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Hello there, I’m Annelise and I am here at Sheri’s because I love meeting and getting to know
people – and I’d love to get to know you. That sounds like a line, right? Well, it’s not. I am one
of the most genuine and sincere people you will meet. I love to love and that’s all there is to it.

I specialize in the Girl Friend Experience (GFE), but I’m not talking just about what we do, I’m talking about how we feel. When I am with you, I go deep. Deep in a lot of ways that you will definitely love but I will also look deep into your eyes, and if you let me, go deep into your
heart and bring you into mine. Do you remember when you first experienced love, compassion, lust, and sex all swirled together with youthful fun and adoration? I do. Let’s do that again, together.

Please let me tell you something really personal about me. In addition to loving people. I LOVE SEX! I just love it – always have. It can be deep slow moaning, grinding or it can be wild swinging from the rafters. I love it all and really want to know what you are into. Or, if you are not sure of all the things you are into, let’s explore that together. I am your chance to let your inner drives and needs come out and play.

A few things you should know about me. First of all, I have very large, very perky, entirely
natural breasts. Yes, I am the lady who walks by you in the store and you can’t help but stare.
Well, no need to just stare anymore. Or, stare if you like and I won’t tell you “my eyes are up
here”. Also, my boobs are not just for show. I use them in all the ways you might imagine to
amplify our experience together. Remember I am here for you to get what you desire, and if tits are your thing, then I am your lady.

Second, I have full and entirely natural lips that are soft and firm, and I like to put them in many different places. Third, I have learned to control my gag reflex, mostly – so if you’ve never “gone deep”, now is your chance. If, in your case I can’t “take it all in”, then that can be even better - in so many ways. I love to use these virtues in a stunning combination that many men have only heard about or dreamed of, but never experienced. I enjoy all kinds of body types, all shapes and sizes, so don’t be shy. It’s all about finding the buttons to push and pushing them, maybe over and over again.

My virtues also extend below the waist. I basically “collect” sexual positions. I am fairly flexible, very curious, and I have found so many different ways of stimulating our bodies. Let me show you all the ways two people can get at it – or, maybe you can teach me something new. I think our bodies are temples, yes, but they are also amusement parks, and we should ride all the rides we can.

Of course, there is much more to my life than erotic pleasures. I play video games, watch
movies, and love the genres of fantasy, action, and dramas. Documentaries can be crazy
interesting too. I love to laugh. I am totally into all kinds of people, but geeks and nerds have a
special place in my heart (and elsewhere). I guess I have a little sapiosexual inside me.

I am totally accepting and non-judgmental, always. Let’s be honest, I have my kinks too. You
may be a virgin. You may have a disability or an issue that you are really self-conscious about.
You may have a kink, or a desire, or a fetish that you have longed to explore in a safe space. I
love people, and will always accept you for who you are. Of course, like everyone I do have
some boundaries. There’s someone for everyone here at Sheri’s and if your needs are not
something that works for me then we’ll find someone for you. But I’d love for you to come to me first – like I said I love so many different kinds of sex.

Don’t be shy about coming to a brothel. I know people envision a potentially embarrassing or
uncomfortable environment. But there is no need to go through any awkwardness, none. Just
send me an email or call and let’s set up an appointment. When you arrive, I will come out to
get you and whisk you away to our own private space and get to know each other – that’s all
there is to it.

I am honest and transparent in all things. Communication that is open and also respectful to
both of us is key. Once we agree on something, we have agreed, and that is it – and I always
give it my all. I don’t hold back. This I can promise you. But don’t take my word for it. Read
my reviews if you have time – you will see the energy, enthusiasm, and honesty I bring.
Because, once again, I just love to love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What’s it like being a Courtesan and why do you do it?

Answer: I really do love people, helping them fulfill their needs and desires – and, as above, I
really do love sex. So, it’s the perfect career. Of course, I also understand it can be a big
responsibility, because as fun and giggly as sexual activities can be, they often come with deep
emotions, and sometimes sensitivities, which are different for each person based upon who they are and what their life narrative has been. This is why I am so careful in negotiations to learn of your needs, both pleasure points to embrace and pain points to avoid. I am a true Courtesan, in the most intimate meaning of the word, and I am here for you.

