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My girlfriend and I came to Sheri's looking to have a fun experience with someone who could make us both comfortable and Morrigan did not disappoint. She was super sweet and funny and wasn't put off by our awkwardness. We had a genuine conversation with her and she made the experience a memorable one. She's an awesome and awesomely sexy lady.

review by E & J on 9/22/2018 5:32:15 PM

E & J gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I recently saw both Morrigan and Bunnie and the experience was the highlight of my life. Morrigan is smart, silly, goofy, runs into plants, is easy to talk to, genuinely wants to please and made me feel there was no one else she’d rather be with. I can’t image a better experience. When she was close to me she would look into my eyes and smile in a way I can’t describe. I felt genuine joy and love. I just can’t find the words to describe Morrigan other than perfect. Being with her was a life changing experience. I came home a new man. I never thought writing a review would make me emotional, but I’ll never be with a better woman.

review by Bobby on 7/17/2018 2:53:25 PM

Bobby gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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In my third visit to the ranch and my third time partying with Morrigan I have to say she never disappoints. Morrigan has the body of a model and the mind of a valedictorian. How often do you see a licensed attorney working at a brothel? The answer of course is not often, but Morrigan is special and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to spend time with a energetic, quirky and nerdy provider.

review by ML on 5/13/2018 7:51:14 PM

ML gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Morrigan. She met me in the bar and immediately was friendly and complimentary. She always made sure that I was comfortable and enjoying the experience. The experience itself was like a little piece of heaven on Earth. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women I've ever met, but she's sweet, affectionate, and highly intelligent. I would highly recommend that anyone who goes to Sheri's should do so to meet Morrigan.

review by TurtleExistence on 4/4/2018 5:39:23 PM

TurtleExistence gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Absolutely AMAZING AND DELIGHTFUL! It was my first time there and Morrigan made every second of my experience blissful. When I first saw her she had the most beautiful smile that I could look at forever and never get satiated. I was completely taken aback by her gorgeous and awe-inspiring beauty. And MY GOD those long sexy legs and perfect body has to be from heaven, don't remember how many times I kept saying how beautiful she is. Had a truly enjoyable experience.

Thank you Morrigan, you are an absolutely wonderful woman . Can't wait to see you again.

review by Al on 3/12/2018 12:23:04 PM

Al gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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If you're looking to fall in love in a den if iniquity, you've found your girl.

Unfortunately, I wasn't looking for that. I fall in love with everything beautiful and I came to a brothel to show myself I was capable of no-strings-attached fun, pleasure without attachment. I told myself I would sleep with the first girl who talked to me, no matter who it was. Unfortunately, that first girl was Morrigan.

I knew I was fucked as soon as she held my hand. No pun intended. She's sweet and coy and memorable, shamelessly sexual and sweet and shy. I found everything I was looking for in a person and nothing I was looking for in a meaningless tryst. I won't be back. I think.

review by Just another dumb guy on 3/10/2018 1:27:06 PM

Just another dumb guy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I'd never been in before. Chatting before I made an appointment, Morrigan told me it'd only be a little bit awkward and weird for like five to seven minutes and then the ice is broken. After a nervous first five to seven minutes, I can't think of anyone with whom I've been more comfortable. She's interesting and smart and sweet and of course gorgeous. It was an absolutely amazing experience.

review by I. on 2/14/2018 11:49:42 PM

I. gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Lets keep it short...radiant, haunting, compelling. Plus those abs came from somewhere. I'll save up for a longer session next time.

review by JD in LA on 2/6/2018 11:38:54 AM

JD in LA gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Life... is not measured by the number of BREATHS you take, but by the MONENTS that take your breath away!
I don't know the author of this quote, but it perfectly describes Morrigan!
On Monday morning when she walked into the bar, I could see how beautiful she is. Beautiful face and smile, long hair and an incredible body. Her pictures are very accurate.
When I walked out of the shower, and saw her standing beside her bed, she completely took my breath away! All I could say was "WOW".
Once I started breathing again, talking with her was easy. Extremely intelligent, funny and caring. She was interested in who I was and what I liked, to enhance our time together.
If you're thinking of spending time with Morrigan, I highly recommend her.
Treat this lady right, respect her boundaries, and she will fulfill your dreams and desires!
I left with memories that will last a lifetime. Someday I hope to see her again.
Thank you Morrigan.

review by The guy from Iowa on 11/30/2017 5:11:37 PM

The guy from Iowa gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had a two-girl party with Morrigan and Terra (both of whom are incredibly funny, smart and beautiful!) on Friday, 11/24, and the best way to describe it would be... phenomenal! I was a bit nervous with this being my first time at a brothel, but they both made me feel at ease. Morrigan and Terra are very friendly and easy to talk to, along with having good senses of humor and both have a wonderful laugh. They were both playful and sensual at the same time and indsecribably enjoyable to be with.

