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Welcome to my secret sacred bordello. I invite you to unlock and unleash your deepest fantasies....explore and experience your hidden desires at this glorious desert oasis. I am thrilled to spend time at Sheri's Ranch hosting those who find themselves aroused and captivated by the stories of ancient societies in which the worship of the sensual divine feminine was celebrated in the rituals of sensual pleasure that took place with the high priestesses in the sacred goddess temples.

I am a body-worker, somatic healer, lust alchemist, sensual entrepreneur, webcam and foot fetish model, independent pornographer, phone sex seductress, exotic erotic dancer, and tantric yogini.
I've dreamed of holding sensual lust blessings in a brothel setting from the moment I understood what it was. I am incredibly honored to be here. Pleasure is my birthright. I am not an ordinary woman. I'm not the type who was born to be with one man exclusively and to live life catering only to his sexual needs.
My sexual energy is a force of nature. I was born to help mankind through the power of my insatiable lust for orgasmic release.

I encourage all to come to me to quench your erotic yearnings through my ripe juicy body and my volcanic orgasmic eruptions over and over and over again. I will gently teach and guide you in the ways of pleasure as you bask in my ultra-orgasmic body flowing over you like warm ocean waves. If this is your first sexual experience, I am so honored to share the moment in which your virgin girth fills my sweet warm wet pussy.

One of my favorite anointing rituals takes place in our Nuru massage room. This Japanese inspired dojo is the perfect place to be anointed in my gushing, squirting Amrita Nectar.
Reawaken your sensual soul in erotic baptism.

I love role playing in our themed room with stage and stripper pole. There IS sex in THIS champagne room!!! Feast your eyes upon my body slowly floating over you, my fingers stimulating your flesh, and feeling the heat of my sacred spot opening over you like a butterfly beckoning you inside. The rhythm of lust will rouse and and seduce your sensual soul. You will never be the same.
If your ready to take your dance to the next level, I will finish with a happy healing cock massage. I will milk out every last drop of pent up lust.

If you are a foot/shoe connoisseur, you may kneel before your benevolent glorious Goddess. Caress, Kiss, massage my high arches and soft soles. When you prove your worthiness by bringing me to the heights of pleasure with your touch...I will then grant you the privilege of my rubbing and tugging toes all over your hard shaft.

I invite you to join me in our Dubai themed bungalow for a Sultans bath in my dead sea salt mineral bath. Release you aches and cleanse from the confines of the non-sensual world and melt into my salacious realm. Let your cock bobs up and down as my silky flesh swims around you like a mermaid beckoning you into my enchanting waters.
After we enjoy a royal steak and lobster dinner, I will draw you into my lecherous bed. Slather my voluptuous body with delicious edible coconut oil as your naked body and hard rod graze my sumptuous curves. I love feeling you throb and pulse against me. Melt into my flesh as you worship your Goddess.
Fetish fantasy dream role play with me as your goddess is appropriately facilitated in our "Adult Playland". Attend my 'Jerk off instruction academy'. Let's play office with you reporting in to please your Goddessboss. Or perhaps we meet in the sauna or steam room and end up naked in the locker room with you worshiping the sweat glazedbody of your Goddess. ! I gush instantly as you share with me your secret desires. Thank you for enjoying my erotic bio! I look forward to your emails and meeting you in real time!

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My Best Feature: my sensual soul, erotic imagination, sumptuous buttocks, buxom breast .

My favorite position: reverse cowgirl .

My favorite toy(s): renegade anal plug .

My favorite sport(s): bull riding .

My favorite color(s): gold.

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: barn with 3 Cowboys .

Language(s) I speak: English.

My fantasy: see my about me for an instant erection .

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My height: 5 feet 3 inch

My current weight: 130

My current hair-color: Brown

My eye color is: Hazel

My current stats are: 36DD 29 42

I am: Various

My current age is: 34

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January 2018 - April 2018
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