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Tristen is one fun, roller coaster pin-up, rockabilly kick along buddy that will laugh and have just as much fun as you. She is totally the REAL deal. From mild to wild---she has it all. It's a fun picture, a hot lady, and she is gifted in her craft.

A true story.

She is so good and so great..........that she inspired me to such levels that we absolutely and literally knocked the power out. I mean the whole building. And we kept going with the inage during the outage........

And when it was all done...........someone had left a latern outside the door.

I was there for a special purpose and she made it everything I needed.

Who doesn't want to smile and relax and have a great time with someone who is right out of a magazine, and happy to be with you for the moment?

OK. Thanks a million.............
And to my old Army buddy Doug..........that one's for you and I'll see you in the stars..............


review by SCOOTER on 3/22/2011 1:05:57 AM

SCOOTER gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had the great privilege of meeting the stunning Tristen Applegate over the thanksgiving week end. My man and I were in Vegas and heard about the ranch and had to check it out. Now I am a young woman who loves all things new and exciting, and this goddess sure provided both in spades!

From the moment she sat her luscious figure down at the table I was hooked and my man was more then willing to indulge me. She won me over with her beauty, wit and down to earth friendly attitude. She took the lead of this shy girl and had me begging for more before long! My man still talks about her tight and talented body, as do I!

FOR THE LADIES READING: She was sensual, friendly and essay to get comfortable with. She took things at my pace and made me want her so badly that I am already trying to plan the next visit. For one of my first girl on girl experience she has converted me to the ways of the threesome forever! If you are looking for a woman to explore with, put you at ease and bring you to new highs of pleasure, she is your girl!

FOR THE MEN: This sexy and sultry vixen has the body of a pin up girl! She is sweet, sassy and has one hell of a bag of trix up her sleeve. If you are ever wanting to bring your woman in for some fun she neither of you will forget, do your self and your girl a favor, look her up! For your self, if your ever in the area, take my word, and that of my male counter part...she is TOTALLY worth looking up if you know what's good for you!

I wish I could go into all the wonderful things about that night...but I think I will just encourage you all to look her up for your self.

Tristen my dear, I still fantasize about that night. The tall silent man and I are talking about getting very serious, and I keep saying fuck the honeymoon, lets go spend a night in a bungalow with Tristen!!!

The busty brunette and the silent man.

review by cali couple on 12/17/2010 5:35:00 PM

cali couple gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I just have 2 words for my time with the lovely Tristen Applegate; SOLID GOLD! This wonderful lady is everything she advertises.

Thank you darlin'! You were fantastic.

review by ShadowAce on 12/2/2010 10:32:00 AM

ShadowAce gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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