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I have lived in Las Vegas for several years, but had never visited Sheri's Ranch until last night. As I entered the Sports Bar, I immediately realized that this place was special. I quickly engaged in friendly and stimulating conversation with several of the gorgeous women who I had previously admired on the website. They appeared even more stunning in person. Given the number of incredible choices, I found the selection process to be overwhelming.

I was eventually approached by a beautiful young woman with an ample bosom who introduced herself as Frankie. She exuded a warmth and charm that was impressive. Interesting enough, she had just started at Sheri's a few days earlier. She offered to give me a tour of the facility, but I told her that I had seen all I needed to see, and we proceeded to her room. Along the way, I noticed a white piano in the hallway, and I played a couple of romantic pieces for her to set just the right mood.

As we entered her room, she made me feel comfortable, and we seamlessly proceeded to sensual lovemaking. She had magnificent large and soft natural breasts and silky soft skin. She had amazing oral skills. She moaned with pleasure as I kissed and touched every inch of her body. As a diabetic, I often experience performance problems, but I had a completely enjoyable and rewarding encounter with Frankie.

Although she is only in her early twenties, she has blossomed into an incrediblly erotic and seductive woman
at an early age.

review by chopin1831 on 4/23/2012 12:50:48 PM

chopin1831 gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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