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My husband and I visited with Rouge in November 2019. I thought it would be best to wait a while after our visit to assess how we felt about that day. Two and a half months later, I can say that it was the most amazing experience for us both. This was the first time we had ventured into anything like this so we were nervous. Rouge was so sweet and made us feel comfortable and confident. She really made sure that she would be a good match for us and that we were truly ready to have our minds blown! She is even more incredible than the pictures show and every inch is perfection. The negotiations were easy and straightforward. To be clear, we did not negotiate as we felt it appropriate to pay the prices as they are set. And she is worth every penny. In addition to being sweet and easy going, she is smart and a great conversationalist. She was attentive to both me and my husband’s needs. She mentions in her profile that it is a common fantasy for women to be aroused at the thought of their partner with another woman. That made me feel normal about my fantasies. It had been my fantasy but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to turn it into reality. After talking about it at length, we decided to go for it. It was more incredible than anything I could have imagined. Ladies, if this is something you have fantasized about, it is definitely worth a visit with Rouge. We feel even more bonded now that we have shared this experience and I still fantasize about that incredible day. It was awesome! Rouge is awesome! We still think about and talk about her often. Best anniversary ever!

review by E & k on 2/3/2020 12:41:37 AM

E & k gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I have to admit I was extremely nervous about my first trip to Sheri’s to meet Rouge. From taking the time to keep our meeting on her last evening before being off for an extended time, I know she was hoping to leave that day, to making my dreams come true by the time our date was over; she was amazing. She put me at ease from the moment we finally met in the bar to the end of our date. She is truly beautiful inside and out. Her sense of humor and ability to carry on an intelligent conversation helps you to relax and enjoy every passionate moment together. She was there for me every single minute while also helping me to feel better about myself than I ever have. I appreciate all of you. Thank you Rouge.

review by Shane on 11/18/2019 10:37:28 PM

Shane gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Within a few moments of meeting her, I discovered that Rouge is everything anyone could want in a partner and a lover and more. She immediately put me at ease with her easygoing and carefree attitude, and was always ready to share a laugh with me. I spent my first time at Sheri's with her, and to sum it up, there wasn't one moment I shared with her where we weren't smiling together. Throughout the whole experience, Rouge was incredibly accommodating and made me feel like I had known her for years.
Rouge's gorgeous body most definitely matches her amazing personality as well, as she is more beautiful in person than I could've imagined. She certainly knew how to use her assets to make this guy's dreams come true, so much so that I just had to visit her twice. On top of that, she was more than willing to accommodate my budget.
I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable experience than the time I spent with Rouge, and I can't wait for the chance to see her again.

review by Miguel S on 11/17/2019 2:09:34 PM

Miguel S gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Let me get right to the point. Rouge will be the best thing that can happen for you if you crave a connection based on intimacy and fun. A beautiful woman, a flirty girl, an earth-bound angel, a passionate devil.... no, I am not talking about four different people, Rouge embodies all of these traits in one dynamite package.

She blew me away as soon as I encountered her on this trip. I had spent time with here nine months ago, and when we reconnected at the bar she remembered me and all the details of our last session. I was so touched that she had taken the time to make that connection, and the bond between us got stronger as we caught up on our lives since that time. Then to top it all off, she was holding and reading the same book I have been reading! The karma was amazing. She really connects with her clients, and thus demonstrates her passion and commitment to making your time with her intense.

I dare not waste time or typing in describing her attractiveness...just look at the photos in her profile. What I will say is the in person her appearance is actually more stunning. I could gaze into her dancing, sparkling eyes for hours, and listen to her describe her exciting and adventurous life for an even longer period of time. She is truly a intelligent and brave woman whose lust for life will ensure a good time for anyone fortunate to be allowed to spend time with her.

When it come to conversation, you had better be prepared for some true intellectual stimulation. We had a fantastic time just sitting and talking over dinner about our lives, dreams, ambitions and experiences. I will always be an admirer of hers, simply because of her passion for acquiring skills to foster her future activities. I believe that you too will be inspired to be a better person just by hearing all that she has done and continues to do.

That adventurous spirit continues on to the intimate time you will spend together. She is a giving and caring companion, and you will never forget the pleasure of her touch. She will satisfy your desire, and if you allow her she will teach you things that will alter your perception of how to share yourselves in pleasurable activity. Again, words fail me on being able to convey what I experienced, but I give you my word that the time you spend with Rouge will be one of the highlights of your existence on Earth....maybe even anything you might experience in heaven. And again, it is all because of who she is and how much she cares about making you feel as good as you can in the all too short time you are together.

