Address of Sheri's Ranch
Sheri's Ranch
10551 Homestead Road
Pahrump, NV 89061
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 Sheri’s Ranch is the only corporate sponsored Brothel in Nevada

Budweiser Sponsors Legal Prostitution in Nevada

Author: Jeremy L

Anheuser-Busch jacuzzi suite at Sheri's Ranch

The Resort & Spa at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel located outside of Las Vegas, has been sponsored by Anheuser-Busch for nearly ten years. A Jacuzzi suite at the ranch is dedicated entirely to the promotion of Anheuser-Busch products and representatives from the company visit the ranch periodically to remodel the suite and rebrand the experience to fit the company’s marketing strategy. In 2012, the Jacuzzi suite was fully refurbished to promote Land Shark Lager, the popular “island style” beverage.

Visitors to Sheri’s Ranch will easily understand why its the only legal brothel in Nevada that has a corporate sponsor. While many other brothels tend to be small establishments, Sheri’s is a full-service sex resort complete with spa and sex playland. The multiple themed bungalows and sprawling acreage present numerous opportunities for companies bold enough to sponsor an adult sex resort teaming with legal prostitutes.

Destini, a licensed prostitute who works at Sheri’s Ranch says that “the suite is popular with men who visit the brothel as a group; bachelor parties, sports celebrations, birthdays, and the like. Men often book the suite as a centralized location where they can get to know the ladies in the Jacuzzi and then later break off into individual erotic encounters at other locations of the ranch with the lady or ladies of their choice.”

Chuck Lee, owner of Sheri’s Ranch, says that the sponsored suite is quite popular on Super Bowl Sunday. “Sheri’s Ranch has a sports bar located on the property where several of our patrons watch the big game with the company of our lovely ladies. Let’s just say that the halftime show is a hell of lot more fun when it takes place in our Anheuser-Busch suite.”

Lee points out that “Budweiser beverages are complimentary when you book the suite. The ladies, however, are not.”

The Budweiser suite prior to the Land Shark revamp (video excerpt)

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