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Maximize Your Earnings at Sheri's Ranch Brothel

Sheri's Ranch Brothel offers great amenities for all our ladies. Amenities include a state-of-the-art work-out facility, tanning bed, lounge area with big screen TV and DVD, full service hair and nail salon, massage room with poolside massages available when weather permits, facial room, computer room, dining room with 24-hour soup and salad bar and beverage center, an outdoor, heated pool with water feature and outdoor Jacuzzi and volleyball court. All meals are cooked to order. You can order the daily entr�e or order off the menu.

Requirements & Informations to be hired as a courtesan at Sheri's Ranch Brothel

The following are the requirements to be hired as an independent contract at Sheri's Ranch Brothel:

General Requirements

  • You must be at least 21 years of age to work at the Ranch.
  • Our Ladies book in for a minimum of 1 week up to a maximum of 3 weeks. We want you to take a break for one week and then you can come back.

Medical Requirements

  • You will need to be tested for STD's and HIV. A designated 3rd party medical doctor will perform all the tests on-site. The results will be sent directly to Sheri�s Ranch management the next day.

Documents you will need

  • You will also need a Nye County Sheriff's Card. If this is your first visit to Sheri�s Ranch, you must first obtain a referral sheet at Sheri�s Ranch.
  • You are required by the State of Nevada to have a current Nevada State Business License. If you do not have one, as a courtesy, Sheri�s Ranch will provide you with the application to complete and submit to the State. If you currently have a State Business License, you MUST bring a copy of the license with you.

Complementary Transportation

  • All ladies are eligible for complementary transportation to the brothel when you first arrive.
  • You will be picked up at the Las Vegas McCarran airport to the brothel. If you live in Las Vegas, the driver will pick you up at your residence.
  • Our driver will be calling you once you schedule your trip to the brothel.

Your Schedule

  • You must arrive at the ranch by 1:00 PM on Mondays. You will fill-out all the necessary documents, visit the doctor�s facility and your orientation is scheduled the same day.
  • Tuesday you will pick up your Sheriff�s card and a photography session will be scheduled for you the same day.
  • You can start working on Tuesday night.

Your Expenses

  • Your daily rent for your room is $48.00 which includes meals, housekeeping services, workout room, tanning bed, computer lab and ladies� lounge. We have a 24 hour kitchen available.
  • We recommend that you bring petty cash for your incidentals (i.e.: Bar, condoms, lube, personal hygiene and so on).

Ladies Hiring Application

Please fill-out all the necessary fields below to apply as a courtesan for Sheri's Ranch. You must upload your recent photo in order to be qualified. See below for details.

In order to process this application,
Please upload your photo that is a current representative face and body shot. We cannot accept photo-shopped or out of date photos. Please be advised that if you arrive at the ranch and it is determined the photo submission misrepresented you in any way, your application will be denied and you will be asked to leave at your own expense.
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