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Las Vegas is the escort capital of the United States. No city advertises the companionship of female providers as voluminously or as overtly as Vegas. A visitor can easily become overwhelmed by the seemingly endless choices of available companions. How can a guy possibly make an informed decision on the best possible escort? The answer can be found in reviews written by actual clients of escorts.

Las Vegas Area Verified Escort Reviews

Let’s face it guys. If you’re looking for an escort, you’re really looking for a prostitute, a woman who provides quality sexual services in exchange for money. Since prostitution isn’t legal in Las Vegas, escort agencies and independent escorts operate illegally and often trick roll unsuspecting customers or use bait and switch tactics to falsely advertise their services. 

Luckily, there is a legitimate option for pay-for-play sex in the Las Vegas area. Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel, provides verified reviews of licensed sex workers, complete with photos and star ratings. These unbiased reviews are the real deal, written by customers who actually had sex with Sheri’s authenticated escorts.

Escort Reviews - Reviewed Prostitute Escorts Near Las Vegas

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.... I met Mandi back in July before I left for a working holiday to Australia. She was extremely attractive. Starting with her stunning looks and to top it off, her personality and smile. She is....


I just spent 3 days at Sherri's Ranch, most of it with the beautiful Chloe, and it was the best Christmas vacation I've had since I was in school. The bungalows are a great place to eat and warm up for the nights activities. The bar is friendly and...


I was a first timer, and this is my way of contributing back to all the reviews that helped me take flight. I found all the previous reviews on CharinaLee to be accurate and helpful. Especially the two guys who wrote about feeling they...


Deciding that I would visit Sheri's Ranch during my next trip to Vegas, I went on their website looking for the perfect woman to have my virgin brothel experience with. As I began browsing the ladies I was struck by the beauty...


This review is meant as a warning to anyone who reads reviews about Amber Lynn! If you visit Sheri's Ranch, of which I would highly recommend, and you choose the lovely Miss Amber, you should heed the following warning...


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No premium access or membership fees required to read our prostitution reports. Our Las Vegas area escort and Nevada brothel reviews section allows users to rate ladies based on sexual services rendered. Read up now on your favorite lady’s reviews.

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Go to the weekly lineup and click on any of the ladies that strike your interest. Each lady’s page has a review section that gives potential customers insight into the type of sexual experience that the prostitute is known for. From the lady’s page, you can also view her statistics, including height, weight, breast size, hair color (blond, brunette, redhead), and race (Black, White, Asian, Latina, Eastern European). A customer can view accurate, representative, and recent pics of these Las Vegas area escorts and message them directly from the prostitute’s profile.  

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