So sharing time with Rouge is like partaking of a fine wine.... you are eager to share the joy, the flavor and the intoxication, yet deep down you have a touch of greed in wanting it all to yourself. There is where Rouge demonstrates she is wiser than all of us. I truly believe she knows that she has too much passion and joy to share with just one person, and that is why she does what she does. Let her do it for you.

review by BronxBomber on 11/8/2019 12:29:58 PM

BronxBomber gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I was a bundle of nerves when I walked in, but Rouge immediately began to put me at ease and help me feel welcomed and relaxed. Since I was a visiting a ranch for the first time, she took the time to explain how things worked. We negotiated a bit before deciding on a party in my price range. I never felt pressured or rushed. Rouge was professional and courteous, but never lost her flirty side. She genuinely seemed curious in what I wanted, and excited at the chance to satisfy me...

I had chosen Rouge in large part due to her blog post, “selling intimacy.” It really resonated with me in a certain way, and I was happy to discover that Rouge really is as sweet, kind, and empathetic as she comes across in her writing. Don’t get me wrong, she obviously has a wild side, which came across during the “tour” as she explained what the different rooms were for...I think she enjoyed seeing a newbie like me blush, because her descriptions of each room seemed to get more detailed as the tour went along!

Now, for those who are more interested in her physical assets, let me just say: Yes, the pictures are real. She *really* is that freaking gorgeous! Her body is simply divine, and if you appreciate natural busty women, then you are absolutely in for a treat! I could exhaust a thesaurus trying to put her beauty into words...

In conclusion, if you’re considering giving Rouge a chance, I say go for it...100%, would recommend in a heartbeat!

review by Rd on 10/10/2019 6:32:08 AM

Rd gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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From start to finish, Rouge was everything I could’ve hoped and so much more. To begin, she is great with communication before the date. Her hard work on her website and Twitter are apparent to everyone. She is equally fast to respond to email. The quick responses and positive attitude that came through when planning eliminated any doubt of making the right choice when choosing her.

When I arrived at Sheri’s Ranch, Rouge was ready and waiting for me in the bar. She is exceptionally gorgeous in person. I know it is a cliche, but her pictures do her no justice. Rouge is much smaller than I expected, though her active lifestyle and dedication to fitness are obvious. Why she doesn’t have more pictures of her amazing abs, I will never know. But really, it was her personality that won me over. I was new to brothels, so of course I was very nervous. She took some time to talk and relax in her room. She was never in a hurry, it was just natural flowing conversation that helped put me at ease. It was like talking to a friend I had known for years.

Our negotiation was quick and painless. She found a way to make things happen in a budget I could manage. We decided on the Girlfriend Experience, which while not cheap, was the best investment in my own enjoyment and happiness I’ve made in a long time.

She is a great date. She listens well, is intelligent, and can talk on a wide range of topics. She is more well traveled than anyone I have ever met, and she has had more adventures and life experiences than most will in a lifetime. Listening to her recall her travels was absolutely captivating. Even though I felt so boring in comparison, she made me feel like the most interesting person in the world, even though I’m pretty sure that title belongs to her. The simple details of eye contact and holding hands she doesn’t miss. Her full attention was on me and making sure I was having a good time. Rouge spoiled me and it was wonderful.

We used a VIP Bungalow which was perfect with a bigger tub, big bed, and lots of space. It also got us out of the main building, so it was more private and contributed to that special “just the two of us“ away from the rest of the world feeling.

I’m not normally a bath person, but when Rouge offered there was no way I could refuse. The bath and a massage from Rouge were so relaxing. Our other party activities and just hanging out and talking were perfect. There was never an awkward or unwanted moment. She was attentive to my every wish and could not have done more, which is saying something, considering how much she did.

The hardest part was when it was time to leave. They’re just never could be enough time with Rouge.

Many people would ask the question. . . Would I do it again?

Absolutely. She is just too much fun. Rouge made the rest of the world disappear for a little while. I can’t imagine anything better.

review by David on 10/9/2019 6:32:12 PM

David gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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When you least expect it, an incredibly alluring, charming and very talented woman can catch your eye. A woman who in the flash of a moment, inspires our deepest desires. We found Rouge to be just that woman for us.

With a natural beauty and arresting eyes, her personality radiated a magnetic charm as we decided we had to have the disarming yet approachable courtesan before us. After our time together, we agreed that Rouge was our perfect choice, going above and beyond anything we expected. 

