Drag Queen Cross Dressing

Crossdresser Fetish

The need to escape the social norms and feel the erotically soft feel of silk, or satin against your skin as your chosen lady helps bring you into the fetish world of crossdressing drag.

Sheri’s understands everyone has different fetish desires, and the need to drag crossdress in clothes of the opposite sex is something we would be happy to help you. Your lady will love to see you all dressed up for her, as you pose and primp. You will be as beautiful as any of our ladies in your sexy feminine crossdresser clothes, perhaps with stockings and even some scintillating high heels to complete the drag cross dressing outfit.

It doesn’t have to stop there. Your chosen lady wouldn’t mind cross dressing herself in some masculine clothing. Perhaps you would like a bit of role reversal? Let her be the dominating personality as you embrace the femininity that we all possess. If you prefer, some good old fashioned sexual intercourse is always a great way to spend a sexual party even dressed up in this unique drag queen fashion.

Drag Party

However you spend your drag party with your Sheri’s lady, you will not regret it! The ladies at the ranch know how to make you feel very special. They will help you escape the pressure of the outside world, and let you be who you want to be. Whether it’s in mens or womens crossdressing clothing. Come be the drag queen you long to be.

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