Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Sheri's Ranch and Brothel Operations

Below are several of the most common questions asked by individuals interested in learning more about our legal brothel. This FAQ answers questions about our location and transportation services, our hotel and restaurant, safety and discretionary practices, cost and pricing, and the services offered by the courtesans of Sheri�s Ranch.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so please don�t hesitate to contact us via the form below or call us at (800) 506-3565 and we�ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about our establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Prostitution Legal In Nevada?
    Legal Prostitution in Nevada is only legal in certain counties like Nye County. Prostitution is illegal in certain Nevada cities like Las Vegas which is located in Clark County.
  • Is Sheri's Ranch a Legal Brothel and is it Safe?
    Sheri's Ranch is legal, clinically safe, licensed and regulated by the State of Nevada.
  • Where in the World is the Famous Sheri's Ranch Located?
    Sheri's Ranch is located at 10551 Homestead Road in Pahrump, Nevada. View a Google map of Sheri’s Ranch on our directions page.
  • Does Sheri's Ranch Offer Short Overnight or Longer Stay Accommodations?
    Yes, Sheri's Ranch offers standard hotel rooms or suites for overnight or longer stay accommodations. Also, some customers spend the night partying in the VIP Bungalows with the ladies. Please visit our Hotel page and VIP Bungalows page for further information.
  • What is the Age Requirement to Visit Sheri's Ranch?
    You must be at least 21 years of age to enjoy the brothel facilities at Sheri�s Ranch.
  • Do you Serve Alcohol?
    Sheri's Ranch offers a full-service sports bar with a pool table and big screen TV. Choose your favorite alcohol drink, or try one of our specialty drinks and shoot some pool with the ladies.
  • Do you Serve Food?
    Food is available at the sports bar and grill. You can view our menu online. Ask the bartender to have one of the ladies give you a tour.
  • Do the Ladies Offer Anal Sex?
    Some of the individual ladies cater to anal sex and some don't. Please ask the lady of your choice, if she can accommodate your sexual preference.
  • Do I Need to Make an Appointment or Reservation?
    If there is a special lady or ladies that caught your attention, you should make a Reservation with her. Otherwise, there is no need for reservations.
  • When is the Best Time of Day to Visit?
    There is no best time of the day to visit. Anytime is the best time! Sheri's Ranch is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • Are Condoms Required?
    Nevada law mandates condom use in all brothels.
  • Are Condoms Provided or Do I Bring My Own?
    The ladies provide condoms. Clients do not need to bring their own condoms.
  • What are the Prices the Ladies Charge?
    We can't quote specific prices, because each lady establishes her own prices. Please refer to the Sheri’s Ranch prices page for more information.
  • Are Couples Welcome?
    Yes, Sheri's Ranch welcomes couples. Most of our ladies accommodate Threesome Sex for Couples. If you are interested in a certain lady, please e-mail her and ask if she participates in couples activities.
  • Do you Accept Major Credit Cards?
    Sheri�s Ranch accepts all major credit cards: Visa, AMEX, Master, Discover, Travelers Checks and Debit Cards. Also there are ATM'S on premises. There is no additional credit card surcharge. Billing is very discreet.
  • Are Deposits Required when I Make a Reservation Online or Phone?
    No, there is no deposit required to book a reservation.
  • How do I Email the Ladies and will I Receive a Reply?
    You can email any lady at Sheri's Ranch. First go to the line up page or if you are looking to party in a specific date or with a specific type of lady, go to the search ladies page. Click on the ladies thumbnail, then on her profile page click on "send a message." Ladies will reply back to you if they are currently at the property, otherwise please expect a response as soon as they arrive at the Sheri's Ranch.
  • Do you Provide Driving Directions?
    Yes, we have a detailed page with Driving Directions to Sheri's Ranch.
  • How Far Away is Sheri's Ranch from Las Vegas Nevada?
    Sheri's Ranch is the closest legal brothel from Las Vegas Nevada. It's only a short 60 mile drive from Vegas.
  • Do the Ladies Offer Dominatrix/Bondage/BDSM Sessions?
    Yes, alternative lifestyle sessions with a Dominatrix and Bondage/BDSM role play sessions are also available. Go to the search a lady section of our website. Each lady�s profile has an �I Cater To� section that lists the type of activities she specializes in. There is a "send a message" button available on each of the ladies profile for you to send a private message.