We found her to be authentic and down to earth yet confident, disarming and playful. She caused both of us to feel at ease within minutes, she radiated warmth, acceptance, and humor. She possessed a unique ability to connect and erotically delight in a way that curled my companions toes and left my head in the clouds. 

review by 35 Years on 10/4/2019 7:13:12 PM

35 Years gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rouge is the girl next door and the girl of my dreams; she’s the girl I desire to have as my friend, lover and companion; Rouge is equally versed in intelligent stimulating conversation, or making me laugh and feel relaxed; she is a natural beauty and doesn’t require any makeup; yet she looks like a doll when she's dolled up; she looks magnificent in casual clothes, a sheer negligee, bra & panties or an elegant dress; her beauty awes yet her smile and laugh lights up the room; Rouge is trustworthy, compassionate and sincere; she’s the type of girl with whom I would fall in love; she’s a sensuous, sensitive and gorgeous lady; Rouge is adaptable to any request and any fantasy; she’s my dream guide to mythical Nirvana’s transcendental state of ultimate pleasure; Rouge is my visionary Venus and Aphrodite, the Roman and Greek goddesses of love and beauty respectively, born into one angelic female named Rouge! 

review by Mr. L on 9/1/2019 12:07:00 PM

Mr. L gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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This stunning young lady is the complete package. Beauty, class, intelligence, sensuality, wit, humor, passion, a body to die for, exceptional capabilities & a motivated drive to ensure her clients are satisfied. I believe Rouge is the most gorgeous & seductive woman I have been with. Her talents, beauty, intellectual capacity & focus on me, combined to ensure our time together was splendid.

She said our experience would leave me thinking of her for the rest of the day. I disagree. I suspect our encounter will dominate my focus for a long time. Until next time.

review by Ray on 8/25/2019 1:13:38 PM

Ray gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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There is nobody like Rouge. I've visited Sheri's a few times to see her, and each time I schedule a second party. Every moment we spend together is a pure joy.

Rouge has killer good looks, but it's her killer personality that will take your breath away. She loves sex, and she will love you. It is her genuine joy to make you feel good, and it will be yours to make her feel good. Rouge is ready to do whatever you want to do. She likes to play, and will do whatever it takes to make you leave with a smile on your face. But you'll leave with a smile all over.

That killer smile will make you feel comfortable with her from the moment you meet her. And she is so sweet and sexy you will melt. She is very bright and a lot of fun to talk with while you play. If you're looking for someone to have fun and spectacular sex with then you will want to party with Rouge.

review by P on 6/20/2019 10:29:40 PM

P gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It’s true, it’s all true. Rouge is a literal goddess, a living, breathing fantasy. She elevates the energy of everyone she meets and every room she enters.

I have visited Sheri’s many times, and have had many wonderful experiences. But Rouge is really in a class all her own. I have always been looking for the perfect courtesan, and have finally found her.

Her body is the definition of physical fitness perfection; her face and hair are exotic and gorgeous; and her personality is indescribable. She is sweet, sexy, sassy, silly, smart, strong, all at once. She will have your stomach hurting with laughter, while also making you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. She will cuddle with you, kiss you, provide the ultimate girlfriend experience, while simultaneously engaging in the most passionate, skilled sex. She will be blowing you away with her worldly knowledge and adventures one moment, and the next, making your eyes roll back from pleasure. She is almost intimidating in her beauty and confidence when you first meet, but soon she’ll be making you feel as though you’ve been lovers for years.

I am not usually a one woman man, but Rouge might have just changed that. I cannot fathom how it could get any better than her. Trust me, I’ve tried.

review by Impressed on 6/16/2019 9:13:56 PM

Impressed gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Miss Rouge was beyond what I expected. I came to Sheri's with the intention, I'm sure most young men do, to lose my virginity. I decided in seeing a professional, one who can introduce and help guide me through. I could not have seen a better lady to help me do just that, than Miss Rouge. I was extremely nervous, but Miss Rouge was understanding and helpful. I am already learning from my experience with this angel, and can not wait till I return. Gentlemen, if you are thinking about seeing Miss Rouge, do not hesitate any longer. Thank you again for the unforgettable experience, and for the ones in the future.

review by Neon on 6/16/2019 5:31:37 PM

Neon gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rouge was amazing! First time for my husband and I, she made it perfect and a time we will never forget. Already dreaming of another visit!

review by Karly on 6/10/2019 9:04:24 PM

Karly gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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After reading the other reviews it is hard to believe that this women is real, but after my time with her I also will testify to incredible experience of meeting her professionally.

Much of what I would say has been said in other reviews, so I will focus on things that I did not see others write.