Morrigan and Terra certainly know their way around the body and they both possess remarkable skill at pleasuring someone. Watching and being with the two of them together was mind-blowing and they have incredible sexual chemistry with each other. It's easy to tell they enjoy what they do (which I was the lucky recipient of) and what they were doing to each other. I was happy to be part of this delightful threesome and along with being one of the most enjoyable encounters I've ever had, Morrigan and Terra took me on pleasurable journey that was second-to-none. If you're looking to have a two-girl party, Morrigan and Terra are the ideal duo to experience it with!

review by MT on 11/29/2017 12:35:02 AM

MT gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Doe eyes, a coy smile, and a heart big enough to break your heart. Morrigan took me by surprise. Its definitely worth taking the time to get her to open up a little and to let her get inside your head. She gave me everything I didn't know I wanted in a brothel visit.

Thank you Morrigan for an experience I won't forget.

review by Adam on 11/5/2017 6:18:39 PM

Adam gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Morrigan was understanding and easy to be with. I will definitely see her again, and recommend her to anyone.

review by Anthony on 9/11/2017 7:47:04 PM

Anthony gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Morrigan was amazing and truly understanding of me. I can't wait to see her again.

review by Super Nerd Paul on 6/4/2017 6:31:48 PM

Super Nerd Paul gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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It was my first trip to a brothel and Morrigan made it a blast. We talked at the bar for a few minutes then proceeded to take a quick tour of the facilities. After about 5 minutes of negotiations on what would go down and for how much(told her I was on a budget and she worked with me), we went to the office to pay. From there I had the time of my life(even learned some new things).

Really appreciated how clean and welcoming the ranch was. Their rules on testing and cleanliness are outstanding.

The next time I'm in Vegas, I will definitely be going back for more. Only being about an hour away from the strip, it is completely worth the drive.

Thanks Morrigan and Sherri's Ranch for a great Saturday afternoon.

review by Nick on 6/4/2017 5:23:27 AM

Nick gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Morrigan is a goddess. She is a fairy queen with a magical presence. She fulfilled my deepest fantasy and I am so glad I saw her. Beyond glad. Thank you.

review by a man in love on 6/3/2017 7:47:35 PM

a man in love gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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When I first gazed upon Morrigan's profile I was immediately hooked by her tall and slender frame, radiant smile, long beautiful hair and smooth looking skin. So when I made my first trip to Sheri's I was both excited and nervous at the same time. Thankfully Morrigan put my nerves to ease. She is absolutely stunning in real life as she is in her photos with a quirky sense of humor and a wicked smile.

We started off chatting in the bar where we had a lively discussion of a wide range of topics and then we ventured over to her room where the fun began. In all honesty I was a bit of a nervous wreck when we first started off, but being a consumate professional she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed as the minutes went by. When all said and done I ended up having a blast with Morrigan in our first encounter.

Subsequently the following night I decided to arrange another party with Morrigan, this time in one of the VIP bungalows. To say the least my time with her in the bungalow was even a greater experience than the one we had in her room the previous day. To sum it all up, Morrigan is absolutely worth your time and money. She has model looks with a nerdy sense of humor and if you treat her with respect, she'll work hard enough to make you want to come back for more.

review by Michael on 6/1/2017 7:57:17 PM

Michael gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Supermodel lawyer that looks like an elvish princess, talks like a sailor and a professor, smiles like that girl that got away back in college, moves like a dancer, and fucked like a tantric lover and a heathen porn star in two separate sessions.

Charmed the pants off me. I'll be back.

review by Jake on 5/31/2017 2:12:16 PM

Jake gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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This woman is AMAZING!!! This was my first experience at the ranch, so I booked some time with her after seeing her profile. I was intrigued by what she wrote in her profile, and by how stunning she looked in her photos.

Being my first time there I was a bit nervous. When we met I was completely taken away on how beautiful this woman was. Tall, long dark hair, dark doe eyes, and a heart warming smile. We chatted at the bar for a bit before going back to her room, and was really drawn to her sense of humor.

She is very accommodating, and an amazingly sweet person. She is well worth your time.

review by Anonymous on 5/26/2017 11:31:09 AM

Anonymous gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Morrigan took my breath away. As soon as I saw her online, I knew I had to meet her. I was intimidated at first, but when she smiled at me and started cracking jokes, my anxiety melted away. She knew how to immediately make me feel comfortable, and that's not something I often experience with courtesans. With her perfect hair and teeth like a military cemetery, everything about her was perfect.

