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I am a classy, sophisticated, fun, enthusiastic and willing lover just waiting to meet your every intimate need and perhaps turn you onto a few more. I've been at Sheri's for several years now and I have to say I never knew life and "work" could be this much fun! I enjoy men immensely: the way they think, move, their male power. I believe that every real man needs a bad girl to allow him to release his inner bad boy and true alpha essence, and I'm that girl! I can be as sweet or as nasty as you want me to be. I have a no-rush attitude to sex (thought that doesn't mean that I won't get caught up in the moment and push us both to go harder....and better!). I want so badly to satisfy your every desire which, in turn, will satisfy mine. I love becoming familiar with each others' bodies: touching, kissing, rubbing, the works. I love sweet, intimate love-making but also thoroughly enjoy some rough and very physically fun play. The more adventurous, the better. Together we can explore. A sexual odyssey!!! I also love COUPLES. Love the shared intimacy and the endless possibilities. Promise to heighten a couple's sex life while leaving your relation as yours. When you leave me it's just the two of you again. Just appreciate you trusting me and letting me in to play! And I love VIRGINS. Many have come to see me and left very happy and, well, no longer virgins! Rather, they leave very experienced because together we do it all... So, if you are looking for someone to connect with on multiple levels, a real woman who promises to satisfy ALL your desires and who delivers a truly memorable experience that will have you coming back for more, look no further. Satisfaction is 110% guaranteed!!!!

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My Best Feature: My sweet ass, my eyes, and my personality.

My favorite position: I truly love them all (but am partial to doggy-style or reverse cowgirl).

My favorite toy(s): Vibrators, scarves, rope, feathers, cold water, ice, get the idea!!

My favorite sport(s): Football, I love the power and athleticism coupled with real grace.

My favorite color(s): White

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: Wow, that's a bit revealing, no? Maybe I'll tell you in person when you come here because it's a good one!!!

Language(s) I speak: Body language!

My fantasy: Very public sex....on the bar in a classy club or restaurant....with more than one person! We all get off fantastically along with everyone watching us. But this isn't about's about YOU. What's YOUR fantasy? Come share it with me and let's make it come true!!!

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My height: 5 feet 6 inch

My current weight: 130

My current hair-color: Blonde

My eye color is: Hazel

My current stats are: 34D 28 39

I am: Caucasian

My current age is: 38

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BDSM/Full BondageBlowjobBubble Bath PartyClassic SexCouplesCross DressingFoot FetishGFE/Girl Friend ExperienceGroup Sex (3 or more)Half and HalfHandicapLesbianLight BDSMLingerie FetishMenRole PlayingShower PartyThreesomeToy ShowVirginVoyeurismWomenAll FetishAnalArmpit-SexFace-SittingFantasy FetishPeggingProstate MassagePSE (Porn Star Experience)Sensory PlayNuru Massage

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June 2016 - September 2016
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