Question: What are your rates and are they based on time or activity?

Answer: Due to Nevada State law, prices cannot be discussed on the phone or by email. This is not meant to manipulate you in any way, it is just the law. I promise. After you come to the
Ranch, we can go into my private room and have a discussion about what you are seeking, and if I can provide it. Maybe I’ll even add some ideas you hadn’t considered.

Sheri’s Ranch goes out of its way to make sure that negotiations are honest and straightforward. All the ladies here are great, and I am the same. I don’t play games with people’s emotions or urges, never try to manipulate people or upsell, and respect you as a person with needs. I may take advantage of you in bed but never in our negotiations. I do all I can to make sure we reach an agreement that everyone feels good about so we can enjoy each other. As above, I really do love sex, and our experience together is what I am here for. I am really going to enjoy my time with you, truly, if you reach out to me.

Question: How should I make an appointment – and do I need to?

Answer: You are always welcome to drop by and see if I’m available. I strive to be as flexible as possible when I am not with someone else. However, ideally you can book an appointment in advance so I can be sure I am available, fully ready for you (including any particulars you may have requested in advance), and that we know we have enough time to explore your desires. You can click on the reservation link on my profile or call the ranch, either works fine.

Question: How much time can I spend with you?

Answer: There is such a range of possibilities. We can spend a nice evening together or even
have a sensual sleepover if you like. Certainly, shorter visits are possible and can be a lot of
fun. Ideally, I like to spend more time together, because it allows a deeper connection and more intimate bonding of our beings. But it really is all about you and what you are seeking. We can figure out what works best for you.

Question: Do you smoke or drink alcohol and do you have any tattoos?

Answer: I neither drink alcohol nor smoke, but I am happy to have you drink whatever you like from the full bar we have here. I have a couple of tasteful tattoos on my back and butterflies on my abdomen. I don’t really think of my tattoos as being on me, but rather a part of me. Each of them has special meaning to me and constitutes a part of my life’s story. If you have tattoos, I’m sure, you feel the same way, I’d love to hear about them.

Question: What kind of toys do you have?

Answer: I have a variety of toys for a variety of activities. If there is something special, you are
seeking, I can probably accommodate you, but would have to know in advance. Of course, we
clean and sterilize all toys completely.

Question: Do you have special outfits you can wear?

Answer: Yes, I have a variety of outfits for different scenarios – all you need to do is ask. Like
with toys, if there is something special you are seeking, please let me know in advance. I love
to dress up! Sometimes I get very special garments that people take with them as a souvenir.
when we are done.

Question: Do you role-play or do BDSM?

Answer: I will role play at the beginning of a session together – we can make the setting
anything you desire, but then I like to get to the sex! I don’t sustain long “in character” scenes.
The reason for this is I really am a very genuine person. It’s the same reason I will never
deceive or manipulate you, I find it hard to maintain a persona other than my own.
With regards to BDSM, I am not of a sexually dominant nature. In the context of power play my own genuine persona has a sexually submissive side. So, there is the option to negotiate a
certain type and level of dominance for you, if that is what you are seeking.

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Annelise's preferences

My Best Feature: Eyes, smile, and spectacular natural breasts.

My favorite position: Too hard to just choose one!

My favorite toy(s): Lovense with remote.

My favorite sport(s): UFC/MMA.

My favorite color(s): Blue.

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: On a couch at a swingers club in front of the DJ booth with lots of people watching.

Language(s) I speak: English.

My fantasy: Spending all night with you! Staring into each other's eyes and having endless orgasms. Touching, playing, cuddling, and sharing private intimate moments.

Annelise's body stats

My height: 5 feet 6 inch

My current weight: 145

My current hair-color: Brown

My eye color is: Brown

My current stats are: 36G 28 32

I am: Hispanic

My current age is: 42

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July 2024 - October 2024
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