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I traveled out to the ranch a couple of days ago and having never been to a brothel I was quite nervous. After getting thru the front door and being greeted by the hostess . I asked for and was given the basic rundown of how things work. I decided that going in to the bar and letting the girls introduce themselves one at a time might be better for me? Well I guess I was headed to the bar? But I was also looking around at some of the girls in the room. Then I saw a cute dark haired girl sitting in a booth and I just went over and sat down. Crissy ... Wow! We talked for just a short bit ( As I am pathetic when it comes to women! ) then her little hand grabbed mine and we where off for the tour. I was kind of in daze thru the tour so when we got to the end, I asked if we could just go to her room so we could talk about what we would be getting up too! Once we got the negotiation out of the way and also having her do her best to make me feel comfortable I was starting to relax. I was really nervous and Crissy was great about it! Once we got started she made me feel like I was with someone I already knew just a little. Exciting and a little awkward like the first time (of course) but still comfortable. That was perfect for me and really enjoyed my time with her and was on top of the world the rest of day! I can't thank Crissy enough!!! She made a lonely guy feel great for a little wile and I'll be thinking about my visit for a long time! So cute and beautiful, sexy and sweet. Wow!!!

review by Rob on 1/27/2015 7:16:41 PM

Rob gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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