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For those who like reviews that are simple and quick: She is everything you could ask and more than you will expect. Do whatever it takes to party with Sami!

For Sami -

Certain memories should be held between two alone,
The magic and unspeakable too great to convey
The glance of eyes, discreet touch and whispered tone
Treasured and void of any effort to betray.

Yet, certain pleasure calls to be heard
To trumpet its surpassing experience
To clamor for the attention it deserved
To hail the ecstasy that exceeds all sense.

And so I write:
Of the elegance that is yours yet sometimes overlooked
Of the humor that eases and teases all at once
Of the touch that enflames every nerve ending with fires of fantasy
Of the body that that responds to mine with shakes and quakes that birth tsunami waves of delight
Of poetry read, dreams fashioned, friendships started
And of an end to our time no one before has been able to achieve.

You are fantastic!

review by smoothtalker on 1/11/2012 11:51:22 AM

smoothtalker gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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As a long-time virgin, I finally made a trip out to Sheri's for a special treat to myself. My treat's name was Sami.

Sami was wonderful to talk to, and helped me relax quite well (I was very nervous, with this being my first time there, first time with her, and first time in general).

She was wonderfully patient and gave excellent instruction. I learned a lot about myself, and how to please a woman. I probably made her "work" a bit harder than usual, but she was more than up to the challenge.

She wasn't a clock-watcher; I never felt rushed, or anxious that our time was running out. In fact, when our party did technically end, she was in no rush to end things and we took our time winding down naturally and comfortably. I can't overstate how much I appreciated this.

Sami was a fantastic companion and teacher, and I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

review by George on 12/9/2011 10:16:55 AM

George gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Sami is quite an amazing woman. Such could be said about all at Sheri's I am sure, but she has several traits that make her truly stand out.

She is so fun to be with, all smiles and giggles, and loves to tease. I had a great time just talking to her, and I am normally scared out of my mind around women.

Voluptuous would be the way to describe her. She has curves in all the right places and a perfect tight, flat tummy, and just beautiful breasts.

It was my first time with a woman, and at a rather embarrassingly late age, yet she did not judge me. In fact, she took great delight in teaching me how to please her. I was more than eager to learn and graduated with honors!

We ended up in a playful argument about her age. I still believe she is much younger than she claims. Even should I believe what she says (I don't) she is young at heart.

Sami, you exceeded everything I wanted for my first time.

Thank you so much precious. I truly will never forget you.

review by Daniel on 11/14/2011 11:10:31 PM

Daniel gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Seductive Sensuous Horny Sami was a “Virgin Again” for my breathtaking pleasure, since it had been 30 days without any vaginal penetration. Sami provided the warmest hugs, the most passionate and sensual wet kisses I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. She was the most dynamic GFE, and yielded the hottest hard-core sex imaginable!

Sami was wet and waiting to give her best lovin’z and erotic pleasures conceivable. She desired to be ravished and loved the way her body’s meant to be taken by me! Sami was waiting to fulfill my every fantasy, so I had to cum join her and cum play hard. Sami’s sexual urges were begging to be cared for because her wet pussy needed attending; her pulsating sweet spot was wanting and waiting for my throbbing hard cock to fill her velvety soft and wet honey pit!

Sami can be as sweet or nasty as desired and she’s in no rush, since she can f**k and suck all night long with unlimited orgasms. Sami has the most beautiful natural D-cup voluptuous breasts and exciting suckable nipples, a sexy full ass, a toned gorgeous body, beautifully manicured girlish fingernails, and the cutest petite size six sexily pedicured and soft “foot fetish” feet I’ve ever lusted to lick and kiss.

Sami was explorative, vivacious, wild, soft and the perfect lady in waiting, playful toy, whore in the bedroom, and party animal in between! Sami definitely was an extremely fun type girl guaranteeing and satisfying my happy orgasmic ending for an ultimate memorable and pleasurable sexual experience!

I can verify the validity of this assessment of Sami and endorse her lovemaking credentials, since I have fully enjoyed and explored her delicious and succulent body! In addition, Sami was the ultimate female companion, a tremendous pool player, and the perfect warm and affectionate real-life type girl friend. Sami fulfilled my every lustful and twisted fantasy!

review by firefighter on 6/12/2011 5:53:41 AM

firefighter gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I played 8-ball pool with Sensuous Seductive Sami, and had a great time. She plays by Sheri’s Ladies rules, but that’s fine since ladies deserve some consideration. Sami missed a shot, and she said I’m taking that shot over. I didn’t object, since she was very authoritative. Sami is the hardest hitting player I’ve seen in a long time. I meekly suggested that she might make more balls into the pockets if she shot easier; however, that was just some friendly advice, and in no way compulsory since she scowled back.

