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Angel is a delight to meet. Although she claims just to be just a country girl she has lived in a number of locales in the US (all warm weather though). She is worldly and intelligent. Although I have little knowledge of hunting she regaled me tales of her adventures hunting alligator and hog.
Angel spent a lot of time speaking with me at the bar before we partied. By the time we went to her room it felt like I was with an old friend. The negotiations were easy and not pressured.
This is a woman with a great body and a wonderful smile. I could have spent much more time exploring her if I hadn't arrived so late in the evening. The party was unhurried and we had some time for snuggling afterwards.
She met me at the bar later and we talked some more. She is genuinely interested in people. I left feeling as though I had met someone authentic.

review by Chewbaca on 9/8/2016 5:04:10 PM

Chewbaca gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I have three words to describe Angel....Elegant, Classy, and Sensual. This Lady deserves to be treated like the Queen she is. Her Southern Charm and Southern Voice made my heart melt. Angel found my weakness for a Southern Beauty that I have been dreaming of... To borrow a couple of phrases from the movie "Jerry McGuire"...."Angel you had me at Hello". And...."Angel you complete me". That says it all. Except..."Angel, I will be seeing you again"!!!

review by Chuck on 6/29/2016 2:14:14 PM

Chuck gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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We walked in to Sheri’s Ranch as a happily married couple of twenty-two years looking for an experience of a lifetime and we walked out an even happier couple with delicious memories that will stay with us forever.

We’ve always enjoyed an abundant sex life but we’ve only ever been with each other since we met almost twenty-five years ago. So when I recently suggested the idea of a threesome to my husband, he jumped right in with both feet. Our research brought us to Sheri’s Ranch, and we wasted no time planning a weekend trip to Sin City with a little side excursion to the desert resort for some fun and games.

We had a great time meeting each of the dozen or so beautiful ladies who approached us in the bar one by one, but in the end, we chose Angel. A tall natural beauty, blonde and busty with a wickedly mischievous smile, Angel made us feel comfortable right from the beginning. She is sweet and lovely and took her time with each of us, and made sure our experience together was one we would never forget. We loved her smile and her pretty blue eyes, we loved her big soft breasts and great body, and we loved every second of the time we spent with her in one of the themed bungalows.

As a first time experience having a threesome for us, and being with another woman for me, it was everything we dreamed it would be and more. A fantasy come true and an item scratched off the bucket list for sure! And because it is legal, it was all perfectly safe and risk-free which is important for a couple like us in a long-term committed relationship. We would recommend a visit to Sheri’s Ranch to other happy couples, but only happy ones, because an experience like the one we enjoyed can only enhance a great relationship, it can’t fix a broken one.

On that note, we’d like to say thank you, Angel, for a night we will always cherish. I hope you think of us every time you spray on some Chanel No.5!

A very happy couple

review by A Happy Couple on 6/23/2016 1:22:06 PM

A Happy Couple gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I wanted to take this girl back to Vegas w wasnt for her beautiful eyes, body or incredible skills. I came to the ranch acting on my basest desires and left Feeling blessed that such a beautiful soul came into my life for a few short hours. I want to also say that the management team and madam absolutely will not let you leave unsatisfied. Angel...Sheri's...thank you again.

review by B on 7/12/2015 2:56:33 AM

B gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Angel was fabulous. As a retired, older gentleman, my bucket list had one item that seemed insurmountable to attain - have sex with a sexy, beautiful and fun 21-year-old. Shari's ranch was very accommodating as a legal brothel. Angel fulfilled my dreams - way beyond my expectations. I highly recommend her. I was a first-timer, and she was gentle, kind and made me feel at home. She has a wonderful laugh - and is very bright and articulate. Take it from someone who's experienced a wide range of unusual activities - she's clearly the best.

