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Montana and I had enjoyed the 60’s and Safari Bungalows, so we decided to try the Arabian Nights as the King Arthur is planned for her birthday. We played 8-ball pool in the afternoon and we had some very close games, since we were fairly evenly matched that day. I’m satisfied if I play well, and it doesn’t matter if I win or lose since we play for fun and companionship. Morgan Taylor watched us play and flirted constantly, since she knew I loved it.

We had an evening appointment, and decided to arrange a threesome with Montana, Morgan Taylor and myself. The only issue with the threesome is when the ladies disrobed I was overwhelmed with their sheer beauty, and found myself gasping for breath; however, I didn’t have any difficulty acquiring an erection. Of course, I had a Prostaglandin injection available for emergency use!

We wrestled on the bed for awhile, and naturally I allowed the ladies to win and have their way with me! This was the wrestling tag team match that I’d always dreamed about, and it was slightly twisted too! Fortunately the Arabian Nights bed is low so a fall would be inconsequential, since Montana has fallen off her bed previously. Although, Montana insisted that her careless lover should have caught her!

Montana was holding my torso down, and I couldn’t see Morgan on my lower body. I asked Morgan if we were having sex and she said that she didn’t do that, so she was giving “nostril” instead, lol. I logically assumed that she was being truthful, since Morgan was enunciating perfectly at the time. Also, she wasn’t stroking my manhood using her hands, and I couldn’t feel her weight upon my body!

The bungalow parties pamper the ladies extensively and create a more amorous mood, so these five special bungalow venues are a definite benefit for the man who desires to be pleasured to the utmost. Remember, you must give unselfishly first in order to receive a lady’s passionate love! In addition, always bring your lady a gift and treat her like a princess exhibiting your respect and admiration for her. If a gentleman is only willing to spend the minimum, he’ll most likely receive the minimum in return!

review by Firefighter on 7/7/2011 4:36:17 PM

Firefighter gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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