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I visited Sheri's Ranch on January 17. Not having an appointment, I made myself comfortable at the bar and decided to see where fate might take me with the stable of gorgeous ladies that were milling around. A couple of cute girls introduced themselves and chatted for a while, but then came the vision that is Dylan.
She approached me and instantly put me at ease with her smile and personality, not to mention her drop-dead gorgeous looks. We talked for a while about small things, like her hometown of Denver and Wisconsin, where I am from.

Shortly after, she invited me to her room where we negotiated a party. Since this was my first trip to a brothel, Dylan made me feel completely comfortable. I opted for the straight menu option and since I was nervous, questioned Dylan about her policy with new clients. She assured me not to worry and that she would take good care of me, which as you will read, she did.

Once we started, Dylan wasted no time in getting naked and may I say she has a perfect body, toned and fit. She put on some music (The Beatles), and from that moment, heaven on earth became a reality.

Dylan's body excited me like no other woman's had ever before in my life. As we moved in sync with one another, she would whisper how good it felt and how turned on she was. With every passing moment, I could not believe how incredible it was to be making love to a woman as physically perfect as her. She mentioned how she kept up with her Kegel exercises and I believed every word, since her muscular control was beyond anything I had ever experienced.

We sweated and moved together for some time, until I said I was close and how it would be great to have a hand job to finish me off. The site of Dylan's gorgeous face watching me and her saying how hot this was was more than I could take and I exploded harder than I ever had before.................

Dylan was a wet dream come true for me and a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

review by Badger Man on 1/24/2013 4:47:54 PM

Badger Man gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I first met Dylan on December 12, 2012. She had just started that afternoon and caught my eye immediately as she is a rare find in a brothel--a really cute blonde, thin & toned lady, very petite with a tiny butt, a big smile and engaging personality. We talked for a bit just getting to know each other when I found out she's never worked in a brothel before. I realized I'd be her first customer of her brothel career and thus be the guy to help her get rid of her "brothel virgin" status and to do so just as she hits the floor to start working at Sheri's. I've never been with a lady this new before and typically avoid them preferring to stick with the more experienced ladies but my instincts told me that we'd have a lot of fun in a party, so I went with my instincts. She took me to her room to discuss the type of party I like to have & can afford and what she enjoys. I could tell she's new to negotiations but with some guidence from her "big sister" (Michele), we came to an agreement on a 1-hr party in her room.

We started our party in her room partially clothed as I love the look of a woman in panties and she's damn sexy in them too (and I'd love to see her in booty shorts for my next party). Dylan's very energetic & attentive during the party, taking guidence from me very well and also helping me find her pleasure spots to stimulate. She gets turned on by getting me turned on which builds as our lips, hands & body caress each other throughout the party. My party with her was like being with a hot & sexy fantasy girlfriend and the kind of experience I desired when I was young but could never find. I hope to have 2 repeat parties with Dylan this trip (3 total) and highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for the same experience as I've described here.

The Hiking Guy

review by Hiking Guy on 12/15/2012 1:15:31 AM

Hiking Guy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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