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Here is your chance to experience something truly amazing, something you’ve dreamed about. Here is your chance to step into the magical world that I will create for you and me, a world where you can feel free to truly be yourself and where you can leave behind everyday life. Let me be your guide to explore wonder and pleasure. Let me show you that you are special. Take my hand and be my companion on this special adventure, an adventure that I'm sure you'll never forget.

My name is Kendall, from the midwest—energetic, happy, gentle and sweet. I smile a lot, have long blonde hair, a toned athletic body, and silky sun-kissed skin. I'm smart, well educated, classy, sophisticated, elegant, sexy, and charming.

My charm is not the only reason why I leave a glowing impression in people's minds and souls. My unique, extraordinary, adventurous cheerful personality and my special sense of humor leave a lasting impression as well. You will see this if you look into my bright eyes, see my warm smile, or hear my sultry voice. You will feel desire! If you are focused on finding the finest things in life, I'm the ideal companion. I find life wonderful and I want to help you to enjoy every minute of it.

I am fond of traveling, learning about other cultures, nice music, arts, tasty meals, wines and cocktails. I love to share thoughts with intelligent and open-minded people. I'll be the crown to make you feel like a king. I'm a perfect entertainer with all the skills to make the time you spend with me unique and unforgettable. My personality is full, harmonic, and complex, and I have the face to make people relax and feel comfortable.

After you meet me you will be happy and relieved because the treatment you will get will truly be what you need. You will be glad to hold me in your arms and to have me by your side. Contact me today so we can begin our adventure together!

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My Best Feature: My sexy body, eyes, and smile

My favorite position: Doggy and Missionary

My favorite toy(s): Yours!

My favorite sport(s): I'm a pro beach volleyball player

My favorite color(s): Black

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: I'll tell you in person ;)

Language(s) I speak: English. some Spanish, some French.

My fantasy: You and me exploring all sorts of possibilities... watch the fireworks start!

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My height: 5 feet 9 inch

My current weight: 145

My current hair-color: Blonde

My eye color is: Hazel

My current stats are: 36C 24 36

I am: Caucasian

My current age is: 37

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August 2017 - November 2017
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