Her pictures are great, but still did not prepare me for seeing her in person. Damn... that body makes my brain numb just thinking about her.

I am a kinky, bisexual, pervert, and exploring my sexuality is a huge part of my life. I did not just feel like she accommodated my kinks and queerness. She embraced me and celebrated it.

I have been into bondage for years, and she did me right. She made me her dirty little slut. Time did not matter, or even exist. It was pure bliss and so much fun!

If you are on the fence about booking an appointment. Just send her and email and be direct about who you are and what you are feeling. When I did, I could tell that she took the time really understand where I was coming from. She was prompt with her replies, understanding , patient, and accommodating.

review by Rouge's Greedy Little Piggy on 6/10/2019 4:28:34 PM

Rouge's Greedy Little Piggy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rouge gave me one of the most incredible experiences of my life. It was an exhilarating experience that fulfilled all my needs. . . mind, body, and soul. Rouge was the most professional and fun lady I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with anywhere. Tonight I felt truly blessed and she treated me like a king in every way. I made a reservation for Rouge over the internet and she was super helpful getting things set up, as this was my first time coming to Sheri’s. If you have a question just ask, she will take care of it for you. Once I got to Sheri’s I waited by myself in the parlor for Rouge to come and get me. As I watched this amazingly beautiful and sexy lady come towards me with a warm and welcoming smile, any anxiety that I may have had was gone and an incredible feeling came over me knowing that she and I would be spending some quality time together soon.

We talked for a while in the lobby and she blew me away with her intelligence, wit and conversation skills, as well as her amazing sense of humor. She took me by the hand and she gave me a tour of the facility as we chatted away getting to know one another a little more, laughing the whole time. We then went into her room to negotiate our party and the process was open, honest and easy. If you really want to have a good time come ready to pay, but in no way was this not worth it, in fact it was worth every penny. She had some great recommendations for our party and I am glad she suggested the Girlfriend Experience and the private bungalow. Having her ride me in the private Arabian Knights bungalow was so erotic and only became more spectacular when she used me and my manhood to quiver to an unbelievable orgasm. She is so amazing it’s ridiculous. I thank Rouge for her super sexy body and the way she used it all night long but even more for her incredible conversation and effort to make my stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. I will never forget laying in her arms, having her stroke my hair. . .

I almost didn’t want to write this review because I would love to have Rouge all to myself forever but that would be denying the world of something truly spectacular. Thanks Rouge for the best night of my life, I will be back as soon as I can.

With Sincere Gratitude, Your Teacher’s Pet

review by Teacher’s Pet on 6/5/2019 8:50:29 PM

Teacher’s Pet gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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This was my first time visiting a brothel and I must say since I was extremely nervous, Rouge was the absolutely the right choice for me. After viewing her profile online and seeing how beautiful she was in her pictures I emailed her, she responded quickly. We exchanged emails a few times prior to me coming to see her. I have to say when I arrived her pictures, although beautiful, did her little justice. This woman is one of, if not the, most physically attractive women I have ever seen and radiates inner beauty. Having recently gone through a difficult break up my confidence was fairly low when comes to my relations with the opposite sex, Rouge absolutely changed that for the positive. I could go on and on about how amazing my experience was with her, but suffice it to say that if you're looking for a beautiful woman, inside and out, to take the time to get to know you and genuinely wants your experience to be fantastic and memorable, Rouge is the one to visit.

Rouge, thank you for an amazing experience and for being the beautiful person and woman that you are.

review by Newbie on 6/2/2019 1:51:26 PM

Newbie gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Simply put Rouge is amazing. This was my first time visiting Sheri's ranch or any place like it. I was very nervous when I arrived, but Rouge quickly calmed my fears with her bubbly personality and sense of humor. In addition she is a daredevil, a lover of music and really enjoys life in general.

As you can see from her pictures she is a very beautiful woman, however what I didn't realize how beautiful her eyes were until I actually met her in person. Beyond the physical aspect she is very easy to talk to and just a great person to be around. I definetely will be back.

review by C on 6/2/2019 6:31:33 AM

C gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had the privilege of seeing Rouge this past week during a business trip that luckily was in Las Vegas. I heard about Sheri's Ranch from a friend and decided to pay a visit. I enjoy new and exciting experiences, and this one didn't disappoint. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of fun I had, especially thanks to the intelligent and sexy Rouge.

The chemistry felt right between us from the moment I introduced myself. Despite our differences in age and background, the attraction felt mutual. She knows how to carry a conversation so talking with her was pleasant and engaging. She is also easily one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met- her world travels and education are evident in her eloquence.