review by A New Client on 7/24/2014 4:39:56 PM

A New Client gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I am a happily married 42 year old man who's always been quite curious with the temptations of the S&M world, yet never had the chance to experience it, until my recent trip to Sheri's. I had spoken with several girls inside of the bar and even gone back with one girl to try and work out a Dom session by the time that Angel had made her way to me, but the anticipation only made me that much more aroused once we met! She had seemed to be the most experienced dominatrix in the house and had me by the balls the second she approached. She had already been told what I was looking for and had a vast knowledge of how to give it to me! She asked several very detailed questions about my pain tolerance, experience, fantasy, and more. She even took the time to explain how dangerous it can be to be bound by someone who doesn't know what they are doing and how to spot an amateur before I get myself into serious trouble. We spent an hour in the "dungeon" experimenting with my curious kinks. She tied me to the "saddle horse", spanked and whipped me thoroughly until I couldn't take any more and then forced me to take her strap-on degrading me in every way possible! She was so strong and powerful that she gave me no choice but to submit to her rule, every time I tried to resist I was punished and was even locked me in a cage with my hands tied behind my back while she sat in front of me playing with herself and teasing me! I have had several partners and been with many "working girls" but in all of my life Mistress A was the only women who's every made me cum without touching my penis, and she did it twice! I'm absolutely amazed and impressed and after my session with her I had enough confidence to bring up my fantasy with my wife. I was very scared that she wouldn't understand but Mistress A gave me all the tools and help I needed to be able to talk with my wife, and after our party was over she spent 20-30mins in the bar talking to me about how to have this conversation with my wife! My wife and I have now played with my fantasy multiple times and she finds it just as fun as I do, I hope that I can talk my wife into coming to Sheri's to learn from a true master of power play, but if not then I am forever grateful for the life changing experience that she gave me! I fully believe that meeting Mistress A saved my marriage, sex life, and has made my wife and I closer then ever! Thank you so very much Mistress for changing my life and allowing me to be a brand new, open, and happy man! Our time together has meant far more then any amount of money I could've given you!

review by Submissive Slave on 6/15/2014 12:14:22 AM

Submissive Slave gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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My regular date had to change her plans and be away, and I had already made my airline reservations, so I decided just to show up at Sheri's Ranch and hang out at the bar and take my chances.
The hostess escorted me into the bar, invited me to sit at a table, and said the girls would come over and visit with me. I saw a beautiful blonde sitting at the bar. I couldn't remember having seen her picture on the website. But too bad -- she was with a guy. I had to turn my thoughts elsewhere.
A beautiful young woman sat down with me. "Yes," I thought, "I would enjoy having sex with her." We chatted for a few minutes, and then she had to leave.
Then the beautiful blonde from the bar came over and sat with me. "I spotted you the minute I walked in this place," I said, "But I thought you were with a guy."
"He's just one of the locals," she said, implying that he was not a potential client.
She was more than just a beautiful blonde. She had that erotic sensitivity that I remembered from only a couple of other women in my life. I knew that she loved sex, was aroused very easily, and was super-sensitive to any kind of erotic pleasure.
She held my hand in hers and gently rubbed her thumb against mine. I could feel my penis start to rise. I didn't know anything about this woman as a person. Maybe she was really dumb. Maybe we two were totally incompatible. I didn't care. "I want YOU, " I said.
As it turns out, she is very intelligent. She graduated from high school at 15, and from college at 18, with a degree in Business. She owns three companies.
She is also compatible with me in many ways. She is dedicated to the truth. She believes in the spiritual, but not in religion. (See her story of the minister's son.) She is highly developed psychologically. She oozes with love, along with sexuality.
All this seemed too good to be true, so I asked her, "Do you mind if I am a little skeptical?"
No, she wouldn't mind, she said.
Even if none of this is true, it is a good enough performance to win an Academy Award. There is no way that I can NOT love this woman.
Half the fun of sex for me is to give my partner pleasure, but I have the stereotype implanted in my mind of Jane Fonda in "Klute," looking at her watch, and then saying, "I never cum with a John."
Angel totally shattered that stereotype when she said she had had a couple of orgasms. This was a huge ego trip for an old man like me. But she made it all plausible by saying, "I am in this business because I love sex."
I want to say "my" sweet Angel, because that's the way the songwriters have said it. But no -- who ever gave people the idea that love had to be exclusive? Love is infinite. Sweet Angel, may you give many men as much pleasure as you gave me, and may you find many men who will give you pleasure, until we meet again.
They don't give me enough stars to rate you.