  • What Kind of Fetish Parties do the Ladies Provide?
    Sheri's Ladies fulfill most sexual fetishes. Everything from Foot Fetish, Lingerie Fetish, Cross Dressing, Breast Massage to Role Playing fetishism. Each lady�s profile has an �I Cater To� section that lists the type of activities she specializes in. There is a "send a message" button available on each of the ladies profile for you to send a private message.
  • Are you Filming any Customers?
    No! You will never be filmed or recorded.
  • Can I Send or Bring a Gift to any of the Ladies?
    Yes the ladies appreciate and love gifts! Use your imagination: perfume, flowers or lingerie. If you prefer ask the lady, what type of gifts they love to receive.
  • Can You Purchase Gift Certificates?
    Yes, Sheri's Ranch gift certificates are available at the location. Give us a call if you have any questions.
  • Is Sheri's Ranch Handicap Accessible?
    Yes, Sheri's Ranch is handicap accessible.
  • What Hours is Sheri's Ranch Open?
    Sheri's Ranch never closes. We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • How Many Brothel Ladies Work at Sheri's Ranch?
    Sheri’s Ranch is the largest legal brothel in the Las Vegas area with a wide variety of ladies to choose from. View the ladies currently at Sheri’s by going to our Weekly Lineup page.
  • What Ladies are Available Now or in the Future?
    Our beautiful licensed ladies are available now for your sexual pleasure. To view all the ladies available this week, look at the Weekly Lineup and the schedule of Ladies Coming Soon.
  • Do the Ladies Party with other Ladies?
    A few of the ladies party with other ladies. Message online the lady you desire. Ask if she can accommodate your request.
  • Can I Choose Two or More Ladies To Party Together?
    Absolutely, the more ladies the merrier! You can watch two lesbian ladies party together. Also you can join in with two ladies and make it a threesome sex party.
  • Do Most of the Ladies Offer Girl on Girl Lesbian Sessions?
    We usually have several ladies that offer girl-on-girl lesbian sessions. Send a message to your lady of choice and ask if she would accommodate your request. Majority of the time, she will.
  • Do you Offer Transportation Service to Sheri's Ranch?
    Yes, we offer a complimentary round trip transportation service. For more information call the Ranch at (800) 506-3565. One hour advance notice is required for Sheri�s 24 hour transportation services.
  • Do You Provide Transportation from the Las Vegas Strip Area?
    Yes, we offer complimentary round trip transportation from the Las Vegas Strip area and complimentary return service.
  • Do I Have to Request a Ladies Line Up?
    No, a ladies line-up is not required. You are welcome to have a drink in our sports bar and mingle with the beautiful ladies over a drink.
  • Does Sheri's Ranch Sell Merchandise?
    Yes, we have a gift shop. Don't forget to purchase your Sheri's Ranch brothel calendar.
  • How Much Exactly does a Party Cost?
    There are no set prices for a party. Each girl is an independent contractor and sets her own prices for a party. Give the lady an idea of how much you can spend and for what type of party. The lady will tell you if it's in her price range. Please refer to the Sheri’s Ranch prices page for more information.
  • Can I Reserve a Party for My Husband, Boyfriend, Wife or Girlfriend?
    Absolutely! You can make a reservation for your husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend. To make the reservation, simply call or complete the Online Reservation Form.
  • Why are there No Prices on the Sex Menu?
    All the ladies are independent contractors who set their own prices. Prices vary by each and every lady.
  • Are Single Women Welcome to Visit?
    Absolutely! We usually have several bi-sexual ladies available that provide girl on girl lesbian sexual parties for single women.
  • Is There a Time Limit with a Lady or Ladies?
    You can discuss the length of time desired with your lady or ladies during the initial negotiations.
  • Am I Required to Tip the Ladies?
    Tips are not required. However, tips are always appreciated by the ladies.
  • Are the ladies tested for STDs regularly?
    Yes! Yes the ladies are tested for STDs and STIs every week, and every time they leave the ranch for more than 24 hours. BBC did a documentary of Sheri's Ranch and how high our standards of safety are.

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