After the introductions and a tour of the location, which is clean and well kept, we made it back to Rouge’s room where the negotiations were quick and painless. She was very patient, as well as thorough in helping me to understand exactly what her different “experiences” included. We decided on the “Girlfriend Experience” and the Roman bungalow.

As soon as the fun began it felt like we both didn't want it to stop. Her womanly and flexible body perfectly fits my 5' 9" frame. Being able to pleasure her and feel the shudder of her quivering body while tasting the sweat on her skin gave me as much satisfaction as being on the receiving end of her myriad of skillful techniques.

Rouge is extremely flattering too, enough to make a man want to blush. She gave me a compliment that I have never received or even heard of before that would give anyone a big head.

While I can confidently scratch this experience off of my bucket list, I definitely wouldn't mind returning again in the near future. It’s cliché, but true- Rouge is worth every penny and more.

review by Big Head on 6/1/2019 12:59:12 AM

Big Head gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Another first timer here. I had read through the profiles and knew I wanted to meet Rouge, but I wasn't at all prepared for the reality. I was pretty nervous, it being my first time in a brothel (legal or otherwise), but within 5 minutes she had me feeling at ease and chatting comfortably. We ended up having a lovely conversation, then adjourned for a tour and headed back to her room. For the next couple of hours, it was like we were the only people in the world. I didn't go to Sheri's just looking for a lay; I was looking for a whole experience, for something that felt like a date gone very, very right and an opportunity for learning, and Rouge delivered that in spades. This girl has great taste in music, is very intelligent, is very fascinating and is just crazy easy to talk to. Not to mention gorgeous. On top of all of that, she expertly handled my sexual experience from start to finish, leaving me completely and utterly satisfied and grinning like a loon. It's been less than a day since I went out to the ranch, and already I'm trying to figure out when I'm going to be able to make another trip back out there to see her!

Stunningly cool young lady, with social and sexual skills to match. I've got a whole new bank of memories that will just have to tide me over until my next visit, which can't get here soon enough!

review by M on 4/26/2019 9:14:28 PM

M gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Beautiful, sensuous, lovely, incredibly sexy, intelligent, hilarious, firecracker, dream come true all describe, but fail to completely create the full picture of an amazing time spent with Rouge.

She is both your greatest fantasy and your best girlfriend rolled into one unbelievable date.

review by Lowell on 4/4/2019 10:54:18 PM

Lowell gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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For those who like reviews that are simple and quick: She is everything you could ask and more than you will expect. Do whatever it takes to party with Rouge!

For Rouge-

Certain memories should be held between two alone,
The magic and unspeakable too great to convey
The glance of eyes, discreet touch and whispered tone
Treasured and void of any effort to betray.

Yet, certain pleasure calls to be heard
To trumpet its surpassing experience
To clamor for the attention it deserved
To hail the ecstasy that exceeds all sense.

And so I write:
Of the elegance that is yours yet sometimes overlooked
Of the humor that eases and teases all at once
Of the touch that enflames every nerve ending with fires of fantasy
Of the body that that responds to mine with shakes and quakes that birth tsunami waves of delight
Of poetry read, dreams fashioned, friendships started
And of an end to our time no one before has been able to achieve.

You are fantastic!

review by Thepoet on 3/27/2019 7:10:08 PM

Thepoet gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I am sad about this review I am about to leave... Not because I had a bad experience, but because I can only give it 5 stars.

My wife and I decided to open our marriage up last year. We both have fantasies so why not share them with each other. So for our 19th anniversary my wife got me what every man would want... A threesome. :). Boy how am I going to top the 20th??? We did our research of bunny ranches in Nevada and came across Sheri's. Both of us saw Rouge and immediately were like, we must have her.

From the reservation process all the way to the day we met Rouge... She was absolutely wonderful. A joy to talk to as well as answering all of our questions we had. When we met her, all my wife and I could do was fist bump because not only was my wife excited, but as you can imagine (being a man) I was pretty stoked as well. During the initial meeting process, we talked and laughed about a great many things which made the start of the experience that much better.

Now for the good stuff... Rouge took the time to not only ensure my wife was enjoying the experience but ensuring I was "enjoying" myself as well. Trust me when I say when you can watch your wife "pleasing" herself while her husband is getting "pleased" by another woman, it is enough to make any man thank god for the unicorn he was blessed with. This was the first time I had been with another woman in over 20 years and because of Rouge it was an experience I will never forget. BTW... The wife kinda liked it as well. :).

Thank you Rouge for the incredible experience and as we said before... We hope that our paths cross again some day in the future.

