Sheri's Ranch Sex Bungalows

The brothel at Sheri’s Ranch is part of our 20 acre resort property designed to offer a range of luxurious environments where guests can escape with one or more of our beautiful courtesans and live out their every fantasy. Located on the east side of the brothel property are the uniquely themed VIP Bungalows. Each of these five private cottages has a distinct motif ranging from a wild safari adventure to a psychedelic 60’s shag party.

The following are the varity of Bungalows Sheri's has to offer. Let your imagination guide you.

60's Bungalow

There's nothing but good vibes, good times, and good tunes in our vintage 1960 - 1970s bungalow. Make love and have a far-out disco sex party. Bungalow decor includes disco ball and psychedelic colors. Shake your thing with the Sheri's hippie chicks and feel the funk.

This groovy bungalow features a large round bed, that sleeps more than two, perfect for those who want to have large parties. Truly experience free love and rock n' roll with our black lights, 1960's and 1970's memorabilia, wild colors and lights throughout. A true retro experience. Pick your favorite Lady - or ladies - and relive the 60's and 70's!

Safari Bungalow

Explore your wild side in our Safari Bungalow! Go on expedition to Africa and snatch a native girl or two to take back to your room to have your way with. Or take a trek down south and pick up a gorgeous South African girl with a sexy accent.

King Arthur Bungalow

Newly appointed king, step into your castle. The time has come to command your kingdom! How will you rule your kingdom? Will you demand the obedience of wenches and slave girls, to fulfill your every whim? Or perhaps will you take a liking to a fair maiden or beautiful princess whose heart you will have to win?

Roman Bungalow

Hail Caesar! You are the emperor and the Sheri’s lady of your choice is your royal concubine. Partake of carnal pleasures deserving of an ancient gladiator returning victorious from battle in this romantic and opulent Roman-style suite. Summon passions not felt since the days of Antony and Cleopatra and let all of your deepest fantasies come alive.

Select several gorgeous ladies and indulge in a Roman orgy that would make Nero himself jealous. Nothing is off limits as your sex slaves tend to your every desire. After a tryst in the Roman bungalow, you can truly say "I came, I saw, I conquered!"

Arabian Nights Bungalow

Ever wonder what beautiful Arab women hide under their traditional robes? Why don’t you take a peek? These Arab women have yet to discover the joys of sexual bliss or the freedoms of revealing clothing. Be a sensual Sherpa and guide these women to your place. Help them discover what it means to be a woman.

If that’s not adventurous enough, look for a woman who is wandering the streets without a male escort. Steal her away to your place and reeducate her on why she shouldn’t wander around alone.

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