Jay Walker

review by Jay Walker on 6/11/2014 10:40:31 AM

Jay Walker gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Being with a girl is not only about sex! It's everything. My first time at Sheris this weekend was amazing and I need to thank Angel for that!
We had a wonderful time together and she was great to bring me and to explain me everything.
I totally recommend her!
Angel, my angel, see you next time for sure! I hope that I can come back soon, maybe with my wife.

review by RP Engineer on 4/14/2014 10:57:34 PM

RP Engineer gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I come to Sheri's about once a year when I visit Las Vegas. I usually have a GFE with one girl but this year I had a girl girl fantasy that I wanted to experience for the first time (4/5/14). I talked to a couple of girls but couldn't get agreement on details. I spoke to the management for advice and they spoke to Angel who approached me. Angel was beautiful and I was excited about the possibilities. She talked to another lady ( I can't remember her name) and the three of us went off to the room. I explained the scenario and they were very understanding and agreed to role play with benefits.

The entire time went just as I imagined and I was fully satisfied with how it went. They were very enthusiastic and I will remember it for a lifetime.
Thanks Angel, for a dream come true. I'm sorry for not remembering the other lady's name.

If you are looking for a pretty, sensual choice, try Angel.

review by bill on 4/12/2014 6:05:13 PM

bill gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Angel, thank you for respecting our boundaries making my wife and I's threeway fantasy come true.

review by Anonymous on 4/10/2014 4:55:43 PM

Anonymous gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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My wife and I have had several couples parties at Sheri's with lots of different girls but Angel exceeded every expectation! After every party we have had my wife felt neglected and was a bit insecure but Angel made it a point to make my wife happy first and last! She focused on what my wife wanted and did her very best to make sure that she was comfortable and that no boundaries where overstepped. I was amazed and very exited to watch angel working hard to please my wife and make it fun for me as well, sge even taught my wife how to do a hot and cold blow job!! My wife and I are totally in love with angel and when we left my wife was so excited thinking of our party that she jumped on me when we got back to our room and we had some of the best sex we have ever had together in our 30yrs of marriage! I will be back and we will see Angel again and again! If you have ever wanted a threesome with your significant other do yourself a favor and try out angel first you won't be disappointed!!

review by Mark and Tracy on 1/1/2014 7:18:18 PM

Mark and Tracy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I have only been with one girl my whole life prior to meeting angel parr so I'm inexperienced but she was so nice and accommodating. After our party she spent 10-20 mins of her own time teaching me about how to please my girlfriend. She taught me how to go down on a women properly how to stay hard during a party and a few things to spice up my sec life at home! She did her best to work inside of my budget and I ended up only spending 100 over what I had expected for a great time. I can't imagine a better time then then what I had with angel and her girlfriend is very happy with what I learned, she helped me in my relationship and helped me teach my girlfriend a few things to keep our sex life exciting! She is so helpful, classy, sexy, talented, and eager to please. I don't have much experience and none with a professional to compare but I can't imagine a more perfect girl!

review by Angelsbiggestfan on 12/31/2013 6:53:15 PM

Angelsbiggestfan gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Totally amazed man banging body tightest working girl I've ever been with she gave me a cold Bj that blew my mind among with other things super sweet and the only girl I've met who is as classy as she is in the bar and as nasty as her in the bed if she would let me I would take her home to my mama and marry her

review by Dave on 12/29/2013 12:49:41 PM

Dave gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Just about any women can be an escort but to find a real courtesan is a rare experience. Angel brings absolutely everything to the table! She is smart, young, talented in many ways, sweet, compassionate, gentle, beautiful and even more then that she is very safe! There are many women that will put themselves at risk for more money so I was very impressed when she declined my offer of a higher priced party if I could go down on her without protection. I always ask and always refuse the party if the girl will accept but it is rare that I find a girl who will turn down 1000 so its not too often that I am able to enjoy. She was completely professional and honest which is something that I respect and look for. She had the most perfect "nether regions" that I have ever seen and felt it was easy to tell that she takes care of herself! I always try to balance my reviews out with good and bad points but honestly I can not think of one negative thing about the entire experience, she was a perfect 10 and more!

review by Will on 12/23/2013 3:25:01 AM

Will gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Nothing compares to the sensual touch of a beautiful women that makes you feel whole, it is simply priceless! In my days I have seen quite a few women that I thought where perfect 10s, then I had the pleasure of meeting Angel and realized what a perfect 10 truly is! Brains, beauty, and sensuality makes Angel a perfect party, she has amazing oral skills and even taught me a few things to try on my wife at home! It's easy to see that she really does enjoy her job and makes it so easy to relax. I was not too attracted to her photos online but the moment I saw her walk through the bar I got nervous like I was talking with a celebrity, she is absolutely stunning in person! Her bright blue eyes, soft skin, long legs, big soft chest, and perfect ass kept my attention all night, I don't even remember seeing another girl in the bar while I was talking with her! The best part about her is how understanding she is and how easy she is to work with, she may not be cheap but she is worth far more then she asks.

