Tongue Body Licking Massage

Erotic Sex Tongue Pleasure

Cum experience an erotic tingling tongue massage! Get ready for an out of this world body pleasure massage. The erotic lady of your choice will be licking your nude body with slow twirling tongue strokes, that will feel like a feather.

Get nude and let any of the the Sheri's ladies tongue licking your body, from head to toe. You never know what else this erotic sex pleasure massage may lead up to. Surely, the gifted lady will turn you on! Afterwards, you may choose sexual intercourse from the brothel sex menu with your lady.

Sensual Body Lick Massage

This sensual body lick pleasure massage will be a most satisfying sexual stimulation of its kind. Lick by lick, indulge yourself in an erotic tongue massage session! Lay down and feel the sexy girls skilled tongue, massage you all over your body. Even secret body spots!

If you would enjoy getting a sensual body lick massage from any of the seductive ladies of your choice, this Sheri's specialty fetish sex menu item is definitely for you.

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