I know she looks stunning in her photos. You'd have to be blind to not see that. But what you may not know is that her beauty is even more overwhelming in person. Her figure is so unrealistically perfect, it looks as though she was designed in a computer. On top of that, she is incredibly smart. I found discussing everything from abstract philosophy to fart jokes easy with her.

Morrigan isn't just an exceptional courtesan; she's an exceptional human being. Meeting someone like her is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I cannot sing this beautiful lady's praises highly enough. If I could give higher than five stars, I would. Morrigan, thank you for the wonderful time, and I can't wait to see you again!

review by Cecil on 3/17/2017 7:42:26 PM

Cecil gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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An Ecstatic Experience

My visit to Sheri’s ranch was a present from my husband, who know that I very much want to explore my attraction to other women. As a first time client I was incredibly nervous when I went got to Sheri’s Ranch, bur Morrigan made my visit an amazing experience (Perhaps especially, because many online tips and review are written by male clients). When first meeting Morrigan she did a wonderful job reading my nervous energy and she put me at easy. She was friendly, funny, and answered all of my questions before going back to her room.

Morrigan is an enthusiastic lover and easy to communicate with. Her confidence and intelligence add to her physical beauty. I promise that the half-hidden face in her pictures is just as lovely as the rest of her. I loved having her touch and fuck me, and getting to put my own hands on her body was heavenly. We spent a long session together and at no point did she ever seem disengaged or tired. She brought me to ecstasy over and over again. Not only did I leave with a sense of euphoria, but I was still feeling like I was walking on clouds the next day. My husband loved hearing me describe night with Morrigan and my experience with her has fueled many fantasies since then.

Thank you Morrigan!

review by Betty on 2/14/2017 4:30:23 PM

Betty gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I dare you to hold this woman against you, to look into her eyes and listen to her talk about her world, and not love her a little.

Huge, dark, doe eyes, coy smiles, and a presence that shifted from demure to daring. Morrigan had a quick wit and conversation with her was delightful. The breadth and depth of her knowledge was something to behold.

The party itself was as intense as she was sweet. I spent a few hours with Morrigan, and while this was my first visit to a brothel, it won't be my last. Catching her again on her schedule is going to be a challenge, but it's worth it.

review by Bryan on 1/3/2017 5:04:55 AM

Bryan gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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My wife and I had the pleasure of spending time with Morrigan right after Christmas. Three words: Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. We had a great time and it went by all too fast. Morrigan did a fabulous job of listening and catering to our needs. She can be as naughty or as nice as you want her to be. Whether man, woman or a couple, you won't go wrong with Morrigan.

review by M and M on 1/2/2017 6:43:04 PM

M and M gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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There is so many good things to say about Morrigan where to begin is difficult. As her pictures show she has a slender build. She is very tall, all of 5'11 and that is without her heels on which make her even taller. Her height may be intimidating to some initially but she will quickly put you at ease with her smile that can light up a room and ability to make even a overly nervous guy like myself feel relaxed. She is without a doubt intelligent so if you like your girls a bit on the dull side I would look elsewhere. I personally think she is hilarious as well, there were a few times she had me cracking up. Morrigan has a way of looking at you that makes you feel sexy, not as sexy as her but still. For those wondering, like I was before I saw her, she is quite pretty, stunning really. Her stare is playfully sexy and ever so inviting. Yet with her dark brown eyes it felt like she can stare right into your soul and grabbing a hold of you, pulling you closer without even laying a finger on you. And on top of all her great traits previously mentioned she genuinely seems to enjoy her work. To be honest I had trouble believing her at first when she told me she loved her job but the more time I spent with her the more genuine it seemed. I can honestly say that it was an absolute pleasure to have meet her and enjoyed her company.

So in closing if you are looking at girls and are between picking Morrigan or another girl(s) I would highly recommended going with Morrigan.

review by Kory on 12/22/2016 10:29:13 PM

Kory gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Just recently I had the pleasure of meeting Morrigan. I had read her profile on the website beforehand and knew that she was the one I wanted to spend some time with.

I was oh so right! On first sight she has it all - beautiful long hair, a smile that melts your heart, legs that go on and on, and eyes that you can look into forever. Getting to know her, you find that not only does she have those oh so desirable looks, but a wonderful sense of humor and a great education. And after going back to her room, I also found out how passionate she is.