Now I am off to figure out what to do for our 20th anniversary. Return trip???

review by S and C on 3/18/2019 3:32:58 PM

S and C gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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As I am sure you have all noticed by the reviews already written, Rouge has a sweet side like no other. She is remarkably passionate, caring, and will fulfill all of your mental and physical desires without even so much as a hint of strain, but no one has written yet about her other side.

I came into Sheri’s already knowing that she was the one to see. I saw in her Bio that she was experienced in BDSM, and after many emails I knew she was experienced in the lifestyle itself. She is not a wannabe or what is considered a “Pro Dom,” but she knows far more than I thought she ever could.

After a section of what I considered a round of 20 questions we went to the Arabian Nights bungalow and the magic began. She not only fulfilled all of my sensory desires, but the mental desires as well. She is truly something else. Most people have no idea that domination is more mental than physical, and that it is not all about pain.

She told me that she would never leave a lasting mark on my body which I found very hard to believe as we progressed deeper into our play, but she absolutely made good on her word. I had no marks after a few hours, despite how intense the scene was.

I thoroughly enjoyed her aftercare as well (the time spent after play). Her touch alone could melt the polar ice caps, and the GFE experience afterward made me never want to leave. She is truly something amazing, and I cant wait until my next trip to Sheri’s.

review by Bear on 3/14/2019 8:19:19 PM

Bear gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had the good fortune to be able to come to Sheri's Ranch. I entered desperately holding my nerves together - I left feeling like a conquering king and the luckiest man alive for being able to spend my afternoon with Rouge (and simultaneously a little sad that I couldn't stay longer).

She is, as her pictures can attest to, absolutely breathtaking (though I dare say that she's even more beautiful in person) - but it is her personality that truly won me over. In retrospect, I am amazed at how quickly I felt at ease with her, given how my jaw was on the ground. She is incredibly friendly, warm, humorous, intelligent, and sweet, and is an engaging conversationalist; and at the same time, she left me with fuel for a thousand lusty fantasies for years to come. My experience with her will be indelibly etched in my memory for as long as I live!

Rouge truly went above and beyond the call of duty to enthusiastically make all my dreams come true, and I can't thank her enough for it. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough!

review by Pete on 3/8/2019 2:07:08 PM

Pete gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rouge was more than I could have ever imagined. I know she is more known for her wild side, but she has a very soft, gentle and romantic side as well. Not only did she make me feel very comfortable from the start, but she did wonders with my self-esteem and made me feel like a porn star. Although it was not cheap, I feel the time I spent with Rouge was well worth it. Rouge is a sexy, sweet and very orgasmic Angel. Thank you for teaching this grateful virgin so many things and for making my first time one that I will never forget. I have a giant grin on my face and plenty of vivid memories to hold me over as I collect my pennies for my next visit!

review by Average Joe on 2/23/2019 1:33:05 PM

Average Joe gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rogue was an absolute treat to party with. I came here as a single lady and wasn't really sure what to expect. She did an amazing job at putting me at ease. Funny, intelligent, interesting, and understanding she definitely treated me very well. Ladies (and gentlemen) if you want a night to remember I would definitely recommend Rogue.

review by M on 2/16/2019 11:26:26 PM

M gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rouge is class all the way, she knows how to live life to the fullest and how to create an unforgettable experience. My wife and I were nervous about visiting, but she said she would be honored to be part of making our fantasy a reality. As soon as we arrived at Sheri’s, there was no doubt that we had made the right decision. We had a seat in the bar and Rouge joined us. As soon as she entered the room, both our mouths dropped opened. She was even more beautiful and sexy then in her pictures. She joined us for a drink and some chit chat. She is incredibly smart, funny, and really makes you feel at ease. She was everything we were hoping for – and the fun hadn’t even started yet! I’m not sure who was more excited, my wife, Rouge, or I. The chemistry between all us was great – it was like we had known her forever but still had the tingly sensations of a first encounter (if that makes sense to anyone reading this).

Rouge, from both my wife, and me THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You helped us turn a fantasy into the most incredible, erotic experience of our lives. It was a pleasure getting to know you and we consider you to be a friend now. We are definitely planning to come see you again. And I have to say, since we were there – sex between us is even better than before. You were the best decision we ever made. So again, thank you for everything.

