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Me*lis”sa, n, a feminine name: dim. Missy; Mel; Sweet; Outgoing; Honest; Easy to talk to; Girl next door; Acronym: MELISSA: My Entire Life Is Spent Striving Ahead.

I am your nomadic bohemian girl next door with an enigmatic twist. Sarcastic, warm, quirky, eccentric, lascivious, and all around good old fashioned fun to be around. A lustful inamorata, and very passionate about everything I do. Demure. Alluring. Enchanting. A coy smile lights up lucid my black eyes. I am easy going, responsive, and easy to please. I want a person who knows what they want (me!), goes after it, and takes it again and again (and again). I am a sensational bombshell who is a whirlwind of fun both in and out of bed. Like an import car I am built for speed, and pleasure. Sex is a method of self expression I openly embrace, and any inhibition you have will come off with your clothes. I will stimulate you mind and body — never forget, the brain is the largest sex organ and if you aren't a sapiosexual will be. I will unleash the animalistic passion built up in your mind and drain it from your body. I will provide a temporary escape from your reality and you will completely forget anything else exists besides you, me, and the moment we're in. The phrase "mindless sex" is not in my dictionary. Only "mindblowing adventures" and "full body orgasms".

I stand 5'5'', wear a size 2, and a 32GG. A hedonistic epicurean, I devote a lot of time to sculpting my mind and body. I studied abroad, both living in the UK and Canada. By trade I am a digital fine artist, a painter, a sculptor, a web developer, and a (mostly retro) gamer. I own every Nintendo console except the GameCube, every XBox, and a PS2 and 3. I'm old fashioned — I have a penchant for black and white television, a simpler time. I still build my own computers (I prefer Linux), only own manual vehicles, and don't own a cell phone. I prefer to spend the majority of life in the real. With a screen based career, I prefer my hobbies be in things like hiking, camping, art, and driving. My life's passion is hands on outreach work. I have a rich travel background and have tried to use these experiences to build on myself as a person and do more for others. Our lives are a spec of dust, and blip on the radar. What we do for others is what measures our impact on this world. What, did you think I just fuck? I mean, I'd love to...but I'm a multifaceted experience and adventure, so grab on and enjoy the ride!

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My Best Feature: I would have to say it's my expansive travel background and variety of experiences, jobs, and training. It has made me a well rounded person and seasoned lover. If you mean best feature physically, well I have 32GGs that don't move when the bra comes off. Enough said?

My favorite position: I love being folded in half, literally. My feet tuck nicely behind my head (or yours). Doggie is a close second..

My favorite toy(s): I have some paddles and vibrators. Honestly, I'm more into people than I am objects! Your hands, mouth, and cock suit me fine.

My favorite sport(s): To watch? CFL, College Football, Curling, Darts, Poker, Starcraft 2, Gymnastics, Diving. To play? I bowl. Or rather, I used to bowl. I retired when I got my implants with a best score of 270.

My favorite color(s): Phthalocyanine Blue.

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: I was living in London that year and decided I was going to do it in a train bathroom. I had my ass in the sink and it worked out lovely, except we almost missed our stop.

Language(s) I speak: English, Pig Latin, Sarcasm.

My fantasy: An overnight in the 60s bungalow completely with pizza, pyjamas, and a pillow fight. There will also be lingerie, lusting, and hot lovin!

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My height: 5 feet 5 inch

My current weight: 120

My current hair-color: Red

My eye color is: Black

My current stats are: 32G 24 36

I am: Various

My current age is: 27

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October 2018 - January 2019
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