After our first party, I found that once is not with Morrigan, and we had another the next day.

If you find that Morrigan's combination of beauty, intelligence, sense of humor and passion are not enough, I seriously doubt you'll ever be able to find a woman that meets you expectations.

review by Paul on 12/20/2016 6:45:01 AM

Paul gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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She’s smart, sexy, and smoldering, and she's beyond sincere about truly making the liaison enjoyably fun and memorable. I highly recommend spending time with her if one has the opportunity because it will definitely be a tremendous experience.

review by JB on 12/19/2016 11:01:06 PM

JB gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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t is fitting that Morrigan is the Irish goddess of the battlefield, and death, for Morrigan Eris' battlefield is the bed, and she rules it with an intensity I have not felt before. I may have died from joy last night, Le petite Mort, and I could not be happier.

She lured me, like a nymph, demure and coy. I chased her thoroughly until she had led me to her domain. There I witnessed revelation after revelation. Her smoldering eyes destroyed me; her soft sighs and sharp nails made me delirious.

But it is her mind, above all else, that reveals a modern muse and companion. I spent those slow hours speaking with her about all manner of things. and for the party itself, I'm not sure I've seen someone so intense, so present, in all my time. I challenge you to look into her eyes, as she enjoys her beautiful agony, and be able to look away.

I could not.

If you are lucky enough to be present during one of her visits to the ranch, you owe it to yourself to buy her a drink, and look into her eyes, and offer yourself up onto the alter of her battlefield.

review by holyground on 12/18/2016 6:17:39 PM

holyground gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos and discord. It's also a dwarf planet beyond Pluto. Morrigan is a figure from Irish mythology. Ergo, if you're expecting an ordinary sexual encounter with this woman, you're in the wrong room, pal!

If you think her 5'11" frame is intimidating in the bar, just wait till you're alone. Shower her with gifts and she'll inundate you with, well, chaos, discord and unpredictability. Look at that smile, peer into her deep brown eyes. Surely she has a soft side, yes? Maybe. Maybe not.

She's quite adept at role-playing, even to the point of memorizing the script I'd sent her. We also did one thing on her menu I'd never done before. I'll leave you to wonder what it was; her skill at that was extremely practiced, almost eerily so. One final point: if you think her feminine wiles will only lure you into her grasp once, you are sadly mistaken, my friend.

review by William on 12/5/2016 11:02:33 PM

William gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Morrigan and it was the best night of my entire life! After reading Morrigan’s profile on Sheri’s website I decided to speak with her on Twitter to see about the possibility of meeting her during my vacation. After the very first message I knew I had to meet this lovely woman and changed my travel dates to ensure it happened. She is very intelligent and a great conversationalist.

When she first walked into the bar to greet me I felt as if my jaw hit the floor. Words could not describe her beauty, nor could her pictures ever live up to her in person. In my eyes, she is perfect in every way (inside and out). She has a smile that you can not resist (and a devilish grin you can’t wait to see again).

I won’t say much about the amazing night we spent together, for those details are for her and I alone, but what I will say is that her warm embrace is not easily forgotten and will leave a lasting memory. If you have the chance to meet Morrigan you should do so or live in regret of missing an amazing experience. If I ever have the opportunity to see her again, I would do so in an instant.

review by Drayzen_ on 10/31/2016 2:43:46 PM

Drayzen_ gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I thought for what feels like a long time about whether or not I should write a review at all, since anything cursory would be a disservice to the experience and anything genuine would amount to a love letter to an escort I've met once. That happens, right? I can't be alone.

This was my first visit to a brothel. My wife passed a while back and I wanted someone to make me feel whole for a while. Morrigan did. I had never heard the name Morrigan before, so I Googled it after meeting her. It's as Irish as she says she is. The Morrigan was a seductress and a war goddess who inspired courage or fear in men. It fits her. Another reviewer here called her a sparkly fairy princess. That fits her too.

First, and least importantly, her appearance: if Anne Hathaway was a little bit taller and a little bit prettier, you would have Morrigan. Her skin is soft and very white, with pale freckles splashed across her cheeks. Everything about her is long: long legs, long torso, long hair.

You know how in cooking, you want a little acid and a little spice to balance out the sweetness in a dish? That's Morrigan. Her smile is disarming and taffy-sweet but she's got some bite to her. She's a little bit dark, more than a little bit haunting, and those dark eyes were hypnotic when she wrapped her arms around my waist and tipped her chin back to take my breath away. Not kissing her took every bit of willpower I had. She held me while I confided in her and when she knelt in front of me, I saw stars. She moved like a dancer and was darkly feminine and intensely sexual without ever losing that bubbly charm that drew me to her in the bar to begin with.

