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Recently, I had the honor and extreme pleasure of spending considerable time with Eden. She was not on the current Sheri's "roster" on-line when I visited because she was so new. Fortunately, I caught a glimpse of her smiling and peaking out from a booth towards my direction at the bar and eagerly asked the hostess to please allow me to meet her. When she walked up to me, I was immediately smitten by her beauty, sexiness and grace. She was so kind, generous and patient in talking, sharing and getting to know each other. Having visited her original home country of Russia, I had an authentic interest in learning more about her home region and experiences there before moving to the U.S. I must confess that I was concurrently and significantly interested in her "way hot" body as well. Fair enough since Sheri's is a brothel after all and I was a man there on a mission. I digress. Eden is a gifted and highly educated individual. She went to elite schools and repeatedly placed among the most skilled students of the english language in Russia. Additionally, she has years of training and awards in dance. I believe her to be an intellectual - more importantly a fun and sexy intellectual, who impressed me enough to seek and procure tine on 3 consecutive nights partying with her. Negotiations were painless, fair and affordable (a relative term). Sadly, underfunded and so lacking of time desired, due to my recent retirement and long standing frugal nature, said parties were of the 30 minutes - or - so variety. 30 minutes x3 were 90 of the most blissful minutes of my life. If you see Eden's pix on-line you can see she is slender and beautiful, but has adorable breasts and a fantastic behind. Exactly "my type" - an extreme turn on. What can't be seen in her profile is how passionate, skilled and generous she is in the bedroom activities and in getting to know you before hand. In all ways, Eden is a wonderful young lady, whose path I pray to cross on numerous occasions (O-God at least once more please!). Should you have the opportunity to spend significant quality time with this Russian Princess, you will be glad you did. Princess Eden rules the kingdom of TeD.

review by TeD on 1/1/2015 11:56:43 PM

TeD gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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By no means does this girl deserve a 5 star rating... She deserves 10 stars. The time of my life!

review by Brian on 12/5/2014 12:47:39 PM

Brian gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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