Sheri's Playland

The Ultimate Erotic Sexual Fantasy Role Playing Experience

Visitors of The Resort & Spa at Sheri’s Ranch know that they can be anyone they want to be when they step onto the beloved grounds of this Las Vegas area brothel. Sheri’s Ranch endeavors to continually provide unparalleled customer service when facilitating escapist rendezvous for their treasured guests. Never resting on their laurels, Sheri’s Ranch has expanded on the menu for visitors interested in amplifying their sex role-play. The Resort & Spa at Sheri's Ranch is delighted to announce the launch of "Sheri's Playland," an all-new wing of six bungalows designed to completely fulfill your sexual fantasies.

Alternatively referred to as “Bungalow 6” by ranch clientele, Sheri’s Playland is constructed to provide highly detailed and immersive erotic role play scenarios including:

Ultimate Girlfriend Experience:

Cuddle with the girl next door and whisper sweet-nothings to each other while you enjoy popcorn and a movie in a state-of-the-art home theatre. A Tantra Chair is provided in the very likely event that innocent necking leads to something that requires more intricate positions. The Tantra Chair is designed to add ease and fluidity to countless sexual positions while also making these positions easier for intimate couples of all ages.

Sexy Secretary Scenario

A corporate office complete with a spy cam so that the CEO could peak under the dress of the seductive secretary. Let loose and do everything you’ve ever wanted to do to that hot woman in your office, the only consequence of your actions is complete satisfaction.

Naughty Classroom

Discipline must be dealt to Sheri’s misbehaving schoolgirls, and you’re the lucky teacher assigned to the task. Bad girls and boys must wear a "dunce" hat and be spanked with the paddle. The naughty after-school activities are only limited to what you can imagine.

Lustful Locker Room

Teaming with steamy cheerleaders undressing after a big game, you can watch the girls through a playful peephole or join them for a lesson on straddles and splits. This bungalow comes with a sex swing, so that you can explore every imaginable position with a gorgeous cheerleader. The sex swing allows ease of movement for numerous sexual positions and enhances sex for disabled individuals and people with muscle or back conditions by providing a hoist.

Geisha Girl Bedroom

Journey to the orient for an amorous encounter with an exotic beauty without ever leaving the ranch. Transport yourself to a world where you are the center of her universe and she exists only for your absolute pleasure.

Massage Parlor and Spa

Relax in a “full service” massage parlor and enjoy the most satisfying rub down imaginable with one (or more) of Sheri’s ladies. Get hot and bothered with the woman of your choice in the sauna or relax with your stunning companion in the Jacuzzi. Sheri’s ladies will be sure to provide the happy ending to your hard day.

The Tantra Chair

Presented in the most engrossing and satisfying way conceivable, Sheri’s Playland delivers a seductive sampling of your top sex role play fantasies. As always, every experience offered by Sheri’s Playland can be tailored to your specific desires. If you’ve fantasized about it, you can do it in Sheri’s Playland. Contact Sheri’s Ranch to book a bungalow today and get lost in this captivating erotic dream world.

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