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I cannot believe how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to showcase and share my talents at a place of unparalleled class and sophisticated refinement you will find at Sheri's Ranch. In my capacity as a legal courtesan I am able to offer only the very best of me to what I know are the best customers anywhere.

I offer the full range of scintillating sexual entertainments from GFE/PSE, Sensual Lover, to powerful domination. Bondage, BDSM, role playing, fetishes. I guide and teach the curious and lead the experienced. New to this world? I will take the lead and you follow as I guide you through a world of sight and sensation. You'll find me everything and anything you could hope and dream for. The generous men in my life have lavished me with their knowledge of themselves, knowing I am an astute pupil, talented, and a quick learner. Come with me and be the beneficiary of my lifetime in the sensual arts.

Of the many aspects of spending time with me one truly is outstanding. I have been bestowed with a gift of extraordinary qualities. My clit, everyone, is of a size, shape and proportion that has been known to cause wonder and astonishment. I have been told my unshaven mons is world class. Perfectly shaped, sculpted by the hand of nature, and sensitive beyond reckoning, this magic bud of pleasure is the key that will take us to the pinnacle of ecstasy.

I am so very much looking forward to getting to each and every one of you very well.

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My Best Feature: My out going personality, I am a lot of fun and I love and live to laugh

My favorite position: face down, face to face, spoons and 68 wink wink

My favorite toy(s): That's easy I have broken so orb or vibrating egg if you will. My strap on too!

My favorite sport(s): The Fights then The Races, of course Football, Hockey, Golf, Soccer, The Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics, Bicycling, Motor Bikes, lol. Boxing and Rugby.

My favorite color(s): Gold and the others Lately its Sour Apple Green then many greens, all colors and my mother said I look the best in Red and you can never go wrong with Black!

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: On the California Zephir going East surrounded by people unaware...I hope...!

Language(s) I speak: English and American Sign language. Enough Spanish to get into trouble and out, ....maybe. I have studied German, French and a wee bit of Norwegian. Currently I am learning Swedish (very slowly) and I would like to learn to speak Dutch, Japanese, Chinese and Korean

My fantasy: My favorite is sex in a glass elevator in a big fancy hotel where the elevator is in the big atrium, I am wearing a skirt and you. In the mean time I'm living the dream right here.

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My height: 5 feet 0 inch

My current weight: 133

My current hair-color: Brown

My eye color is: Blue

My current stats are: 34C 26 34

I am: Caucasian

My current age is: 58

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August 2017 - November 2017
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