I loved watching her bend over the table to make certain shots, since the scenery was beautiful. I think she assumed those revealing positions on purpose as a distraction hoping I would lose the game, LOL. Seductive Sami has a gorgeous voluptuous body and silky soft skin that I trembled to touch. She has a sexy toned tummy, and her sensual brown bedroom eyes were simply hypnotic. Also, Sami is a wonderful hugger, and very passionate at kissing. In addition, Sami has the cutest little size six feet too.

It was very enjoyable playing pool with Sensuous Seductive Sami, since she instills a lot of fun into the game. There’s never a dull moment when she’s at the pool table. However, The real erogenous fun begins after the pool game is over and the sensual party begins!

review by firefighter on 5/1/2011 2:38:40 AM

firefighter gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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This party was designed to make my wife feel good about her body and herself sexually. Sami and Montana bonded with her throughout the evening in the Sports Bar, and made her feel very comfortable. Also, they answered her questions explicitly regarding lovemaking to her complete satisfaction.

We adjourned to the hot tub at about 12:00 midnight, and enjoyed a few glasses of wine during the party. The party was great and my wife had a wonderful time. She was responding overwhelmingly to the therapy masterfully administered by Montana and Sami. Montana and Sami rectified marital problems that had haunted us throughout our married life.

We both give an A+ for Montana and Sami’s splendid and successful efforts. We are looking forward to another party with Montana and Sami, since this party was fantastic. Montana and Sami are an incredible couples team, and their adoration for us was heartwarming.

review by firefighter on 4/23/2011 4:08:02 PM

firefighter gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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First of all, I can start this review in the same manner as virtually every other review on this site. Sami is extremely sexy and personable. But, after visiting here, it occurs to me that those qualities pretty much apply to all of these ladies. EVERYBODY here is physically attractive, easily approachable and pleasant to be with. If they weren't, they wouldn't be here in the first place.
Sami's qualities go beyond that and include facets that may not be so universally available. She has a lot of patience and understanding. First time visitors here should do very well with her. As a specific example, we had agreed on a three hour party in one of the bungalows. In reality, our time there ended up going beyond that. Providing extra time was HER idea. I did not suggest it. I suspect others may not have done that.
Also, Sami is very versatile with an extremely wide range of "menu" items. There is not much she is not comfortable with--or good at. In short, Sami is certainly beautiful and personable. (Who here isn't?) But she also has other qualities that help her stand out from the group.

review by Tennhudson on 4/14/2011 10:19:46 AM

Tennhudson gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I want you all to know just how sexy Sami was. My friend and I had made a long drive to the Ranch. and I was a Virgin with a bad history of attempted Sexual attempts. When I arrived, Sami was busy with a client, so I tried another girl. Much to my dismay this girl did not do a good job at all, so I felt very cheated and very upset. I felt Even more upset then I did before I made the journey. So I went to my hotel room and sulked for a half hour. but then I decided to try again, so I returned to the bar. And this time Sami was there. She came over and embraced me with a nice big hug. My friend had already told her my situation. She made me feel so much better, and she was so warm to hold, and so womenly to touch. I felt safe in her inner glow that she exuded.

So I asked her to show me her room, where we went to negotiate. She understood my dellema, so she gave me a discount since it was technically my first time. After I paid up front, I had so remorse, not for WHAT I paid for,just a fear of making ends meet there after I left and had to return to reality. But Sami just let me by my hand and told me that I'd soon forget all my problems. When we arrived at her room, I wanted to just lay next to her and talk, and I confessed a lot of inner demons that had been haunting me for a long time. Mainly of intimacy issues, She inturn listened, and even shared some of her past to me. Once I bared my soul to a sympathetic ear... Then I was ready to get down and dirty, and I did just that! She then got on top of me, and basically took me for a ride. She had soo much passion. I truly had never seen so much beauty and sexuality condensed into just one person before. and some time later, I finally achieved my goal. To have good sex with a beautiful and sexy woman. And It was a very equally enjoyed experience. We continued to exchange hugs and affection for the rest of my time there. And I left there with a new sense of confidence that a man can only get after a night with a Wild woman.

In summation. Do yourself a favor. Party with Sexy Sami !!! She'll take care of ya!

review by poppedcherry on 1/31/2011 9:40:21 PM

poppedcherry gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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