another girl approached me and I said that the girl I was interested in had just left. Happily she went out to get her. I was so nervous when she approached me but I went with her and had a great time with her and thought about her on way back home hoping to come back in the future. ??????!!!

review by James on 6/18/2013 8:39:14 PM

James gave this experience a 4.5 stars.

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Just got banged by Kitty and her homie Angelica.

They tagged each other in a lot until I eventually tapped out.

Kitty was very sensual/Angelica very playful: best of both worlds.

They were both very accommodating.

This was my first time doing that sex thing, and they convinced me I should do it more often.

I give them 10 stars: 5 stars a piece.

review by User Zero on 5/24/2013 7:50:12 PM

User Zero gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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angelica first got my attention while singinging karaoke in sheris bar on xmas eve. iwas struck by her fabulous bod, her exotic beauty and the tremendous amount of fun she was having. i was smitten by her radiant smile. i fifigured that having a partywith a girl so sexy and with such a capacity for joy would certainly be a treat. the next day i had a party w/ angelica and it proved to be thebest xmas i ever had. angelica is truly a sweetheart. she is, kind sensitive , beautiful and easy to talk she treated me verywell and sure iwas satcompletely satisfied( which i was). angelica is a great lover, a gentle soul and an exotic beauty with a great capacity for fun. she certainly is a special lady who i cannot recommend highly enough

review by joel on 12/31/2012 8:23:17 AM

joel gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Our meeting was a little awkward at first, but I knew I was the cause and wanted to atone for prior mistakes. I noticed she did not sit close to me. Angelica said she was a little nervous and held out her hand to show she was slightly trembling. I am always the nervous one, so I was in the unfamiliar role of putting another person at ease. So I went for a guaranteed ice breaker. "I understand you have a cat," I said. She quickly produced a cell phone picture of an adorable ball of fur. The conversation continued to revolve around this feline (breed, age, name), then on to the subject of GFE. She asked if I thought GFE meant kissing. I replied that, for me, the "girlfriend experience" is more about attitude and feeling, than a kiss on the lips. I asked if she would allow kissing on the neck and shoulders and she replied "yes, of course." I told her I could not dominate her, since she had expressed a preference for this treatment on the Forum. I asked if I could shower while she went to the Office. When she returned she also showered. Thus, we were reduced to wearing only towels. She now seemed calm and I told her, "You don't need to be nervous, I am just a shy old man." If I may regress for a moment, I should tell you that I have long been attracted to this tall, dark exotic beauty with the beguiling smile, an air of mystery and a hint of danger. But an unfounded fear held me back and lead to a misunderstanding. I continued to talk to her by email, but failed to approach her, in person, even to just say "hello." So finally meeting her and sharing intimate time with her was unplanned. When the towels came off, I quickly realized there was no problem and felt foolish for ever thinking there might be. I asked if she felt any pain, "no, silly" she replied. Then she told me about a client who became very angry upon discovering her piercings. I regret she has suffered such treatment. Angelica is sweet and kind. She has a very casual, charming personality. She is nurturing and caring. She is playful, but would never hurt anyone. (She gently punished me for keeping her waiting for so long.) She is a mocking bird that is often hurt by the cruelties of life. She is a free spirit that should never be captured or tamed. Finally, I come to the burning question, "Did I steal her panties?" No, but I should have, since she stole my heart.

review by thepretender on 9/16/2012 8:15:38 AM

thepretender gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I was in the bar and a very nervous guy sat down near me. A few ladies had introduced themselves, but he was still far to nervous to ask for anyone to go back. He actually told me that he was about to bolt back out through the door!

After talking to him and calming him down, I convinced him to ask for whomever he had his mind set on. Well, eventually Angelica went back with him and I presume they had a great party!

A few days later, I had the opportunity to party with Angelica, and no doubt it was a great party! We partied into the wee hours of the night. I don't think anyone was in the bar by the time we were done :)

review by QTo on 8/12/2012 2:41:48 PM

QTo gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Angelica is fun, flirty, playful, and sexy. If she turns on her charm, she can dazzle with her seductive gaze. Plus she has a fabulous smile and a gorgeous body.
Have high expectations when you get her into bed. She will not disappoint. I am eager to see her again.

review by DiscreetEdward on 5/27/2012 11:48:20 PM

DiscreetEdward gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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She's got Sex Magic . When she get on top, I go to Baba Booeyland

review by Capt Nasty on 4/22/2012 11:08:55 AM

Capt Nasty gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I eyed a beautiful young lady in Sheri’s Sports Bar, and she looked so ravishing that I gasped for breath! Angelica was wearing high heels and a sheer negligee with panties unfortunately. I asked her to play pool and she graciously accepted. Angelica was a lot better player than I had anticipated. Every time I made a shot she called me sharkie, but she’s the real pool shark. She makes phenomenal shots and shoots with absolute confidence. She has incredible aim and her shooting form is text book perfect. In addition, Angelica’s physical form is femininely magnificent; she’s five foot seven and has a super toned curvaceous body. Angelica has brown hair and brown eyes and a beautiful skin tone. I understand that she’s Irish, American Indian and Black, and she was definitely blessed with the best of each.