review by Lonelyman2000 on 12/18/2013 10:31:07 PM

Lonelyman2000 gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Angel Parr is the sweet southern belle you've always wanted to be with. She's sweet and friendly, with a hot fair skinned body. And she's as wild in the sack as I wanted her to be. She is a sexual superstar!

review by MyNameIsNotEarl on 12/3/2013 9:06:48 PM

MyNameIsNotEarl gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Hello, Angel is the best. I can say that she is friendly and helpful all the time. It is not just a hi and goodbye. Angel is the model that all the Ladies should strive to compare. She is helpful and friendly all the time and made my stay worthwhile. I observed her as being helpful to other customers in the general setting. She spent time in the general setting making customers feel like customers and not staying hidden away or secluded. Other Ladies were nice, but I would vote for Angel as the LADY OF THE YEAR if there was a contest, and as a matter of fact I nominate her to be the LADY OF THE YEAR. I had a great time and I will return for more visits. Thank you for the opportunity to input my comments.

M _ _ _ _ _

review by M----- on 12/2/2013 3:13:40 AM

M----- gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I have been to several brothels and partied with about 100-200 different ladies over the years, but I have never met any one as sensual as angel is, and I couldn't have fantasized a better party! She had the perfect body, a great attitude, and skills that make porn stars look like virgins. I've never been happier then with her long legs wrapped around me! She has the softest skin I've ever felt and her eyes are almost as captivating as her big soft boobs! She is by far the best looking women at the brothel and her beauty is only trumped by her intelligence and care. After talking for only 15 mins it was like we had known each other all our lives, and I was talking with a real friend! It easy to see that she truly enjoys what she does and it's not just another business transaction as it is with most of the girls I have partied with. She truly gives the real Gfe brothel experience, and after playing with her I will never party any where else but at Sherri's with my angel!

review by Peter on 11/28/2013 1:56:24 PM

Peter gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I met Angel at Sherri's on her first week and she was so amazing I had to come back for more! I have seen her 3 times now and will be back after the holidays. She so much sexier then her pics show and gives the best girlfriend experience ever! Smart sexy and fun makes her my new fav!

review by Angelfan on 11/20/2013 3:47:44 PM

Angelfan gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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It is an honor to finally write my first review. November 7th was a very lucky day. I had the privilege of sharing intimate time with Tiffany and Angel together at the same time in an amazing party at Sheri's Ranch. So many things must come together in order for such a magical experience to occur. You must have a safe and legal environment. You must have unfaltering respect. You must have two amazing ladies that get along, feel chemistry for each other, and share that chemistry with a very lucky gentleman, and that can be you, as it was with me.

At Sheri’s' ranch all of these things are real and can happen any day at any time. With Angel and Tiffany, this wonderful dream and fantasy can and has come true. These ladies were very kind to me. They were very attentive to my needs and desires. They both engaged dominant and submissive roles at the right times with a seamless flow of energy. They allowed me to lead the activities, and when I asked them to take over the lead; they got right to it, allowing a lot of switching back and forth between each other and what we all three wanted to do.

I admit I was a little nervous at first, being with such beautiful awesome ladies, and having my biggest party ever, but the priceless fulfillment was more than worth the cost. They both helped me feel very comfortable through the whole experience from introduction, to negotiation, to a wonderful experience, and to a farewell for now hope to see you again soon. We all three were very respectful in the way we spoke to each other and with activity boundaries and comfort levels. Tiffany and Angel were so pleasant that they made me feel at ease, very happy, and very lucky.

I have now partied with these ladies both one on one, and together. I promise that those experiences were quite magical. One indication of the best parties with ladies is not only that you want to do it again, but you find a way, and you make it happen. This is what I have done and will continue to do as long as I am breathing. I encourage you to check out the schedules for Angel and Tiffany on this website and party with them together and individually for awesome encounters that you will repeat, and never forget!

review by Mosheh / on 11/8/2013 8:07:56 PM

Mosheh / gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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