And for anyone else reading this that is thinking of going to Sheri’s, Rouge is a definite must. She is the ultimate in beauty, grace, and class. She is patient, thoughtful, funny, creative, naughty, sexy, full of energy – she’s the whole package and then some. Plus she knows so much about sex, she should write a book. She doesn’t make you feel like just a customer. She really makes you feel like a desired sex partner. You will not be disappointed!!!

review by Mr and Mrs Satisfied on 2/16/2019 3:45:28 PM

Mr and Mrs Satisfied gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rouge is quite an amazing woman. Such could be said about all at Sheri's I am sure, but she has several traits that make her truly stand out.

She is so fun to be with, all smiles and giggles, and loves to tease. I had a great time just talking to her, and I am normally scared out of my mind around women.

Voluptuous would be the way to describe her. She has curves in all the right places and a perfect tight, flat tummy, and just beautiful breasts. She says she has been an athlete most of her life and it shows.

It was my first time with a woman, and at a rather embarrassingly late age, yet she did not judge me. In fact, she took great delight in teaching me how to please her. I was more than eager to learn and graduated with honors!

We ended up in a playful argument about her age. I still believe she is much younger than she claims. Even should I believe what she says (I don't) she is young at heart.

Rouge, you exceeded everything I wanted for my first time.

Thank you so much precious. I truly will never forget you.

review by poppedcherry on 2/6/2019 4:14:56 PM

poppedcherry gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I will never forget my experience with Rouge. She was super friendly, super sexy and made me feel like more of a man than I've ever been. All she wants to do is please you, both intellectually and sexually. She gives pleasure and receives pleasure with equal enthusiasm. Her smile, her laugh and her free spirit make the time with her joyous and it will pass much too quickly.

I had a two girl party with Rouge and Roxanne and it was the best experience of my life I cannot wait to do it again

review by Gary on 2/5/2019 4:49:32 PM

Gary gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Our couples encounter with Rogue was amazing. She could not have been more perfect. Rogue is sexy, tender, energetic, athletic, wicked smart, funny, interesting, and beautiful. She was the perfect match for both of us.

We had a Saturday afternoon appointment, and Rogue is so friendly and approachable, we both were immediately at ease right from the start. We interacted with several ladies before selecting Rogue, and she exceeded every expectation far beyond our wildest fantasy.

It has been a week since our meeting, and we cannot stop talking about her. Our encounter was so natural & comfortable, not to mention incredibly hot! 1000 out of 10! We hope to see Rogue again for sure! Ms. Rogue, you deserve far more than 5 stars! xoxoxo TXCouple

review by TXCouple-ComeAndTakeIt on 1/25/2019 8:20:54 PM

TXCouple-ComeAndTakeIt gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Everything about Rogue is absolutely perfect. The woman looks FABULOUS. From the moment she sat down at the bar to the moment we were alone in her room. I was drooling the whole time. We had excellent conversations which eventually led to our amazing party;) She mad me feel comfortable and took good care of me before, during, and afterwards. What a dream she is. I will def see her again very soon. Highly recommended! 10000000/5 stars!!!!

review by The Techy on 1/17/2019 1:12:48 PM

The Techy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rouge is fiery, intriguing, energetic, gorgeous and still one of the warmest sweethearts you’ll ever meet. She has the kind of personality that immediately makes you want to be her friend. You want to be liked by her. She is simply magnetizing.

In person, Rouge is smaller than I expected her to be. She is womanly and curvy, but still a tiny thing. She has the most phenomenal natural breasts, tight abs, and a firm rear end. Her face is probably her best feature though. Her pictures do not do her justice.

My session with Rouge was my first brothel experience and exceeded all my expectations. Rouge was beyond patient dealing with my nerves. She is extremely easy to talk to and almost immediately she creates a sense of comfort. The session itself was the best sexual experience of my life. Passionate and unrushed.

Rouge is beyond words.

review by A happy man on 1/15/2019 11:41:59 PM

A happy man gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rouge is the perfect dream girl. She caught my eye the moment I entered the Sheri's. This girl has the most beautiful face and the most AMAZING body one will ever see in one's lifetime.

Rouge made me feel so good from the moment we talked until we partied. This girl just emits sexiness and sweetness. Like they say sugar and spice and everything nice, thats what Rouge is made of.

