Sheri's Ranch Weekly Lineup

What is the Weekly LineUp?

The weekly lineup is the official list of brothel girls available right now at Sheri's Ranch, the closest legal brothel from Las Vegas. This list changes every week, based on the ladies available for that week. Click on an individual lady's picture below to view her profile. If you're interested in meeting with a lady, go to the reservation page to book a sex party or call the brothel at (800) 506-3565. Reservations are NOT mandatory. If you are uncertain, you may visit the property without any prior reservation.

This week's lineup (7/14/2024 - 7/20/2024)

What to expect at a legal Nevada brothel?

When you visit Sheri's, you can either relax and chat with the ladies lounging in our sports bar, or you can request a live lineup of all available brothel girls. If you'd like to request a live lineup while you're at the brothel, just ask one of our courteous team members. During the lineup, you will be seated comfortably in our parlor while a bevy of bewitching babes parade before you. Once you have chosen the lady you'd most like to be alone with, the erotic fantasy begins!

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