This woman will speak her mind and had a tongue like a bullwhip when the spirit moved her, but for all that naked honesty, I have never met anyone gentler or more compassionate. She's articulate, unusually well-spoken, and clever. I would have talked to her for days if I could have afforded the time. After all of these weeks, her smile is what I can't forget. I can't afford to come back and see her any time soon, but our first meeting is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Morrigan -- be well, keep smiling, and I hope you blush when you read this.

review by Anonymous on 10/23/2016 9:21:53 PM

Anonymous gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I selected Morrigan based on her photos, bio, what she caters to, and reviews. I met her and was blown away with her beauty - ivory skin, long brown hair, beautiful face, and fantastic body. Tall, lean, and sexy! Another reviewer said she looks like a movie star and she does - only taller! I told her who I thought she looked like and she said she's been told that numerous times. Her personality is even better. I was a little nervous and she put me at ease with her charm and friendliness. We had a great time talking to each other and trading jokes. The time we spent together was also amazing. She is open minded and a lot of fun. I highly recommend her for her beauty, grace, and the sheer shagadellic experience we had.

review by Brian on 10/19/2016 10:21:01 PM

Brian gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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She is prettier than you could ever imagine looking at her pictures. She talked to me like I am an old friend with an always-cute smile on her face. She is smart, friendly and has a seductive body. This is the first time I ever had a GFE with a stranger who enjoyed our moment together more than I did.

I usually don't write reviews online but this was such a memorable time I had with her which I can never forget and made me give a good feedback. Thanks for a wonderful experience. See you soon...

review by Prash on 8/7/2016 10:33:19 PM

Prash gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Although my time spent with Morrigan was brief due to my own incompetence, It will still remain the greatest experience of my life to date. As my first time Its something I will always cherish mostly because of how wonderful she made our moment together. She is a true goddess of seductive sensuality unrivaled in beauty or wit. She is kind, compassionate and very skilled in attending to your individual needs all while making you feel appreciated for your own beauty. She instills confidence in those without as she managed to calmed the storm that thrashed inside my heart. As my anxiety swelled she would push it back so when I was with her It felt like there were no other person in the world. Thank you for a wonderful evening Morrigan. Hope all goes well until our next meeting.

review by Jeff on 8/6/2016 1:47:32 PM

Jeff gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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My husband and I decided to fulfill a long time fantasy by heading out to Pahrump and engaging in a threesome. I've never been with a woman, and neither of us have ever had a threesome nor hired a sex partner.

Some research led us to Sheri's, as it looked like the best of the friendly, safe and legal options. We were not disappointed. The ladies at Sheri's were even more beautiful than their pictures, and it was very much a smorgasbord of delightful options. (Shout out to the very hot and engaging Becky Lynn, who took us on a tour,,, I wish we could have gotten to know you better as well...)

On to Morrigan. She caught my husband's eye right away. She is very close to 6 feet tall and has the appearance and grace of a supermodel. If you are a cynic and had any concern that some of the ladies elect not to show their faces in their online photos, I assure you that it is solely to preserve their anonymity. Morrigan is at student at university, and is so beautiful in person that it's impossible not to feel a little giddy in her presence. She has doe-like eyes, creamy alabaster skin and astonishingly soft skin and hair. She bears a very strong resemblance to a famous actress, but I'm going to support her bid for anonymity by not telling you which one. :p

Morrigan was instantly likeable, friendly and down to earth. I would say she had a lovely Girl Next Door quality, but if you know a neighbourhood where impossibly beautiful goddesses who are fiercely intelligent, witty, astonishingly hot and sexually adventurous, Morrigan probably resides there.... And I'd really like to know the zip code.

You probably didn't read this review seeking an excellent conversationalist, but Morrigan was nearly as fun to speak with as she was to fulfill our three some fantasy. And yes, that part was all that we expected and more. She was friendly, down to earth, expertly skilled in providing pleasure, made the most adorable sounds and facial expressions and made the experience unforgettable. She is very down to earth, made us feel effortlessly comfortable and then equally effortlessly made the experience scorchingly hot.

I wanted to get this review in quickly, as Morrigan is only there for a limited engagement at the moment and it would be a shame if you missed her. I described her as a sparkly fairy princess, and I didn't feel as though I was exaggerating.

Morrigan, I hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoy great success in your field of study when you graduate. Meanwhile, I think you for making our experience easy, perfect and once in a lifetime.

review by Samantha on 7/28/2016 6:13:46 PM

Samantha gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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