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Arriving at the ranch the next night, I wasn’t completely sure what I was going to do. There were 4 or 5 ladies I wanted to spend time with so I asked the hostess who was all there being it was a Tuesday and some new faces had arrived. As it turned out, a couple of the ladies I wanted to see (namely Autumn and Envy) had changed their schedule and were not there. While this was unfortunate, it made my decisions very easy. I pulled up to the bar and began chatting with Trinity and Scarlet. It wasn’t long though before I motioned to Trinity to join me in a booth.

While I think I became an official Trinitarian the night before with my party with her and Bentley, a true Trinitarian has to have a little one on one time with her. Before we headed back though, I wanted to spend a little time getting to know each other better. I have to say, she is obviously a beautiful and sexy woman, but also has a captivating personality. A great sense of humor and loves to laugh, something I’m very attracted to, but also an extremely mature attitude toward life. It was so easy and fun to talk to her, over 2 hours had passed without either of us even noticing. Eventually though we asked each other if we wanted to stay in the bar…not so much…so it was 1, 2, 3 GO!!!!!! And we were off to her room.

Negotiations were a breeze and we started the fun. I have to say Trinity is one of the best GFE parties I’ve ever had. The sensuality of her touch, the closeness I felt was just amazing. If I would have been physically able to, I would have been very tempted to spend the night with her. Lying next to her is a feeling I hope to be able to experience again. Still, it was close to 3am again before we reemerged in the bar and had our goodnight hug and kiss as I wearily went out the door.

If you couldn’t already tell, Trinity rocks! I count my lucky stars I was able to become a devote Trinitarian. Little did I know I still wasn’t done praying at the Trinitarianism alter.

review by Wheels on 11/22/2008 8:26:00 PM

Wheels gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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