I hope I can get the chance to party with her again. Thanks Rouge, see you again soon.

review by Roger on 1/11/2019 4:38:33 PM

Roger gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Such a sweet person & genuinely concerned about the comfort ability of all parties involved. Couldn’t have asked for better!

review by Vanessa on 12/12/2018 1:31:24 AM

Vanessa gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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One word: AMAZING! Rouge is such a kind and sweet person who will put any nervous or shy gentleman at ease. I chose her due to her stunning pictures but let me say she looks even more gorgeous in person, you will have to meet her to find out. Not only is she good looking but her charming personality, intelligence, and humor add more to this perfect woman. I had an absolutely great time with her and I am still mesmerized by our experience together and will surely be back for more. Your really cannot go wrong with Rouge!

review by Jay on 11/23/2018 2:24:35 PM

Jay gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rogue is an amazing person. She is the best I've ever had!

review by Bj on 11/21/2018 3:07:08 PM

Bj gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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When it comes to courtesans, Rouge is in a class all her own. After reading her wonderful article and bio, I felt a connection with her I’ve never felt to any other woman online. She was just as compassionate, charismatic, and gorgeous as I expected her to be. In addition, Sheri’s itself, along with all the staff, were excellent. From the hostess to the grounds to the champagne, they thought of everything. They call themselves the best brothel in America, and they are right.

Rouge clearly enjoys what she does, which is an invaluable, yet rare, trait in a courtesan. She went above and beyond anything I could have expected to ensure my satisfaction. From the first time I emailed her, she answered all my questions and requests in a timely and professional manner. Even though I was early to our appointment, she was ready. Her menu and negotiation were both fair and painless. Physically, she is flawless, with an air of class yet undeniable sex appeal.

In bed, she was a goddess. Attentive to my needs, patient, responsive, and passionate. A gentleman never kisses and tells, but I will say she is a lover of the highest caliber. After, Rouge was willing to lay next to me and we had a conversation far beyond what I imagined possible, given the setting. Perhaps I just got lucky and we had amazing chemistry, or Rouge is truly a profesional with the gift of natural warmth. I left feeling as though I had just left a wonderful therapy session, with sex as a bonus.

In short, the whole experience was perfect. I couldn’t be more happy that I spent time with Rouge and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a deeper connection.

review by Anonymous John on 11/21/2018 12:33:19 AM

Anonymous John gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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This girl is so down to earth. She really makes you the star of the moment. Easy and fun to talk to and play with. Had a lot of fun and got to try a few new things. Definitely worth playing with.

review by Mike on 11/20/2018 10:20:20 PM

Mike gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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This girl is the girl to go to! She is so damn hot and knows how to take amazing care of a man's needs! Looking forward to seeing her again

review by J on 11/20/2018 5:17:31 PM

J gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Wow!! Rouge is an absolute stunner, inside and out. My girlfriend and I came to her for our first ever threesome. Her pictures and bio were irresistible! She made us comfortable and had us cracking up just from her tour, and it only got better from there! She knew all the right things to say, and did I mention how HOT she is? She has a fitness model body and a beautiful face, but she couldn’t be more sweet and down-to-earth. She was so flirtatious and funny, I was afraid she was gonna steal my GF LOL. Rouge gave us one of the best nights of our lives, and we’ll be back every time we can!!

review by Tony V on 11/12/2018 3:44:29 PM

Tony V gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Hi Everyone,
I'm still on a high from visiting Rouge, she is so beautiful and so fantastic. I am completely smitten. I encourage you to take some time to talk with her and get to know her, because I feel that it will enhance your experience. Her beauty and her body go without saying, she is the one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. The photos of her don’t do her justice. Her face, her eyes, her lips, wow. Athletic doesn’t begin to describe her body.
But what you won't find in the photos is what a fantastic personality she has as well. She is a great conversationalist and that completely added to my enjoyment. She is educated, intelligent, witty, a body to die for, oozes this sexy confidence and she has fantastic taste in music. She had me relaxed and smiling from the moment we met to the moment I left.
I really just wanted to spend some time to get to know Rouge a little better, and enjoy her company. It was a fantastic night that I will never forget and I can't wait to see her again.?Guys, above all else, I plead with you: Treat this woman with kindness and respect. She deserves it and it will only make your experience that much better.
Until next time Rouge.
Xo Your newest admirer

review by James54 on 11/8/2018 11:49:39 AM

James54 gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Rouge is young, sexy, athletic, and beautiful. Gorgeous hourglass figure with huge natural breasts, tiny waist, and firm rear end. She also has one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen. Very funny, intelligent, and a great conversationalist. She is truly a once in a lifetime kind of girl. I do not have enough words to describe how amazing she is. I truly felt like I had left reality for some time.

review by Jason Lawrence on 11/2/2018 10:28:50 PM

Jason Lawrence gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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OMG, this girl is like a college fantasy come true! Very youthful, with curves in all the right places, and serious world class azz. If you are looking for a relaxing super sensual adventure, I highly recommend Rouge! ;)

review by Donut Mann on 10/31/2018 12:43:23 AM

Donut Mann gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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