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I am a vivacious pursuer of life and love, pleasure and sensuality. The personification of carpe diem and the embodiment of adventure. I possess a passport quickly running out of pages, a sense of wanderlust and adventure that must be constantly sated, and the unique ability to cultivate moments that take both of our breath away. I believe our lives are too short to not spend every waking moment in absolute bliss and pleasure. I am a confident woman who knows what I want, and as an experienced gentleman, I am sure you know what you want as well - and if not, well, perhaps we can discover it together.

Real connections, orgasmic encounters, conversation like foreplay. Am I speaking your language? (If not, I’m bilingual. Just let me know and podemos probar con otro idioma, ver si funciona.) I’m the kind of girl who can merge seamlessly from a lazy walk on the beach to a luxurious party to an erotic evening of reckless passion. Others have described me as mature for my age, though I would contend I am free spirited and youthful. I enjoy the ecstasy and simplicity in the acts of laughing and smiling, and making others around me do the same. As a genuine listener who will eagerly take in the details of your week, I’ll make you forget them all with just a glance (and that's only the beginning).

I truly enjoy what I do. Every new friend I make, every special encounter I have, I view as a unique and wonderful experience. My positive, cheerful, and friendly nature will instantly put you at ease, and I will never judge you for any imperfections or "unique" tastes you may have. You can expect time with me to be nothing but relaxing, yet sensually exciting and totally unique. I strive to make our encounter unforgettable... and leave you aching for more. (That is if you let me leave!)

When I am not at the Ranch, I am a competitive skydiver, avid motorcyclist, traveler, surfer, hiker, guitarist, dancer, and pilot-in-training (only a few more years until I might be flying you on your favorite airline). I revel in the feeling of freedom, and nothing exalts me more than a problem solved or a challenge conquered. The element I have most been likened to is the wind- wild, unpredictable, and always on the move.

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My Best Feature: I can make anyone smile in a minute or less, or your money back guaranteed. My sense of humor and huge butt have also served me well.

My favorite position: First, I enjoy winning. Second is almost as good. (Aren't I hilarious?) I enjoy the Eagle, missionary with my legs on your shoulders..

My favorite toy(s): My four point restraints, preferably used in conjunction with my favorite vibrator. .

My favorite sport(s): Skydiving and gymnastics to participate in, Football to watch..

My favorite color(s): Red, Gold, and Green.

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: In a sex dungeon in San Francisco, with a famous pornstar and a captive audience.

Language(s) I speak: .

My fantasy: We are alone in a villa in the jungle. Or by the beach. Or in the mountains, wherever. What's important is that we are completely alone and playing an erotic game of tease-and-denial. I am completely restrained as you bring me closer and closer to the edge, and each time, just as I am about to reach release, you stop. I scream and plead, but you're unfazed. You know I like this. This continues for hours, until you finally decide to show a little bit of mercy, and give me what I want.
Now it's my turn to be in control, and your turn to beg.

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My height: 5 feet 3 inch

My current weight: 140

My current hair-color: Brown

My eye color is: Brown

My current stats are: 34F 27 42

I am: Various

My current age is: 25

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November 2018 - February 2019
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