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Hi, My name is Vause. Yes, my name is quite different, which is why it's perfect for me. I am one of a kind. Originally from Southern California, I have moved around the states quite a bit having lived in 4 different states, finally ending us in Las Vegas. I have been in the adult industry for 3 years. I began as a “cam girl” and completely fell in love with the freedom and sexual exploration that comes with being a sex worker. While webcamming the focus of my broadcasts was focused more on Dom/sub and girl on girl performances. I am personally a switch, leaning heavily more towards the Domme side of the spectrum. My experience with these broadcasts lasted for about 2.5 years and lead to 1 award and another nomination.
Prior to camming, I had no idea a word like this had existed and once I had opened that door I could not and would not close it.
Throughout my time as a sex worker I have enjoyed learning so much about myself and those I interact with. I can not learn enough about people, knowing what makes someone smile, laugh, or shiver gives me such a high.
My BDSM experiences by no means should imply that I am closed off to other types of intersections. I promise, while we are curled up in bed I won’t start flogging you. Not everything is for everyone. I enjoy close and personal intimacy just as much as I enjoy being Dominated, but that does not mean I expect anyone else to feel the same. The closeness achieved through GFE dates is something that I believe can be just as therapeutic and sexual as a BDSM session, they are just achieved differently.
I do not mean to leave out couples, other fetishes, multi-girl parties (a personal favorite), or anything else. Again, there are just so many possibilities at the ranch, and if I were to address them all, I could write a book.
To sum up how I feel about different experiences or the potential for them:
Your appearance, age, ethnicity, background, or anything other than your ability to be polite and respect my body and time do not matter to me. Proper manners are incredibly important to me, and I refuse to believe that chivalry is dead. I very much enjoy group parties, as well, whether you are a couple looking for a third or are interested in multiple ladies at the ranch. But, seriously, I can not stress enough, you as a person are what I can about, not what you wear, how old you are, where you live, and so on. Enough people hypocritically pass judgement in the world, I will not be another.

Naturally I am incredibly introverted. Shy is not the correct word to use, though many people confuse shy and introverted. Once I am comfortable and “out of my shell” I am anything but shy. I enjoy watching and listening while I get to know you. I feel like the best way we can learn from each other, not just as individuals but as a society, is by just listening more. We can all learn something by listening. It’s not difficult to tell that I am kind of a psychology nerd, but I promise I won’t analyze you unless you ask me to ;).

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My Best Feature: My legs are my favorite feature because they're long, toned, and powerful.

My favorite position: I love doggy style.

My favorite toy(s): my favorite is my body wand. I love the powerful vibrations! It's also a great toy for me to use on you as well.

My favorite sport(s): Volleyball and boxing.

My favorite color(s): My favorite color is black, I look really sexy in it. Come in and see me in some of my black lingerie.

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: I had sex in a major theme park. I got such a rush from having sex in public, it's was really hot.

Language(s) I speak: English.

My fantasy: Multi-girl pizza party in Playland

Vause's body stats

My height: 5 feet 7 inch

My current weight: 108

My current hair-color: Black

My eye color is: Green

My current stats are: 32DD 25 34

I am: Caucasian

My current age is: 26

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November 2018 - February 2019
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