I prayed that her unhaltered and unrestrained breasts would jump out each time she bent over the table, but I don’t have any luck, lol! I got caught staring a hole in her see-through negligee trying to determine if she was sporting pierced nipples, since I thought I distinguished a stud. She confirmed my suspicions and admitted that she had her nipples pierced. I asked if it was unpleasant on such a sensitive area, and she said it wasn’t exceptionally painful. Naturally I requested to examine the piercings, but Angelica informed me that we’d have to go to her room for anything that intimate.

I wanted to further enjoy her company immediately, but I had another date later that day. At my age more than one love affair per day could be hazardous. I usually have to utilize Viagra or Prostaglandin injections for performance, but the pool games with arousing Angelica made that unnecessary! Angelica has a wonderful magnetic personality, and she’s exceptionally congenial. I love the cute way she laughs! I don’t think she ever meets a stranger, and everyone adores her.

I want to spend more special time together with Angelica in the near future for a breathtaking sensual encounter. I believe we’ve built some chemistry between us already. Angelica posted “What’s your type?” thred, and I answered “Angelica, you’re my type bound in Japanese Silk love rope, handcuffs and a ball gag! In addition, I’ll have my discipline paddle ready for punishment if you’re disobedient and deny me anything my sweet, lol! Although, afterward you can retaliate by binding, gaging and spanking me, lol!” I believe she’d be hedonistically exciting in that S&M fantasy scenario, and maybe I could persuade her to pierce my nipples or something, lol!

I’m certain that everyone would agree that Angelica is the ultimate party hostess after an unforgettable experience in her bedroom, Jacuzzi Bubble Bath or Bungalow Suite. The Bungalow setting is more relaxing and romantically inclined with absolute privacy, seclusion, and more amenities are included. However, whichever Angelica heart throbbing adventure is selected, I promise that her date will be completely satisfied and thoroughly entertained! I can positively say that I was more than pleased with the lovely Angelica!

review by firefighter on 3/14/2012 8:55:42 PM

firefighter gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Angelica is even prettier in person. Also, zero tattoos is refreshing these days. A great flirt & talker, we went to her room where we realized we are both big Howard Stern fans. It turns me on that she has such good taste & we had fun quoting & laughing about favorite Stern show moments. She enjoys sex with men & has endless energy. Hot porn-style sex. I had the budget & stamina for another party & was lucky to repeat the deal with Angelica(when I could have partied with another beauty). I'd be stoked/lucky to party with her again in the future. She's a wizardress in the bedroom. Highly recommended. She'll make you holler, you might get owned, you may find yourself running back for more.

review by roswell on 9/24/2011 6:55:08 AM

roswell gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I'm safely back at home, continuing the grind. Although my mind is still analyzing what just occured at the ranch, I can safely say that it rivals my previous three days last year. Old friends reacquainted, new friends hopefully established & although I didn't truly relaxed, I did enjoy my time in the "den". I hoped the people there enjoyed my appearance there, even if they didn't know who I really was.

Again in lieu of reviews, I give whole hearted & much appreciated thank yous. First, to the support staff for making my stay flawless. No real complaints from me, even shared a joke & observation with security guy Gabe. Yes, even security has a sense of humor, too.

Thanks to the hostesses, especially & forgive me for the misspelling, Althea. I took some time to shake her hand & compliment her on my time there. Hope if your stay was as fine as mine was, take the time to say so to your hostess of choice. They sure appreciate the kind words.

A lot of thanks to the bartenders for keeping me hydrated during my stay. To Marci (who I only got to see for a couple of hours, but maybe next time), Cheryl (now that I know how to somewhat play 10,000, I'll get ya next time) & especially Suann (much respect to a fellow fan of Shirley Manson & Garbage, also my fave 'tender on this trip), thanks for keeping my glass filled. Just remember, diet Coke with lime squeezed 'til its dead.

They say "Fortune favors the bold", which doesn't apply to me at all. Despite that, I did appreciate the ladies that did come by to talk to a shy, unassuming man. So, to Angelica (thanks for breaking the ice on my first night), Atlantis (yes, I'm proof that some Alaskans don't like Sarah Palin, too), Flower (definitely one to keep in mind, very sweet), Amy (Thanks for the Wal-Mart trigger, found my popsicle & I'll check out that Adult Superstore on my next trip), Tina Lee (give props to an ex-AK & I'll look for you in that video, another one to keep in the Rolodex), Victoria (nice to meet you as well) & finally, a brunette I didn't get her name, but through photos, Lola Love (maybe one day we could be homebodies together, despite you being an Angels fan (M's fan here)), thanks for coming by. Definitely more to ponder next time.

