Map to Nevada Brothels


  • Stardust Ranch
Ely is a city of 5000 in eastern Nevada. Brothels have operated in the Ely community for over 100 years. They did not become legal until 1959, when the Ely city council passed an ordinance that restricted the red-light district to an area on the outskirts of the city, near the railroad tracks. At one time the brothels extended three blocks and had more than 400 working ladies; but in recent years only the Stardust, Green Lantern, and Big Four have been active. The Green Lantern and Big Four closed a couple years ago. The Stardust was nearly shut down in August 1999 after the city council voted 3-2 to close down to the brothel. The mayor vetoed the city council because of the economic benefits from tourists, customers, and brothel employees.

Today the Stardust is the only brothel that is still open. It is a small house that rarely has more than four women working at a given time. It offers a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere. The owner of the Stardust Ranch bought the Big Four, but has no plans to reopen it.
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