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You've got to see this gorgeous little body! We couldn't keep our hands off her. My wife and I really enjoyed getting to party with Luv. We really did have lots of fun along with really hot sex and attention. Breasts like hers are the things dreams are made of ! She has a great personality and we enjoyed meeting her. We just regretted that we didn't have the energy to party with her a second time the next day.
Thanks Luv! We will never forget you.

review by T & L on 2/4/2011 7:31:37 PM

T & L gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I met Luv playing pool in Sheri’s Sports Bar. She has a gorgeous slender tanned body, soft long blond hair, a sensuous smile and sultry brown eyes. Luv is an average height young lady with beautiful breasts and nicely shaped legs.

We were on opposing teams, but we seemed to hit it off pretty well. Luv and Christina played against a local regular customer and me. Luv and Christina are both very good pool players and take the game seriously. They really wanted to beat us badly; I think they actually wanted to embarrass us, LOL. I was about to sink the 8 ball, and Christina said it was a Sheri’s rule that it must be banked if the opposition had 3 balls remaining. My partner and I chuckled, but abided by the Sheri’s rule, LOL. We were actually fairly evenly matched, so we split the wins almost equally. We had a lot of fun, and the Sheri’s rule bit made it even more enjoyable.

Luv displays a rather direct demeanor and is never at a loss for words in combination with a very pleasing dry sense of humor. You know immediately just where you stand, which is very refreshing. Luv liked my embroidered zippered firefighter sweatshirt, so I agreed to give it to her as a gift; after all, it looked better on her anyway.

We had a few drinks, and smoked a cigar while continuing to play pool. We finished playing 8 ball at approximately 9 pm, and talked for awhile longer savoring some brandy. The romantic chemistry between us seemed to bloom and draw us to her bedroom shortly thereafter. I usually dread the awkward negotiation process, but Luv was a sweetheart and it went very well.

Once we got naked, we experienced very passionate kissing and erotic lustful sex. Luv is a slight dominate type lover, but she melted a little when the lovemaking momentum flowed. Naturally I let her have her way with me, and I’m glad I did. Luv is a wonderful sexual partner and knows exactly how to pleasure a man! She was magnificent to say the least!

review by firefighter on 2/3/2011 8:28:10 PM

firefighter gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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