Map to Nevada Brothels

Brothels near Las Vegas

  • Sheri's Ranch
  • Chicken Ranch
  • Alien Cathouse
  • Love Ranch South

Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas and the surrounding Clark County. The closest brothels are the Chicken Ranch and Sheri's Ranch. They are located 60 miles west of Vegas in Pahrump.

Sheri's is on the left (east) side of Homestead, and sits at the end of the paved road, which will conveniently deposit you into their parking lot. Chuck Lee, Sheri's current majority owner, has big plans to further enhance the property, and along with his partners and staff, is in the planning stages of adding a golf course as well as other amenities in order to develop a true "world-class adult resort." Sheri’s Ranch is the only Las Vegas area brothel that has an on-site hotel and restaurant for the convenience of their guests. Sheri’s also has the largest and most diverse lineup of legal courtesans of any Vegas brothel.

The Chicken Ranch is two blocks North of Sheri’s, also on the left (east) side of Homestead Road, just a block south of its intersection with Silver Street (where an airstrip for the Ranch used to run to the east along the northern edge of the property) and about 3 miles south of the branch Post Office on the southwest corner of Homestead's intersection with Kellogg Road. Majority owner Russ Reade has recently changed his establishment's long-standing policy of not having an Internet presence and has commissioned a website. This bordello takes its name (and is the home of certain memorabilia) from the famous, but long-since closed, original Chicken Ranch in LaGrange, TX.

The Love Ranch South and Alien Cathouse are in the 100-person town of Crystal Nevada, about 90 miles North-West of Las Vegas. The Love Ranch is a medium sized lineup brothel and the Alien Cathouse is a small cathouse with just a few ladies in their lineup. These brothels are owned by Dennis Hof, a brothel baron who is better known for his Northern Nevada brothels.

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