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Hello, my name is Angelina!
Let me captivate you with my presence and features. At 5'5, I exude a perfect balance of curves and slimness, leaving admirers in awe. My infectious smile easily lights up a room and provides a sense of welcome and happiness to all my clients who I come across. But it's my vibrant green eyes that truly mesmerize, drawing you in with their depth and allure.
Complementing my eyes is my long, sleek hair framing my face with elegance. Cascading down my back, my hair like a velvet curtain, ending in a symmetrical line that leads to two perfectly carved dimples. My skin silky, soft to the touch. Resembling that of a gold porcelain doll, only adding to my allure.

As an island girl, my heart beats with a passion for the ocean and the fluidity of water. I embody a natural beauty that is grounded in humility and simplicity. My philosophy is to treat you how I would like to be treated, ensuring that you feel secure and at ease in my presence. My ultimate aim is to leave you feeling revitalized, reinvigorated, and truly at peace. I believe that everyone has beauty within themselves, and I take pleasure in finding and appreciating it in others. I strive to look beyond and see individuals for their unique positive traits and to foster long lasting relationships. I am good at recognizing when someone needs emotional replenishing, and I strive to replenish the body as well as the soul.

When you indulge in the ultimate girlfriend experience with me, a seasoned professional in the art of love and attentive listening. You allow me to make your wildest dreams a reality as we spend the evening wrapped in each other's arms, sharing intimate conversations and creating unforgettable memories.

If something more adventurous is what you desire, let me guide you through the art of nuru massage – an ancient Japanese technique that promises ultimate relaxation and tantalizing pleasure. Imagine being enveloped in the warmth of flickering candlelight as skilled hands work their magic, melting away your stress and awakening all your senses. As excitement fills the air, surrender yourself to a world of profound pleasure and indulgence like never before.

In the sacred realm of our private moments, let us embark on a journey through the deepest depths of passion and pleasure, where inhibitions fade away and memories are eternally etched. Unveil the beauty within and let us create a profound bond, a memory that transcends time itself. I can welcome you to a world where your fantasies become reality, and satisfaction knows no bounds.

Let me take you on a journey to paradise, where you'll feel cherished and adored like the king you are.

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My Best Feature: .

My favorite position: .

My favorite toy(s): .

My favorite sport(s): Growing up I had a passion for dance and gymnastics. From a young age, I immersed myself in the world of movement, studying various dance styles such as Tap, Jazz, Ballet (En Pointe), Contemporary, Modern, Hula and Tahitian. I went on to train and compete as a team level gymnast as well. I still have a love for both sports, but I now focus on swimming, surfing, diving and hiking. Professional surfing is one of my favorite sports to watch and I enjoy attending yearly competitions.

My favorite color(s): When the array of warm pinks, oranges, reds, and purples harmoniously blend together, painting a canvas above me as the sun rises or sets out in the countryside.

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: At a tide pool. On top of a volcano. In the ocean, I don’t recommend. On a boat between islands surrounded by dolphins. Various spots in the jungle and at different waterfalls.

Language(s) I speak: English.

My fantasy: .

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My height: 5 feet 4 inch

My current weight: 135

My current hair-color: Brown

My eye color is: Green

My current stats are: 34D 26 36

I am: Various

My current age is: 29

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September 2023 - December 2023
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