& to the women I did go behind the curtain with, I hoped you enjoyed your time with me as much as I did:

Toni Alexander - 'MY GOD, that's a lot of woman' kept rolling through my mind during our time together. I didn't know how anyone could survive this Aussie amazon, but survived I did & still had the ability to walk...& talk...& breathe. But at least I can check off my "Bond girl" fantasy off the list, that is until I meet ______ again. Thank you, Toni.

Kat - I still contend that 'maybe' means maybe & not 'no'. But in spite of that, to hear her giggle made it worth the long wait. Sorry to make you wait so long.

Christina Star - Finally, THE reason of my stay. No words I can come up with describes this incredible woman & does it justice. I appreciate your words, your kindness, your honesty & all the other intangibles that make me want to come back to Nevada. Being sexy as hell is just icing on the cake. Stay the cool girl I know you to be, my dear Christina; we'll see each other again...

Well, it's back to work I go, recouping the funds I 'contributed' to the ranch. But to say again, thanks for a fun three days & next time, I'll try to relax. Thanks from up north...

The 3rd Degree
a.k.a. Andrew from the AK

P.S. Be assertive & keep pecking away. I'll give in....eventually....

It's not the first time that gets me, it's the second.

review by The 3rd Degree on 7/8/2011 12:13:00 PM

The 3rd Degree gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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This incredibly beautiful woman will beguile you with her smile. Plus her figure and skin tone are "to die for." She has a fun loving and vivacious personality that will lure you into her web. She flirts on the Forum and entices with her Twitter "Tweets." This free spirit loves honesty. Although her slogan, "My business is your pleasure" may be a bit too honest for some. She treats every man with as much care and respect equally. You will have a great party.
If you see a "Jubilee" in Las vegas, you will see scores of beautiful bare breasted women, but not one with pierced nipples. To see nipples that have been pierced and impaled,
you must see Angelica. She does not have natural breasts. She has "Great Piercings." But only a fool would be bothered by that--a lonely fool.

review by ThePretender on 2/9/2011 5:36:38 AM

ThePretender gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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The fastest way to heaven without dying is to share a few drinks and games of pool at Sheris Ranch with a naughty little angel aptly named Angelica; then promptly adjourn with her to her room and PAR-TAYYYYYYY!

This lovely creature will captivate your attention and passion in short order upon entry to the Ranch bar. Her beauty and youthful presence will win you over in no time. People, I highly reccommend you go with your gut instinct and take the initiative to give in to her magnetism as I did.

Thank You so much Angelica...

Your fun, playful and sexy spirit is etched in my memory forever. What joy and adventure you shared with me! For sure you are rapidly growing an attentive and appreciative cllientele at Sheri's Ranch - including me! See ya soon Angelica, my naughty little angel.
- Ted

review by ted on 1/30/2011 8:10:56 AM

ted gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I saw Angelica on my very first visit to SR, back in mid October. In fact, I think Angelica was at SR on every one of my visits. On first glance I saw a lovely woman, beautiful eyes, nice smile and great figure. Of course this description could describe most of the ladies at the ranch. I found myself watching her often while I was sitting in the bar but we never chatted. What was going on with me is, I usually already know who I'm going to party with when I arrive. If I chat any ladies up that I don't already have an appointment with it is usually because they are on my short list, well, long list now, of ladies that I do plan to get to know in the biblical sense. Since Angelica was not in the cue it was very unlikely that I would ever get to feel her body against mine. Thank god that the best laid plans often go awry.

On trip number four I arrived at the ranch with only one appointment. I had decided though that I would finally talk to Angelica. On my last trip I saw her exercising, walking, in the courtyard. I remember thinking, she has incredibly good posture but it was the erect nipples that my mind seems to drift back to the most. I got into the bar around 11 AM and I asked to speak with Angelica. I always like to chat with whomever I'm considering seeing before we move on, it's always good to see what type of chemistry is present between us. When she came over and sat down I was completely intoxicated by her. After about two minutes I asked if we could retire to her room, definitely a record for me.

She has this bubbly personality that is so attractive, and amazing, perfect, natural breasts. Now I appreciate a good butt, however, it's not my thing, until now. As I think about it, I remember that I loved watching her walk away, when I was observing her in the bar. Who knew? She does both sides of a Half & Half extremely well, but for one of those half's she is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, she is not to be missed.

Our meeting and encounter together was, well, for lack of a better explanation, fate. The time we spent together was wonderful. She's extremely sexy on every level you can imagine. I feel very fortunate that we met and I find myself thinking about her all the time. One thing I have learned, don't ever assume that a lady is not for you because she's not on your list. Don't make that mistake gentlemen, you could be missing out on someone who is absolutely fabulous, like Angelica!

Thank you my dear

review by Bob A on 12/16/2010 1:44:00 PM

Bob A gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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